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   The beautiful and lively Color Bred Canary can be found in just about every color possible!
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Fatih ONCULOKUR - 2010-06-05
i want to share what I know about color birds. I am Fatih from Turkey. I am breeding red mosaic canary, red canary, red agat canary and red satinet canary. Please add me if you share something about these

Matt Henry - 2009-04-03
Color Bred Canaries and Stafford Canaries in my opinion are the prettiest of all Canary Breeds. You can find any color under the rainbow of these beautiful little birds. If you breed them, you can sell them in a New York Minute!!! People want to buy everyone I have, but they are not getting all my babies. To see some of my birds, go to

C.G. Hesse - 2009-01-11
I found exactly what I was looking for on the first search in your site! Your information is precise and to the point... NO lengthy, over-worded explanations or redundancies. I will definitely add you to my "FAVORITES" list. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.

C.G. Hesse

robin - 2005-11-19
Your site is great! I found just what I was looking for and more. So now you are in my "Favorites".

BRITTANY - 2005-10-07
Thanks for the detailed canary info. It's been quite a blessing!

lildevil/tomboy - 2004-10-03
you should have more information on wild canaries, but your sites pretty good otherwise.

- 2004-05-14
i have a large aviary full of differents kind of birds and you have been so usefully for me and help me to keep them in the right way.

Erin - 2004-03-07
i love this site for animal information!!! it is so helpful to learn about the animal at home for backround info and then talk to the pet store. your site is awesome. again i say that it is almost the most helpful site for animals.