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   When we think of a"canary", the Border Fancy Canary is the typical image of what we think a canary should look like... strengthening this impression are images such as the famous cartoon animation of "Tweety Bird"!
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karen - 2013-04-21
hiyya, I just bought a canary and he is a border fancy canary obviously and i had him for a week already and when i leave he's singing but when im next to the cage he's dead quiet i don't know what to do i was training him to day tameing him and he diidn't like it and i really want a budgie because they're easier to train and more comfortable with humans but my parents wont let me have two in 1 cage so do you think i should exchange my canary????

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-04-23
    Canaries are really nice birds, but gosh, only you can decide what to do on what type of bird you want.. They both have great qualities:)
george vile - 2007-09-12
My canary has a bad leg. When she is on the perch her knee joint looks like it is swollen, and when she is on the floor she squats. When she is sitting on the perch she also squats and does not stand up. She does fly but not very well. She is this years bird and i got her from a breeder who had kept her in a single breeder cage, so she only hopped from perch to perch.