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   The only canary developed in the United States, the lovely American Singer Canary is considered to be the best canary pet!
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lilly - 2011-01-29
Which canary is the best singer?

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  • Jose - 2013-03-26
    It depends what you like. I love the way the Russian canary sings.
John Ward - 2008-05-08
Only birds bred to the standards and banded with closed, registered American Singer bands can be called American Singers, ...a proven American Singer. If a bird looks similar to how some American Singers may look, but was not bred by a member of the American Singers Club because they would have banded it, and has no band... who knows what it is. (Editor's Note: If you plan to acquire this bird to show, looks like you want to make sure you obtain it from a member of this or another recognized breed club for show acceptance.)

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  • frances magdaleno - 2012-07-08
    I was at a swapmeet and I saw a bunch of small beautiful, hot and sweaty canaries in a medium cage. They had seed and veggies and water. They were all flying back and forth. I felt so bad for them that I bought a male and brought it home and named him Lucky. Then 2 weeks later I went back and bought a female and called her Luckier. They love anything I feed them and are spunky and fun to look at. I am feeding them required food. They have had 7 babies and are all beautiful and healthy. They both are great parents and love each other and kiss and feed each other.Of course, I don't know what breed or type they are. They look like American Singers. The male sings loud and beautiful to his sweetheart and the babies between 8 weeks and 12 weeks all sing softly together when dad starts to sing. I know I will never be able to band them, but they are beautiful, healthy birds. I'm glad I bought 2 and brought them to a good home. I hope others will buy the others who were so hot, yet spunky. I would never have had these little canaries if I had not gone to this swapmeet and my heart went out to help them. Is there anything I can do to identify my birdies. I don't want to sell them. I will keep them and separate them to stop mating. Mom and dad will stay close in two separate cages.
helen - 2011-02-15
I just bought a canary that has autumn colors. Can 't tell if it is a male or female. The store says it should sing but nothing yet. I was told that I should get two to sing. Is this true? Also, I have parakeets. Do they get along with canaries? Thanks.

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  • coree - 2011-11-20
    Those 2 kind of birds are worst enemies I knew somebody who had a canary her daughter got herself a parakeet they try to fight even though they were in separate cages and also will squawk at each other in a yelling way. I got 2 parakeets blue and violet and getting a scarlet macaw.
kevin mohamid - 2010-09-21
Hi can you housed american singers canaries with coloured breed canaries in the same birdroom?

Ken - 2010-03-14
Hello what is the best way to identify a female canary? people say they dont sing true but it makes it difficult to find one in the local pet shops