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mansyur gunadi - 2013-09-18
Would you like to send me some canaries to pakistan it is my email if you want to send me I will pay you and always business with you I am waiting for you.

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ardhee - 2013-09-18
Can you assist me, how old can the gloster canary begin to sing? And I have 2 pairs of canary local ( Indonesian ), how to maintain a kind of canary offspring?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-09-19
    The Gloster Canary is not bred for song, but it will still sing. Most canaries will have a baby song at about 4 weeks, but the adult song usually starts in the fall. Then usually stop singing for a couple of months each summer while they are molting.
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Steveo - 2013-09-03
Hi, I would like to buy a pair of Parisian frill. 6198664733

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Anonymous - 2012-09-03
Available any couple timbrado canary for sale in emirates if ok put your mobile number

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  • Mohammad Mohtadi - 2012-10-23
    I live in the United Arab Emirates and i am looking for a Blue Timbrado preferable Female. Also Recessive Green Males. This is urgent and my phone number is 050-3872028
  • FRANK G - 2012-12-09
    Hi, I would like to buy 4 to 5 pairs of timbrados .4169086416
  • moath - 2012-12-25
    I would like to buy 2 male tembrado with good singer
  • edie ronald - 2013-08-29
    Number one for spanis timbrado.
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ronald irvine - 2009-04-02
I think the redfactor canary is one of the most beautiful canaries. As I have kept them for over 40 years now they still catch my eye with their colour the only hing I have always disagreed on is the therory regarding the crossing of a fertile mule or hybrid to get the red colour. This as we should all be aware of, is not so. The red just like the yellow has been introduced by selective breeding. Just emagine if we bred fertile hybrids, we would never have a true species of birds or any animal in fact. No man can interfere once and breed a mule or hybrid but nature steps in and says thats enough. So the books would need to be rewrote properly again and remove that silly prank that hey put in years ago. So I hope the breeders keep up their good work as there are still so many colours we have yet to breed in the redfactors and newcoloured canaries.

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  • richelieu - 2013-06-12
    There is no way to breed selectively for red colour in the canary. Canaries have no red colour genes whatsoever. The standard green canary is the result of an optical illusion caused by the brown phaemelaanin and the black eumelanin over the yellow ground colour. Blue, which is really a slate colour, occurs when the yellow gene is switched of as the result of a mutation. The only red gene was the result of Duncker's work. Fertile hybrids do occur, but not often. Selective breeding for colour then went on from there, aided, of course by careful colour feeding.
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Peggy - 2012-10-11
My 6 yr old male canary is molting/picking his feathers; tail feathers,back and breast. He usually molts in the Spring. He gets fresh apple, brocolli and celery along with a variety of quality seeds daily. He still takes a bath daily. Any suggestions?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-10-11
    You could try adding extra proteins, and maybe vitamins and minerals during this time as well. Egg food is a great protein source for canaries and finches.

Joan Quinn - 2009-11-06
I have a Red Factor Canary and I thought he didn't really need toys, as is stated on a previous posting. However, I felt sorry for him and bought him some toys, bell, mirrors, dangly toys and of course a swing. He loves his toys! And he is always on his swing looking in the big mirror on the wall where his cage is, and he sings all of the time because he thinks he is singing to the bird in the mirror. So, it has been my experiences that canaries do like to play with toys and they also like mirrors and sing to their own reflection. His name is Mango and he is one very happy little boy!

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Kristina - 2007-06-02
these birds can wake you up in the morning. if you tell it to shut up, it will sing louder than before. mine dance when i put music on. lm getting 10 canarys - 9 females and 1 male (i want eggs, bye!

tobe - 2008-10-04
DO you know about the african canary? No, come to me if you want to know, I am the owner of champion from nigeria . All the types of canaries mentioned, and I have never seen a nigeria breed, so come.

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  • lloyd, Lagos Nigeria - 2010-12-16
    My canary is not just an acclaimed champ, but an ALARM clock that wakes the entire family up @ exactly 6.30am daily.
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Petry Jean-Louis - 2009-11-22
Mon mari cherche a acheter un couple de canari Waterslag qu'il connait déjà pour leur merveilleux chants.
Pouvez-vous nous aider et nous donner les coordonnées de personnes suceptible d'en avoir.
Merci d'avance
Petry Jean-Louis
TRANSLATION: My husband was trying to buy a pair of canary Waterslag that are known for their wonderful songs. Can you help us and give us the Coordinateds of people to get in touch with. Thank you in advance Petry


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