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farzad - 2011-01-02
Hey everyone my name is farzad I am looking for a pair of frilled canariess can anyone help me? Or tell me where I can find them? Thanx.

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  • ali - 2011-01-03
    if you are in canada ottawa or nearby you can call me I got a pair if you want them, you got to get them b4 the get there eggs in about 3 weeks.
  • Anonymous - 2011-02-15
    Theres a pet store in San Diego, CA called Lemon Grove Pets. It's a real dump, and their pets are obviously neglected and ordered from mills. I went to find canaries, the man told me they had several species, which meant two. He had frilled ones and regular american singers. The american singers were in poor health.. looked like they had scale growths all over their legs and they were all crammed in a smaller cage. However, the frilled ones looked healthy. Go rescue them before they die there.
  • fred - 2011-06-05
    Mr Farzad there are somone. He has some canariess. His name Joseph and#559 6181563.
  • mansour - 2011-06-12
    Salam farzad jan shoma koja tashrif darid? Chand joft canari frill mikhay?
  • Vio - 2011-08-23
    Hi Steve e-mail me or call(718 551 6840)when you gouing to have the baby PARISIAN FRILL CANARY. I want to Get 2 - 3 pairs
Mohammad reza maghsoud - 2011-03-04
Dear sir/madam,

I hope you are doing great.
I am interested in buying canaries from you.

I was wondering if you would ship your product (canary or any other birds) to Emirates or Turkey.
I'd really appreciate it if you'd inform me of the costs (canary itself and the cost of shipping).

Best regards
Mohammad reza Maghsoud

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  • Anonymous - 2011-06-21
    Dear mister Maghsoud,

    If you are still interested i can help you on the North Dutch Frill and the Parisian Frill. On this moment I can offer you old pears and at the end of October I can offer you young birds.
    Let me know if you are still interested.

    Kindly regards

    John Rossou
  • steve - 2011-06-27
    Sorry I don't ship them.
    Try pet's store inport- export.
shariq - 2010-11-24
How do you make a canary female lay eggs?

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tobe - 2008-10-05
Do you know of the african canaries? Call me +23425814474 for more we have many types that can take any type of canaries in challenge.

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  • Victor - 2010-03-19
    Its victor again. We have never get yellow{ash} carnary, yellow canary, green carnary and different in sizes body structure and song types and speed. The ash small sized type is the fastest and loud like spanish tambrador but is my mail if you want to know more on african canaries.
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pla - 2011-08-16
Can any one tell me if both male and female hiding behind a flower pot is indicitive of pre-nesting behavior? Thats how hoppy and brownie spend part of the day. Their cage is suspended on the lanai wall with a nest already in it.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-17
    Two little birds sitting in a tree KISSING. I would say a good start. Now it just might be their safe place that they dfound as the cage is suspended but I think a little more than that.
pla - 2011-08-16
My hoppy and brownie get along good with my 8 parakeets. All of them have the run of the lanai during the day, share food and seem to socialize. They retire to their respective cages in the evening.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-17
    Sounds like a neat place. I love it when the birds, bunnies and in my case deer have room to roam and yet in a safe place. Great for them and me.
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Ronald M. Stewart - 2011-01-29
I wish to communicate with Tim H Anthony regarding the purchase of Waterslager canaries. How do I go about doing so?

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laura - 2010-05-03
How to know I have male or female bird - canary?

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  • Kathryn Lee - 2011-07-30
    I purchased 2 Glosters Canaries, 1 crested, the other is not. How can I tell which is the male?

    Thank You
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-30
    To the fella with the gloster canaries....A crested should be bred to an uncrested - corona to crested). Corona or crested does not have anything to do with male or female. Now the hard part - just because it does or does not have a crest, it has nothing to do with being a male or a female. With or without the crest, it can be a male or a female. It is diffult to determine the sex - without DNA sexing. That said, usually the top of males head is flater than the females head. The female usually has a roundeness to the top of the head while the male head is flatter. I am also told that usually female Canaries have 3 evenly lengthed toes, while middle toe of male Canaries is usually longer than the two outside toes. Males are a little more colorful and they are the ones who are doing the singing. Females chirp.
    Good luck. Most breeders would be pretty accurate at determining male/female.
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Mary Butcher - 2011-06-30
We have just started keeping colored canaries and we are not sure how to add color food to their diet. Are you able to give us some information please? Many thanks, Mary

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-30
    Colored canaries and the vibrant color came through genetis and also when breeders realized that certain foods would deepen or augment the color of their canaries. This was especially true of the red canary. Most enthusiasts will recommend "color feeding". Color feeding is just feeding foods to enhance color, and this method is used with yellow and rose ground colors, as well as reds.
    Berries, beets, sweet potatoes, squashes, tomatoes, and cherries contain carotenoids which enhance color. Red and orange can also be increased in many breeds by simply adding cayenne pepper and paprika to the diet. Experts recommend using a carotenoid concentrate to bring out the potential in your red canary's plumage. Have fun and enjoy.
  • DUNCAN OSBORNE - 2011-07-23
    Hi, Mary There are 2 ways in which to add coloring to your canaries food both have too be administered carefully. 1 is too purchase a color agent called caropyhll red which is added too the water. 2 is too buy red factor food from haiths .com These are specialists in bird foods. You can find this food under the subtitle color foods. 3 if you go on line to and put food colouring or quiko they have it as well. From the looks of your canary you want the red but be carefull if you feed too much you get what we call the burn effect where the colour is 2 deep. color food is given during the molt from around August-September. Some food coloring has too be added too a soft food made for birds called soft food. Again haiths sells this too called either emp or cede. I use cede. Good Luck
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omary - 2011-07-03
This is omary from Afghanistan.
Of course I love this bird.
I want to buy yorkshire canary, is there anyone can help me? My email

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-04
    Are there breeders in Afghanistan as I would think that is the only way you could acquire this little fella?

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