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Setyo Wibowo - 2014-11-14
Hi,.where I can find to buying Belgian ' Fancy' Canary........please you contact my Email,...

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viorel moise - 2013-09-23
I have same Parisian Frills for sale ;one pair green 2011 and about six young ones 2013,if you want e-mail me:

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  • Sally - 2013-09-25
    Hi. I'm very interested in purchasing several frills. Where r u and what colors do you have? You can also reach me at 562 292 5073. I'd love to talk. Kind regard. Sally
  • P.Valentin - 2013-11-15
    I am interested in the frill canaries you may have available. Please send me price information as well as
  • hassan mansouri - 2013-11-16
    how much is it and your adrss
  • marco - 2014-01-14
    hi you have Parisian frill canaries for sale ?price for pair?
  • Daf Maclean - 2014-11-06
    I would love to hear from you with pair of Parisian Frill canaries. Please email me at Thank you. I'm in Merredin WA
Daf Maclean - 2014-11-06
I'm from WA and would like a pair of Parisian frill canaries please

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Rudy java - 2013-04-06
Hi world, I'm rudy from Java Indonesia. I like yorkshire canarys from England. In Indonesia, Yorkshires from England are very popular because proportional body is very good.

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  • bobby hartono - 2014-06-08
    Hi Rudy, I have Yorkshire with good posture and coloured,if you need further information gor the availibility,you can contact me as below detail, Name : Bobby Hartono email : Mobile : +62 819 1022 6626 whatapps : +62 819 1022 6626 Address : Jln.Karacondong no:338,Bandung-Indonesia Thank you
  • Jacques - 2014-11-05
    Hi Bobby, do you know where i can buy Yorkshire canaries? I live in South African and wanting to buy good quality birds.
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TRISNO - 2011-01-11
Good afternoon,,
I want to know how to order the NORWICH CANARY?
And how to delivery to INDONESIA COUNTRY?
Please sent the catalogue of the NORWICH CANARY in my Email Address


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  • DUNCAN OSBORNE - 2011-07-23
    Hi there. Here is a web address. They have a book called the norwich canary and you can order the book from them via paypal and you do not have too have a paypal account.
  • johan kartawidjaja - 2014-06-04
    Hi Trisno, I have friend who sells Norwich in Bandung-Indonesia, his name is Bobby Hartono, email: Mobile : +62 819 1022 6626/ whatapps: +62 819 1022 6626 Address : jln. Kiaracondong 338-Bandung Hope this will help you to get Norwich Rgrds, Johan
  • Jacques - 2014-11-05
    Hi John, do you know where i can buy Norwich canaries? I live in South Africa and wanting to buy good quality birds.
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lilly - 2011-01-29
Which canary is the best singer?

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  • Jose - 2013-03-26
    It depends what you like. I love the way the Russian canary sings.
  • Kismet Libra - 2014-11-04
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David Pye - 2014-11-02
Hi I am the editor of a community magazine and have per chance found a report of the 1st annual Dinner of the Norwich section of 'The Crested Canary Club', if anyone is still involved with such an organisation in Norwich it may be of interest. Take care now. “CRESTED CANARY CLUB. The members of the Norwich section of the Crested Canary Club held their first annual dinner. on Wednesday evening [22nd March 1905]at the Orford Arms Hotel under the presidency of Mr.Jacob Mackley. The object of the section is to assist local breeders, I land to improve the class of birds coming from the capital of East Anglia.- A capital repast was set before the company by Mr. W. Grix, and after the good things had been discussed, the evening was passed in sentiment and harmony. The contributors to the 'programme being Messrs. A. Stowers, R. Brown, W. Curl,' S. Drake, Calver, and Gilchrist, Mr. C. Wood presiding at the pianoforte. The Chairman gave ' Success to the Crested Canary Club.' He said there was no county in England like Norfolk for producing the crested variety. Fanciers must come to Norfolk for stud birds, and must come to Norwich to improve their stock. The crests at the present day were not the size of a shilling; they were more like four-shilling-pieces. At one time the crests could be bought for £2, whereas now £30, £40, or even £100 was given for a good crest. That showed that, the variety was being immensely improved, and they ware getting together such a collection of birds as never was seen. Mr. W. Grooves replied. Other toasts were also given.”

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Haldun Tarim - 2012-10-03
Dear Friends, I am looking for Red Factor Canary, Gloster or Yorkshire canary breeders in the Nederlands, Germany or in Belgium. I would bevery happy is someone advise me some breeders information....

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  • L K - 2013-01-17
    I think a mistake is in breeding two consorts instead of one consort and one corona.
  • ardhee - 2013-09-23
    For LK : You have to be more patient in raising walnuts, because I often run into things like that. I think you should find out why your canary chicks can die? What cage or because of its nutritional? Possible because of your bird cage hygiene, but if you ask me, you should adjust your walnuts parent nutrition in order to be ready for breeding... sorry I only give what I learned from my experience
  • Andrew Holloran - 2013-12-09
    Dear Breeders, having bred the Gloster canary for 25years and exhibiting as a champion breeder would like to answer some of your questions, i.e. in the case of the death of the chicks, breeding consort to consort would not have caused this in any way, there are many reasons why the chicks died always check for red mite, always clean green foods, i have had many chicks die over the years and never come to the cause, get to know your good feeders then you could possibly foster chicks out,. i once had a corona cock bird that would feed any chick that called for food. spend time in your birdroom and get to know the better mothers etc., i also used a radio that was left on all day this gets the young female birds used to noise and can prevent them from sitting tight, Having made the move to Germany i also need to purchase some stock may i suggest looking for local bird shows or even going to the N,E,C in Birmingham they have a really good sales class of all types of cage and aviary birds, if i can be of any further help just send me a email, Kind regards Andrew
  • Angel Centeno - 2014-10-30
    I'm looking for Gloster Consort canaries
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shabar - 2014-10-18
hi. I am looking for a pair of Parisian Frill and I live in IRAN.

abbas - 2014-10-18
Hi, i was really interested in these parisian frill canaries please let me know if you have so in hand, if so contact me on:0044 7852179917


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