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   The Yellow-thighed Caiques loves to show off. Being very intelligent they quickly learn tricks..and then watch out!
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dale - 2005-12-03
I have a white bellied and I also have a indian ringneck. they both get along pretty well even though they are two different types of birds. The only issue I have with the white belly is the occasional screeching fits they have. His name is chico and he is very entertaining and a clown. The bunny hopping is too funny.

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  • Carol - 2010-11-24
    I too have a white bellied and an Indian ringneck. Like yours mine get along well with Caique being a bit more pushy when they are together. My caique has screeching fits also but this started when s/he began to molt. It seems the first four feathers on both wing tips are chewed off to the wing tips. I don't know what to do for Caique except to let the feathers stubbles come out as a normal feather would. I would be interested to know if anyone else with caiques or any bird has this problem and if it resolved on its own.
  • daisy - 2012-10-18
    i know right i love it
Brooke - 2006-03-28
I have a male Black-Capped caique named Rosco, a male yellow-bellied caique named Rocky, a male blue-capped conure named Tao, a male senegal named Danger, and a male sun conure named Lucas (what can I say, I'm a bird lover). I'm quite surprised that you do not have the Black-capped caique listed here. Anyway, Rocky and Rosco, my two caiques, are the greatest experiences of my life. These little bundles of love, joy, and energy are nothing but pure energy. Mine love all the toys I give them. Their favorite foods would have to be rasberries, yogurt, bananas and papaya. They just never seem to stop eating! They are the best birds I have ever met.
I really reccommend these birds to anyone willing to love them.

randi - 2005-11-07
this is the greatest bird ever. as im typing this mine is on my shouldor messing with my hair giving me kisses. we got him as a baby and now hes starting to try to talk. hes always being silly and hanging from something. he unhooked a bell from his cage and he was laying on the bottom of the cage holding it with his feet. one time we saw him sitting in his food dish, actully sitting on his butt and his tail was sticking out from under him. this is one of the best family birds because they get along with everyone.