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   The Yellow-naped Amazon has just about the best reputation a pet bird can have!
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Tammie - 2007-02-16
My family was given a ten year old Yellow-nape Amazon for Christmas last year. She has been the most wonderful bird! We let her out of her cage during the day. She stays on the top. She talks so much! She sings music scales and then she sings 5 different songs. She will whistle songs. She pretends she is on the phone all the time! She now rings like the phone! She needs lots of attention but she is worth it! I hold her two days a week. She is quite moody but also very loving. I love our parrot!

Abady - 2006-10-03
I live in Saudi Arabia and i have my Keeko yellow nape since 4 years.
He is a wonderfull pet, he sings 5 songs and says many words.
I like him and he feels happy when he sees me and likes to play with me. He steps on my hand easily.
Keeko is a great pet.

Trevor - 2006-08-25
hi my name is trevor, im 14 and i have a yellow naped amazon with a little panama in him. his name is goose because of his loud and annoying screeches! instead of finding ways to shut him up i found that its easier just to give him what he wants, attention. these are social birds and have 1 special person as there partner. if that is you, they are probably calling for attention from you! i also found that he is very protective of me also. his perch is in my room and whenever my dad comes in to wake me up he immediatly flares his eyes and feathers at him! my dad has also tried many times to pet or hold him, but goose bites and acts weird when hes around! i think its funny! thank you, just wanted to share
p.s. i think a parrot or just a bird is the greatest pet for any one loving

Will - 2006-06-07
Hi my name is Will and i have a yellow naped amazon, her name is Kiwi and she is lots of fun. Early in the morning when she wakes up she starts calling me or my girl MAMA! until we wake up, and as soon as we wake up and she sees us she says HI KIWI WAKE UP and then after she greets us with that. she starts to ask how we are doing and that shes a crazy bird when she hangs upside down in her cage. right now she is 3 1/2 years old and she is a wounderful bird to have and to be with.

shirley - 2006-04-09
Hi My name is Shirley, I have had my Yellow Naped for 24 yrs. He is a charmer. Loves the whole family. He can sing several songs including Happy Birthday. He imitates several animal sounds. He can sing a certain song by the way I wave my hand. He has been healthy all of his 25 yrs. He does have some swear words that he picked up from his previous owner during his first year of life. He still remembers them at times, especially if he gets mad or excited or people are loud. He even remembers his previos owners name of 24yrs ago, which was Clare and Tony. He mimics a radio scanner, this is so funny. We feed him fruits and green veg. and parrots food sold commerically. Loves pizza crust! He loves the shower. I bring him in the shower with me and he perches on a shower rail and seys OH BOY. he just loves the shower. I even shampoo him and dry him with a dryer.
He sits on the toilet seat and loves the air from the dryer. "Take a while to dry a bird!!" I just love this guy, he has been very entertaining.

martin & julie - 2006-01-22
hi my name is martin. i live in west sussex england.

my senegal totty sadly died suddenly aged 9 over xmas.

we decided on a different bird so as not to replace her. after touring several outlets and taking a shine to a couple of amazons we were chosen by joe, a 7-month old YNA to be his companions.

hes very funny, chatty and playful-very calm, doesnt get rattled.

on his first day at home he tried to land on my aquarium, skidded off and fell headfirst down the back of it. he clung on with his feet and i had to lift him out backwards! he didnt care at all and promptly said hello and played with his toys.

my girlfriend julie and i have 2 houses. yesterday we got a carry cage and a play tower which we have put in her home. we brought him over in the car and he seemed to enjoy the ride and he spent all day on his new tower.

hes just said Hello Mummy (ie Julie)!

hes definitely a girls bird, he tolerates me and will take treats, has kissed me on the nose, but he loves julie.

he is one cool parrot.

donna - 2005-09-03
I bought Leesa about 15 years ago. So mean I couldn't even stick my hand in the cage to feed her. but once I told her who was in charge, and established boundaries, she been great. I guess whoever owned her before, just let her fly around the house. (not a good idea). Now, she's my girl.
she doesn't talk well but she makes up for it with a really cute (protective) dog like personality. We have a special bond and she hasn't bitten in about 10 years, well not me anyway. we've been through a lot together and I can't imagine my mornings without her sweet little voice coming from behind the covered cage. this type of bird seems to just go with the flow, nothing really upsets these guys, moving and changing, adding pets to the family, and Leesa stays the same.