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   The Yellow-naped Amazon has just about the best reputation a pet bird can have!
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Tim Calahan - 2009-06-17
I have owned my yellow nape for all of his 17 years. Clyde is loud, parrots ARE loud, especially in the morning when we are waking up together. As I go about my morning routine getting ready for work, I yell out a few of his favorite words and call back back and forth to each other. He has bitten me a couple of times. But, I deserved it. It was times when he wanted to be left alone and I didn't notice his body language. By the way, I live on the 5th floor of a condo complex in downtown Denver. A parrot is a wild animal, not a domesticated pet like a dog or a cat. You must allow for the wild instincts, such as calling out to its flock occasionally, if you are going to share your home with one of these amazing creatures. Only true animal lovers should ever be lucky enough to be "owned" by a parrot.

ellie - 2009-06-02
To Ross: You mustn't be a true animal lover. Yes they can be loud. Yes they can bite. IT'S A PARROT! I've had my nape for 18 of her 22 years. I'm definately hers, but she goes to my son with just a warning from him. Don't you know there are exceptions to every rule. I think the bird knows you don't like him. All animals can sense things people can't. I'm glad the bird is away from you.

Gina Donnelly - 2008-09-26
Update on Ginger, our bird of 32 years. He didn't make it. He passed away this morning. We had a very good Vet and if he could be saved I'm sure this vet would have done it. The Vet just moved to Columbus, Ohio from Westminster, CA and also teaches at Ohio State. It's difficult to find doctor's just for birds so if you have a wonderful pet bird make sure you get one lined up just in case. Lot's of vets treat birds but not all can really handle extreme emergencies.

Gina Donnelly - 2008-09-24
We have had our yellow nape for 32 years. Ginger was a girl until about 6 years ago and we had her DNA'd. The Vet left a message on our phone. "Congratulations, Ginger is a boy". We still call him Ginger. He has a huge vocabulary. When the phone rings he calls "Teri, it's for you". Sometimes he uses one of our other 4 children, but Teri was the phone kid. He still calls every dog and cat we've had for the last 32 years. He has always been sweet but became irritable when our children all left home. They are all in their 40's now. He became a terrible feather plucker and required lots of attention & noise - like kids give! We are in the process of moving permanently across country. Therefore, Ginger is living in our office. Today was a sad day for sure. A customer brought her dog in and Ginger pecked the dog on the nose (which he has always done to our dogs). The dog attacked him and he is now at the Vet's on oxygen. Ginger stays on his cage but he goes to the bottom outside to greet. He is like a member of our family. The Vet gives him a good chance but he also was diagnosed with liver disease which they say is common with the yellow nape.

K. P. - 2008-08-27
I have a beautiful Yellow-naped Amazon who is 11 years old. I broke my back last month and have to sell him and his French special-ordered cage, as I cannot care for him, and financially, I am forced to make this tough decision. I live in MD.
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phil gillespie - 2007-12-11
I have a yellow nape. I rescued him from a very very bad home, and when i got him home he had molted terribly. He was very nippy and wouldn't allow anyone to touch him, and he squaked in fear. I spent hours and hours a day sitting outside his extra large cage just talking to him and reassuring him i wouldnt hurt him in any way. Over a period of weeks he began to trust me and allowed me to rub his head and feet, but he was still kind of nippy. Not giving up on buddy, i began to get his trust and he was letting me hand feed and rub him under his wings. He was also beginning to talk to me. Seeing that buddy was banded i guessed he was born in captivity and his wings had never been clipped. I would let him out of his cage and he could fly for short distances. Now after a month i could let buddy out of his cage, go sit down, and he would hop across the floor until he found me. He would crawl up my pant leg, roost on my shoulder, and mumble in my ear. I have had buddy for 5 years now and he is the most wonderful bird with a vocabulary of about 70 words. What i have noticed is that i am the only one buddy allows to handle him the way i do. I guess he bonded greatly with me. I have also noticed when i am not in the room for buddy to see me, he squawks until he gets my attention. I also have a giant alaskan malamute named cody, he weighs 170 pounds, and a female siberian huskey named josie. Buddy has learned to call cody and josie and it is the funnyest thing to see my two dogs coming to see who's calling them, and its buddy. I would highly recommend a yellow nape to anyone willing to spend the time to teach and get to know the personilty of their bird, because they are wonderful birds.

GEORGE READ - 2007-08-28
This goes back to the days of sailing ships... In 1919 my grandfather got a yellow-naped from a Boston friend who in turn got it in South America. He saw them himself when he was in SA himself. They have no idea how old he was, but he was a talker even then. He had his likes and dislikes. He kept in good health, until he died at the same time my grandmother passed away in 1974. I know that this was a long time ago, but I thought it might be of some interest...

Allison - 2007-08-18
Despite how wonderful this site is, not all of the YNA's traits have been discussed. The biggest thing is that while there are YNAs that enjoy the whole family, it is also extremely common for them to bond to ONE person, which causes friction in a household if there are other people there. For instance, my YNA has bonded to my boyfriend, and so now I can't go near the bird at all, or else I'll get bitten. The bird was originally my sister's (she now has a kid and so I'm taking care of the bird), and it was the same when she got married and her husband moved in. The parrot bonded to her husband, and would get nippy with my sister. I would be wary of this species if you have kids or if you're a new owner. Their bites can be extremely painful and can cause serious damage.

Also, since they're some of the best talkers of the parrots, their natural tendancy is to be loud. There may be those who only scream at night or in the morning, but there are also a lot that scream whenever they're not getting what they want (which is usually attention). And it's not like a little squeak, it's extrenely obnoxious and can really hurt your ears.

So yeah--there are some things about YNAs that are wonderful, and they are very entertaining and talented, but before getting one just remember that it's not going to be unicorns and rainbows all the time.

De Ette Wood - 2007-05-15
Hello, my name is DeEtte. We purchased our Yellow Nape Amazon Rocky 10 years ago. He was only 8 weeks old and we had the opportunity to hand feed him until he was 12 weeks old. He has the vocabulary of over 400 words and often uses them in sentences in conversational content. We are currently searching for another Nape for family members as they have fell in love with Rocky, kidnapped, and demanded a location of a baby for his return, at any cost. Rocky laughs, crys, calls the dogs and tells them to hurry before they get cold, demands food (we eat a healthy diet and our vet approved our diet to share with Rocky). He is on a primary diet of Sunseed Parrot Pellets and refuses to eat any other brands of Pellets. He has never ate "seeds" but is allowed pre-cracked nuts.

Mary Lynne - 2007-03-06
I have owned Baby Cakes ( Cakers) since he was 4 mths and he is now 7 years. He can be challenging with his play biting some days but mostly he is a wonderful companion. I have had many different types of parrots over the years and have felt a bond with my Amazon more than any other parrot. He is DNA'd a male and fiesty and lovable all in one big green body. He sings the whole Happy Birthday song almost everday since I taught him 4 years ago.(It is my Husbands birthday everyday now!) He talks very clearly and laughs. When I have company over they just cut up laughing at him when he laughs.
I have now bought an adorable baby Double Yellow Male and hope to establish a close relationship with him as well. Love their outging nature!