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   The Yellow-naped Amazon has just about the best reputation a pet bird can have!
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2KoKoMo - 2014-11-16
I've had my Yellow Nape Amazon parrot for almost 26 years. She was a 5 year old and immediately bonded with me. I was in a pet shop and she chose me, laughing, throwing kisses, singing, etc. I asked, 'how much' and was told she's being boarded. Went in for dog food again and was told she might be for sale. Long story, Short, I jumped at the chance. Her name was Knucklehead and still is. What a joy life has been with her. She sings, speaks in my dad's voice and he's been gone for over 13 years. My Dad taught her to cackle like a chicken and crow like a rooster over the phone and to this day, all I have to say is, 'what did Grandpa teach you?' And she performs it. She also whistles the tune from 'Mayberry' without missing a beat. I love, love, love had my Yellow Nape Amazon parrot for almost 26 years. One day, when my Rottweiler was in her last days, I left the room for a minute, with knuckie on her perch, came back and she was sitting at the shoulder of my 'old girl'. I panicked and picked her up afraid she'd get hurt. I believe with all my heart, knuckie was comforting my old girl!!! She has been a loyal friend, companion, pet everyday since I got her and hope to have many more years with her. Thanks for listening ;)

fran - 2014-11-04
I have my yellow nape amazon for 30 years and just today I noticed she has yellow feathers coming out of her chest. I thought the yellow was just supposed to be on the nape. I would really appreciate any information from a bird lover/expert. ty

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-11-04
    Feathers can change color somewhat with molts as they age. Also nutritional problems have been known to cause feather color changes in parrots. A derangement of the metabolism or a disruption to the nutrition of a bird during the time when feathers are being formed can cause color change and can also affect the quality of feathers. With a corrected diet, it will molt back to its original coloration.
Anonymous - 2014-08-12
I adopted. A yellow nape. He is great with me and my daughter. He seems to hate my wife though. He bit her the very first day we got him. She feeds him,gives him treats,talks to him.after a year he still won't. Except her. Any help at all would be appreciated

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  • cynthia - 2014-09-11
    My parrot is the same with my mom. We've had him for 15 years and she is his main caretaker(cage cleaner) and he would slit her throat if he could. Hes hated her since the first day he saw her and fell in love with me. He still loves me and we play and I even shower with him. If she even passes by the cage he throws himself at her and slams into the cage sometimes. He doesn't really care if it hurts. It sucks but we've tried everything and i have to make sure to feed him in the morning because he rather starve than eat food she gave him. He'll spill it all over the floor and then laugh at her.
Georgeanne Cole - 2014-09-09
I have a great female 25 yr. old yellow nape. Recently she molted and her colors on her chest are a dark greenish-gray instead of the lighter bright yellowish green. Do I need to add something to her diet? Thank you.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-09-09
    Nutritional problems have been known to cause feather color changes in parrots. For a good look at foods and treats for parrots, see this recent article on Parrot Cuisine, as it can give you insight into what you might add or change in your Yellow Nape's diet.

    Some other things that can cause color change are a derangement of the metabolism or a disruption to the nutrition of a bird during the time when feathers are being formed, which can also affect the quality of feathers. With a corrected diet, it will molt back to its original coloration. Discolored feathers can also be due to liver disease, so you may want to take your bird to an avian vet for a checkup.
Quentin - 2014-08-03
I have a yellow nape amazon named (Ima)and she goes to work with my wife Arla every day and she's a very good girl she stays on her perch and doesn't squack everyone in the complex knows (Ima) and the bird lady.

Renny - 2014-04-08
After the baby yellow naped hatches and you remove the baby about 3-4 weeks after to hand feed, will the pair mate again and lay some more eggs? Or do I have to wait until the next breeding season? I feed a pellets diet. Can I continue feeding the pellets diet to the parents after the baby hatches or do I have to feed dry extract food powder?

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2014-04-12
    They might lay more eggs if it is still warm out and feels like breeding season. But most likely they will not and will only have a single clutch during this breeding season. If the pellet diet has sufficient nutrients you can continue feeding it. You may want to add in some fresh fruits and vegetables to make sure and to give them some variety!
shelley witherell - 2014-03-26
I recently adopted a 10 yr. old male yellow naped amazon. When I first met him he would go to anyone. A day after I brought him home my 10 yr. old daughter was holding him on her arm, I put my arm out and told him to step up and he came after me and bit me. Now whenever my daughter is home and has him out I have to go in another room. He will even try to attack me if he is on top of his cage. He comes down the side of his cage and hangs off of it like he's going to fly and attack me. What can I do?

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  • Cathy - 2014-03-29
    OMG Shelley I am going through the same thing. It has been horrible and I am trying to figure out what to do. He loves my daughter and step daughter, but wants to attack me. I can't be in the same room if he is out of his cage. I will keep you posted on my progress, I am currently going to ABA Bev Penny's Way and Crazy Bird Ladies on facebook. They are a great support and free information. Check them out its free info. Good luck to both of us!
  • shelley witherell - 2014-03-31
    Today I decided to let my yellow nape out of his cage and my daughter put him on the floor and he found me and attacked my feet. I'm glad I had shoes on. I tried to give him a light tap on his beak with my shoe and told him no but it didn't phase him a bit, he kept attacking. I went to acks exotic pets and the owner said that the bird was hormonal this time of year based on his age and that it would pass in a month. But he also said that my daughter was the birds 'girlfriend' and that may never change.
Zoe Barkel - 2014-02-25
I have a 10 year old yellow naped amazon parrot called Charlie. I have had him for 4 years and he has always been no bother for me but recently I have moved back into my parents house with him and at meal time he has become extremely greedy even though he gets food the same time we eat and he eats the same food as we are eating. He still screams how do I make him stop ...? And Charlie has never liked men since I got him, he will tolerate my dad but will not entertain my boyfriend.  Is there any way to make Charlie like men a bit more ...?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-02-25
    It sounds like Charlie is dealing with a disruption in the lifestyle and relationship he had come to depend on with you. Thus at meal times, with the new 'flock', he's asserting himself by being greedy. Screaming, again this could be a reaction to the new environment as well. As far as liking men, some parrots simply prefer females and other males, and they usually don't change their minds.
doris - 2013-11-17
We got our bird in June 2013 he speaks says Momma -Dont Go -Hello but sum times not very clear what can I do to help iimprove His Words So I xan understand what he is saying

Constance - 2009-11-14
I have had my Yellow Nape for 24 years and of course my husband and I are part of the flock. However, she loves all strangers unless she senses they do not like her. Yellow Napes are very intelligent and very high social as most birds because they are flock animals.

No one should have a Yellow Nape unless they understand all the needs of this very beautiful and special bird. Yellow Napes love to be held and allowed to have 4-5 hours of play time daily if not more. With a good diet, clean and I mean clean cage, and lots of social time with the family the Yellow Nape is a joy to have as a family member. Yes, they need to be a member of the family for ever. They do not adjust being moved around with different people like a cat of dog. Especially, Yellow Napes they are very smart, loving and bond for life. They can die of a broken heart.

Usually, if a Yellow Nape is biting and displays behavior problems the bird has been mis-treated or simply handled wrong.

Parrots do not bite unless scared and they just want to be loved and handled correctly. There are many rules to follow when handling a parrot.

I must say our bird has been so loved and is so happy in captivity she really is so sweet.

I have been working with birds for thirty years and they are very special animals that are misunderstood many times.

For anyone who needs to find a good safe place for their bird you can contact:
Phoenix Landing in Asheville, North Carolina, they are a parrot care foundation and they will adopt and educate others before allowing a bird to go to a home. Their phone number is 828 251 1333.

If this number does not work you can look them up on the internet and with a bit of time contact these people.

Thank you

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  • Mariette Coetzee - 2013-09-12
    I have a question.  I have a Yellow Nape Amazon came to us about 2 years ago. Do not know his background only know we are the third family in his life time and we think he is about 10.  Sad I know but he found a home for live. In the beginning we could handle him with no problem and then he started having behavior problems like biting us and shows aggression towards me when i move around his cage.  He will sometimes come down from his cage to the floor and if he sees me will come towards me with aggression. Now somebody told me he is sexualy frustrated.  Is that the case and what can I do to help him.  I would be greatful for any help.
  • Clarice Brough - 2013-09-12
    It does sound like your Yellow Nape Amazon seems to be distressed, which is a common occurence with these birds as they get older. Many times they really do best with a mate after a few years, it is actually suggested that people plan on getting a companion eventually. These birds are known to get really frustrated over time if kept by themselves, especially those who aren't closely bonded to a human that can spend exorbitant amounts of time with them.