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   The White-fronted Amazon is the very smallest of all the amazons... but thinks it's the biggest!
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Morgan - 2005-11-20
I have a 6-year old White Front (of the nominate species Amazona albifrons albifrons). He is a joyous little man and loves to swing and play. He speaks quite well, and his favorite vocalizations include "Whatcha doing? Well, Hello! Hi! Step up! Arrreeba!" While he can't quite pronounce the G's in his name, George W, he doesn't let that stop him from announcing in his sing-song voice the rest of his name, "Or".
I would like to see this webpage contain the 2 subspecies of White-Fronted Amazon with their pictures for comparison. This would include the Lesser White Front (Amazona albifrons nana) and the Sonora White Front (Amazona albifrons saltuensis). I think it would be helpful for those who do not know exactly what species of White-Front they own, and it would be interesting to compare their pictures and characteristics.

Patricia Schill - 2005-10-11
Thank you for the information on our little "Sam". He is a white fronted Amazon. He is a year old and is talking. He is saying "thank you" and "I love you" and the best word he says is "George" and he pronounces both "G"'s. Of course no one believes he talks because he gets shy when anyone but myself is near him. Love him a lot.

E Bitzer - 2005-09-11
Thank you. Your site helped me identify a parrot I recently rescued. I knew it was a Amazon, now I know what type it is also.
Thank You. Looking forward to many years with my new best friend.

matt brede - 2005-04-28
Thank you for being the only site with information on the white fronted amazon.