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   The White-fronted Amazon is the very smallest of all the amazons... but thinks it's the biggest!
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Lynn - 2009-03-04
I found this website for the first time. I have a male white front amazon that is 25 yrs old. I have had him since he was 3 months old. He only articulates a few words clearly like pretty bird, hello, hi Mikey, what, etc. He also says alot of other words and phrases, but they are not very clear. I enjoy my time with him. Even after 25 yrs, he still makes me laugh.

SANDRA - 2008-07-06
I think i have a white fronted amazon but the head is almost totally yellow with the red mask around it possible?

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  • SC - 2010-03-17
    my vet told me when the spectacled amazon turn yellow head is usually they got sick, you might check with your vet too, hope is helpful for you
Mary Ellis - 2007-10-01
I had a beautiful pair of these lovely inquisitive exciting birds but unfortunately due to a wasp sting my cock bird (tiger) died which has left me with Tammy my female. I am desperately looking for a male for her as she has become so lonely and quiet since he has gone.
Although my pair live in an aviary I am in with them every day so that they are not only very lovable to me but also have the freedom to do their own thing when they want - I am not interested in breeding them, as I think there are enough unwanted birds around already.

mary hagood - 2007-05-02
We have 3 of these dynamo parrots and adore all of them. The first 2 were taken in together, via our sanctuary, and that was only 3 years ago. Since that day in February, we have enjoyed our babys immensely. We have poncho, baby and jasmine.
I would not hesitate to recommend these little packages of dynamite for anyone looking for a parrot in a small package. You get small packaging, but large personality. My boy poncho is in his 30s and still has enough energy to stay with me 24 hours a day, and he even sleeps and eats in my lap, and stays with me all the time. I adore these birds, and would love to breed for preservation.
So if you are looking, get yourself a white front. You won't regret it, that is if you are up to the challenge of keeping up with these bundles of energy.

Kelsi - 2007-03-14
I have a 10 year old white fronted amazon named Elliot Micheal, Ellie for short. This bird is the best thing ever. Since our football rivaries were orange he attacks this little orange football like theres no tommorrow, he's even grabbed it ut of my hands and flew off with it. I admit he's extremely spoiled and loves to be the center of attention. He does the wolf whistle and says please and thank, yes and no, shut-up and even screams wake-up for me when he hears the alarm clock. I wouldn't trade him for anything, we do everything together including eating and watching our favorite shows(he loves the disney channel), during movies we BOTH have popcorn. So thanks so much for your sight. I try to learn as much as I can so I can make him happy because when we got him they said he was abused. Thanks again.

Andrea Beizer - 2007-02-09
My White Fronted Amazon has been sexed a female. I have noticed when she is very content, that she exudes a musky odor. This is on top of her normal "amazon odor". I have not seen any documentation regarding this. My Yellow Nape does not do this.

Deborah Kloko - 2006-11-26
I am owned by a White Fronted Amazon named Emerald. That's "Emmie" for short. Emmie is marked like a male, but acts like a female. He has a pet budgie that he feeds and protects relentlessly and lives in my bird room with 13cockatiels and 3 budgies. Emmie loves me, and inter-acts with me, but I must go into the bird room to visit. Emmie will not leave the rest of the flock even though Emmie is never allowed inside the others flight cage. Emmie can be deadly to smaller birds if not watched--Amazons must have their way or else!!! Emerald whistles the Mexican hat dance, and says I love you, come here, and how are you? Emmie also speaks fluent budgie and cockatiel. When Emerald is scared he will fly outside of the bird room to find me, and has a habit of turning his back on anything that he doesn't want to confront. New owners need to remember to keep these guys socialized and happy. The time it takes to socialize them is well worth it. I love Emerald, and Emerald loves me.

Reggie - 2006-10-28
Tonto came into my life in 1983 & pretty much runs the house. He will sometimes sleep with his girlfriend Sadie a nine/almost 10year old Rottweiler/Black Lab at the foot of my bed (where he can also view himself in the mirrored closet doors). He helps in the kitchen too, he cleans chicken bones (loves the marrow) on the kitchen counter & will throw scraps down to his girlfriend. For christmas last year he got a full floor to ceiling tree in the corner of our living room so he can hang out with us when watchin TV (likes football very much) & will attack my brother if he tries to pet Sadie...

kat - 2006-09-24
I am now the very proud owner of a white-fronted amazon. He is 3 months old. I feel very lucky to have him at this stage. He was hand fed and has a very sweet temperment. I only wish he would like to come out of his cage more. We leave the door open a lot as a sort of an invitation to join us. But most times we carry him out. No name yet. But I'm leaning towards "Groucho"(because he looks like he is wearing a little green suit and the way he leans forward when he walks holding his peanut, it almost looks like a cigar).
Love being able to talk about him somewhere else. My friends are probably tired of me telling them "You have to see THE BABY!".

Margo Monroe - 2006-02-19
Just came across this site. How nice. I have a white-fronted Amazon named Leo. He's been with me for over 10 years now. He's my best buddy. Loves to cuddle and just be with me. He traveled from North Idaho to San Diego riding high next to me in a 17-foot u-haul truck. He enjoyed every minute--a real traveling bird. "Good bird" and "I love you" are his favorite vocalizations, although he doesn't articulate very well, I know what he's saying. He also whistles, warbles and imitates squeeking doors, zippers and cheering crowds! He's on my shoulder right now sticking his beak in my ear!!