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   The Red-lored Amazon is a very attractive parrot, and simply loved for its "pretty face"!
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Sonia Rodriguez - 2011-10-15
I got my R-L-A since he was born i hand feed him, well i was the only one ever can touch him ever he is a lil bit of a talker , dont talk to much can only say few words. and all that is all good,i cant live with out my bird, on the last year i or we became homeless and ofcourse what he was used to now he had to get adapt to my friend well come to find out she is my best friend, more now is she is the only real friend i have. well sometime i go 2 ,3,4 days to go babysit or to do a side job, so i comeback his happy am happy,now my tito has creat a good relation with my friend darla and he let her scratch his head he goes on her sholder he flert with her we thing he got a lil crutch on her. but on the last week he attact ME if she in my room talking to me he chanch his voice and get her attention and if she goes and flert with tito, and i go near hin he will attact me , am not mad because she love my bird and he love her.make sad because i feel that he is mad at me for being homeless, he was to comfort at our place i feel so quilty, that my bird end hatting me, he is all i have

alex higgins - 2011-08-20
that's my parrot,sugar bear!!!! (:

Joan Brewer - 2010-11-17
How do I get another copy of Mike Schindlinger's 1998 tape "In Their Own Voice The Yellow-headed Amazon Parrot"? My Red-Lored has listened to it so many times that it is worn out. Any tapes of Red-loreds would be fine!

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  • Mike S - 2011-03-19
    Just go to and click on the DVD!
Kathy Baumann - 2010-05-20
I have a question. I have a breeding couple of reds lords one 6 years old the other we got from a breeder not sure how old she is. They have a huge cage and nesting box they are a couple but she is pulling all his red color feathers off his front brow, is this common in breeding that she does this? He is bald also he was my best hand tamed bird he will not come near me and if he does she attacks me please help me out with these questions.

Jonas Ellgaard - 2009-12-10
My girlfriend and I have two young male red lored amazons. We got them both from a breeder and they have been handfed from the first day they hatched. They are just wonderful. We had bought one first 'Junior', but decided to get one of his siblings as well. This way we can leave them for half a day, or even a whole day, as long as they have enough fresh water and food. They are very affectionate birds. 'Junior' who is five days older then his little brother, has cast his love and affection on me, whilest the younger, has taken to my girlfriend. They both get to fly two to three times a day. We let them out in the morning while we prepare their morning snack and they both enjoy watching us prepare their food. If we start this before they are let out, they will become very vocal and upset. They like to cuddle and when they fly in our livingroom, they often land on our heads or shoulders. They often groom us, like they groom each other. They use their beak to go through our hair and also my beard get the same treatment.
I am a merchent sailor and I am away for 4 weeks at the time. The first days when I am gone, the older bird, sits on the latch above the stairs and calls out to me. He does eventually stop this. When I enter the house again after four weeks, both of them make 'happy sounds' and lighten up. If they are not let out at once when I get home, they will be very vocal again. As soon as they are let out, they both fly to me and start chatting as if to let me know what has been going on while I was away.
Red Lored or 'Yellow cheeked' are very social birds, and they love company. They are very trusting, even to complete strangers to them. As long as people are calm and soft spoken at first, they often fly over to guest and sit on their shoulder and groom them as well.
They are both great company for my girlfriend while I am away and we both enjoy them when I am home as well.

Jonas Ellgaard,

Jennifer - 2009-10-13
I rescued one of these guys - a thirty-something wild-caught male that I named Oboe, for the whistles that he makes. It took all of one hour to tame him. Now he gets jelly-legs when it's time to go back to the cage, and calls for me if I leave the room. He's the biggest cuddler I've ever seen, and much more of a chewer than my Orange-Winged Amazon.

Kathleen M - 2008-11-19
The Red Lored is very loyal and affectionate and likes to roll about on the bed, in your lap and sometimes be tickled on the belly or toes while laughing. Mine likes to hear and say phrases with feeling and deep emotion. He also likes the tape and DVD of Red Lored's that Mike Schindlinger PHD made during his Harvard studies. (It's only a few dollars, and Spunky likes it right up next to his ear while he eats. He also likes sharing my headset.) He says "Are you OK?" "Hot" for hot food and warm dinners. He will eat too many seeds and too much food, so we limit his a.m. and p.m. feeding of pellets to 1/8 cup of Roudybush rice or other pellets and really limit any seeds - just seeds as treats. He does like milk thistle as a treat. I slice an almond and that is his favorite. Treats should never be bigger than the parrots's eye in my opinion! He also likes cooked veggies like brocolli and yams and carrots and of course peas in the pod - like for chinese food. Once he played a trick on me when I was in the bath tub and left him alone in his room on his cage - instead of responding to my calls as usual, he hid behind his carrier and didn't say anything until I got out of the tub and walked in the room dripping wet all wrapped up in the towel. I couldn't see him anywhere, but he popped his head out from the carrier and said "Are you a dirty bird?" Which is what I say before he gets his bath. He also laughs in a high squeaky way when he sees his toys and other "funny" things to him! Like my friend Claire that has blonde hair and wears red - he does his "happy dance" whenever he sees her, even if she's outdoors. He loves a cartoon show on T.V. called "Big World" on PBS that has a bird in it! He can count -- it does take him 2 weeks to get used to new toys before he will play with them, and he needs to see me play with them first too. Chewing is his fav passtime and he likes to make chewing gum out of paper and carry it around in a little ball until his beak is clean inside, then he spits it out. Cheers, K.M. and Spunky

Wendy - 2008-03-13
I have two, Diego and Bella, and they are wonderful pets. Bella enjoys singing while Diego watches her. Diego bonded to my husband and bella to me. They are very loyal, we love them.

jose chavarria - 2007-06-01
this parrot is a great friend. they love to do mischief and are very jealous too. mine is 2 years old and says a couple of words. they eat whatever they can, rubber slippers are their favorite.

SANDRA - 2007-05-15
This breed is intelligent and has a gentle spirit. If yours doesn't- they just need time to relax into being able to trust again. Have patience. I bought one that hadn't been socialized however he's now doing GREAT! Talk to them, provide plenty of treats, and if you can- they'll really appreciate a TV within viewing distance from the cage. I let mine out of the cage all day long so he can feel 'free' inside the house. Wonderful birds- absolutely wonderful.