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   The Red-lored Amazon is a very attractive parrot, and simply loved for its "pretty face"!
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Fran - 2014-07-24
Beardsley is almost 37; I got him when he was 7 months. I was told he was an Orange Cheek Amazon from the Red Lored family, but he looks just like the pic of the Red-lored Amazon. I was wondering what kind of branch/stick I can give him for chewing. He loves to chip and pick at my wooden furniture, but he is destroying them! Any suggestions?

Anonymous - 2011-11-29
I just got a red front and he is aggressive. He won't let me hold him and rarely if he gets on me it's only for a few seconds. His cage he seems not to like movement and bite me when i do. He's about 10 years old he seems to like me went right up to me when I seen him for the first time and snuggled me .

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-11-29
    He was wherever and he picked you out for his companion. Then you bring him home and he is out to TRAIN YOU. Let him acclimate to the new home and feed him with your hand various treats - cheerios work good. Let him eat meals with you - give him his own little bowl and let him have dinner (or whatever with you). Try and think of him as a 3 year old child. His cage is his safe spot and they get very territorial about it and that will just take him time to learn that you are not breeching his territory for harm. Go slow and do as much holding as you can for now but learn your birds body language. Amazons are more independent and want attention when they want it. They are not cuddle for the most part but enjoy your company sitting close on their perch etc.
  • londa - 2013-12-22
    sounds like our bird accept we have had him for 8 years he lived with my nephew for his first 2
londa - 2013-12-22
bird is 10 years old doesn't let anyone handle him {use to} now only when he gets startled and flys off his cage he's really agressive always tries to bite He gets plenty of attention as wehave a busy household we are alwats greeting him but sometimes this bird is just crazy we have always been gentle with bird but don't understand why he's never been very friendly

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-12-26
    It could be that your home is so busy and full of distraction, that he may not really be to comfortable with any one person.
Helene Force - 2012-06-16
I have a red front amazon lord he is crazy and get's into alot of trouble runs around all day and plays has lots of toys and places to climb on he eats every meal with us and also has his food. I gave him the new round balls that are suppose to have all of the stuff he needs he won't eat it unless I put it with his regular seeds that he was brought up on. I also make him his own eggs with shells crushed up in it like I was told to do and got him that mix that you feed them from the store that you cook for them. He is very lean and the women that cuts his wings says he is too skinny does anyone no anything else that I can feed him to get a little weight gain on him? Please contact my email account if anyone has an idea thanks alot for your advise morgan really appreciates it.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-16
    You didn't mention how old your little fella was but it takes them about a year to year and a half to obtain solid body weight.  Nuts are high in fat content and will put on weight.  They are also good for them.  Almonds are an excellent source of Vitamin A.  A huge research center (ARBC) stated in a book they wrote that walnuts were the perfect source of food for parrots.  You have to crack them for him.  So I don't know his age but it sounds like you are feeding him well - You might add a few pellets - and things like peanut butter and a little honey on a cracker won't hurt.  he can eat anything you eat that is nutricious.  So skip the chocalate and avocado is toxic but if you have meatloaf and mashed potatoe - he can have some.  Amazons are not supposed to be havy but yes they should be solid.  You can always feel the breastbone though.
  • Helene Force - 2013-07-05
    Thank you very much for answering me I haven't been on the computer I broke my leg so it was hard for me to get around which morgan loved because I stayed with him constantly. When I was in the hospital for three days he wouldn't hardly eat but as soon as I got home he was in my mouth eating my food instead of in his bowl he was very stuck to me like glue for a few weeks. He is now 6 years old has put on a lot of weight but as you said you can always see his breast bone. He does seem skinnier then other red fronts but not that much he eats like a pig but I always have to stay with him and not even move out of my chair or he stops eating. He is way too attached to me. People get mad at me because I don't like to go anywhere for a full day because I'm afraid he won't eat right I guess if he gets hungry enough he will eat. I am going to bring him to another place in petsmart that has a vet in it and see what she says when I get his wings clipped. The way he runs around the house after me he probably runs all his weight off. Thanks for getting in touch with me, I will be on more often now.
sylvia leybourne - 2013-07-04
I have a red-lored amazon and she has been plucking her chest feathers out and she was a bred bird and she is about 5 - 6 years old. I could do with some help with her 2 get her feathers back in thanks.

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-07-09
    Birds usually pluck their feathers in response to stress, or because they are bored. Has she had a change in environment recently? Or anything else that could cause her to stress? If so, you will want to address those issues. Make sure she isn't in a really noisy area and you may want to try covering her cage at night (if you don't already). She may just be bored. Does she get out of her cage very often? Take her out often (at least once a day) and also change out her toys regularly so she has new toys to stimulate her. In the meantime, there are neck guards you can put on her to help keep her from plucking any new feathers coming in. You may need to take her to a vet to get one. Good luck!
jill oguin - 2012-11-30
Does anyone have a problem with there birds droppings smelling like urine any suggestions on how to get rid of the smell. I have another bird and its droppings do not smell.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-11-30
    There should not be any odor to a birds droppings.   There is usually something wrong if there is.  I would cut back on fruit if you are feeding him/her a lot of fruit.  If this doesn't work in 24 hours or you are not feeding him a lot of fruit, I would take a q-tip and take a swab of the droppings and take the bird and the droppings to the vet. 
  • Lynne - 2013-03-17
    Bird poo shouldn't smell.... ever. I think you need to get birdie to the vet...
Anonymous - 2012-10-21
About a month ago I got a 10 year old male from a friends sister in law.. She had only had him a few months. She said she got him a man who bought several birds from a breeder. He is very infatuated with me and I can pretty much do what ever to him so I'm assuming the breeder handled him to some degree. I have read up on how this breed is suppost to play with toys and like nice big cages but mine doesn't! He gets mad when I try to play with him and his toys and will not go near any toys I put in his cage! I have owned other breeds of birds and have never seen a bird soo not interested in toys! Is this something that may have been from him being owned by a breeder? I am also having a slight problem with him only bein loud on certain days, he will go to screaming if I leave the room, is there anything I can do to get him to stop?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-10-23
    The screaming - he is calling you to make sure you are there.  Usually it just takes calling back 'hey ____  I am here and be back in 10 minutes'

    He gets frightened when he can't see/hear you and just needs to know you are there.  Toys - he probably never had any.  I would introduce him to toys outside his cage and when he starts to play with one or is willing to play with one gradually put it in his cage.  I also start with some natural toys such as fruit tree branches he can chew up or toilet paper rolls.  You can also put in pine cones - just wash them off and microwave them for 45 seconds.  Have his cage (or perch) where you are - at least where you are the most.  Give him some additionally time to adjust and show him how to play with toys.  Put a towel and couple of toys on the sofa or floor and just roll a little ball or flip a popsicle stick etc.  Take a toy apart and play with the pieces with him.
  • Anonymous - 2012-10-28
    Thank u for your advise! I have started playin with toys to make him see they are okay and when he tries to play back I give him a treat.. Seems to be starting to work. I took him into a bird store and they told me he isn't 10 years old because his feet are still pink instead of white? Is there anyway I can find out his age by his appearance or maybe DNA blood work testing?
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-10-28
    You really can't accurately determine his/her age via DNA sexing.  Most breeders would be able to give you an approximation (young, middle age or old) via beak, feet feather coloring etc but it would be pretty much an approximation.
  • Anonymous - 2012-10-28
    Would u be able to maybe give me an approximation by pictures?
Sarah Mildred Landgraff - 2012-04-07
I have a 24 years young red lored named Billie whom I rescued from a very neglectful owner back in 2007. She is a wounderful bird even after years of neglect. She came with a couple health problems which required vet visits severel times a month. Even after years of no vet care, toys even food at sometimes, she is the biggest lover on earth. Loves to sing, talk, bathe and snuggle me and my husband. Billie is free flighted and flight trained to come when called and fly to 'her' perch on command. Some people 'trash' is anothers best friend for life. She is my best feathered friend.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-07
    I am happy for you. I think it is absolutely totally wonderful that you have found a treasure.
Robbie Dudley - 2010-08-26
I have a RED red laren. He is red except for the blue around his neck, we assume it's a he. His name is Billy Bob. Sometimes he gets moody. But most of the time he is loving. He talks quite well, especially when he wants one of us. He calls us by name. When we are leaving he says" I 'll be back!". He barks at the dogs. We keep his cage at the window, he sees the birds and whistles. He is a treasure.

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  • ELY - 2012-03-13
    How cute! Congratulations on youre new wonderful pet.
Sonia Rodriguez - 2011-10-15
I got my R-L-A since he was born i hand feed him, well i was the only one ever can touch him ever he is a lil bit of a talker , dont talk to much can only say few words. and all that is all good,i cant live with out my bird, on the last year i or we became homeless and ofcourse what he was used to now he had to get adapt to my friend well come to find out she is my best friend, more now is she is the only real friend i have. well sometime i go 2 ,3,4 days to go babysit or to do a side job, so i comeback his happy am happy,now my tito has creat a good relation with my friend darla and he let her scratch his head he goes on her sholder he flert with her we thing he got a lil crutch on her. but on the last week he attact ME if she in my room talking to me he chanch his voice and get her attention and if she goes and flert with tito, and i go near hin he will attact me , am not mad because she love my bird and he love her.make sad because i feel that he is mad at me for being homeless, he was to comfort at our place i feel so quilty, that my bird end hatting me, he is all i have.please help me with this he scratch lastnight for hours, and i dont find any probleams ,what can i do. if anything ever happen to me my best friend darla be the only person i will like tito to ever be with darla, am glad they got a good "realationship: i feel sad for tito bcuz darla cant help him if he is in love with darla , is really nothing she can do other then be nice to tito,he is 9 year old bird. (? the is to late to tito make love to another
bird? HELP