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   The Orange-winged Amazon is a charming, beautiful pet bird and a pretty good talker!
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krystal - 2011-12-11
i guess our biggest problem is my gramas bird peppi spent his whole life just about with chico grampas bird and a cockatoo he can be kind of a bully at times and i think its made peppi a very shy bird but if u seperate them they both get depressed. i dont know what to do chico never really hurts peppi he just pushes him around and sometimes off the cage but i dont think its good for him. do you think a cage with a removable panel to seperate them at least at night would be helpful? and do you know of any way i can encourage playful friendly behaviour?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-12-15
    If they have spent years like this - I would just let them spend more years like this. The macaw and the conure in my home get into pushing contest quite frequently. Is it play or fights, I am not sure but separat they will always go to the others cage. They find any which way to break into the others cage. They will sleep side by side. I try and think of two 3 year olds messing around - it helps. I'd just let them be and at night they probably don't even move around.
kay - 2011-06-17
My pet is the best. The good thing is that he loves me back and calls me by name.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-17
    My Panama Amazon (Peppy) would always yell "MA HELP" when he knew the kids were doing something they shouldn't. I think it is great to be able to talk to your pet.
Lauralee - 2010-10-28
hi, i got my OW in 2001, he was a baby, his name is bono (i named him after my favourite singer), he's been my best friend ever since. i dont keep him in a cage, last year he flew away and for a week i searched everywhere for him but a neighbour caught him and hid him from me claiming bono as his own, i now have him back and i promised myself never to tell anything ever happen to him... parrots arent just pets, they're little friends who comfort you and bring joy into our lives.

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  • Dmarie - 2010-11-14
    So glad you got him back! and I completely agree that they aren't just pets..they are family and should be treated as such. I am thinking about an O/W to my family. I have heard they are more laid back then other amazons.. Do you find this to be true?
  • Sharat ganta - 2011-01-10

    If you still have this parrot we are interested to adopt him.
    Please contact me with more details.
Henri - 2010-10-17
I forgot to ask if is possible to find how old my OW is? The pet shop man did not know my OW age.

Irwan Fahmy - 2009-12-05
I got my OW when I went to a pet shop. He was quite sad and I noticed that he has been in the pet shop for nearly 2 years. He just stayed on the perch, with chain. I felt pity and decided to buy the fella. He was quite aggressive and shy during the 1st day of arrival. After a month, he settled down well and allow me to scratch his head as well as taking food from my hands. He just a young bird and I suspect that he came from the wild. He is also socializing well with my other 3 Amazonz. Now I'm happy with Chip and I will take care of him for the rest of my life.

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  • Donna - 2010-03-30
    I got my OW from a seller on craigslist and I am glad that I did. I am certain that he would be dead now had I not. I don't think they ever handled him or they did something to him cuz he freaks out about hands. I must say though in the 7 months that I have had him he has made a lot of progress. However; I believe that due to his unfortunate surroundings ie...filth, roaches, lack of stimulation etc...He does not even know how to be an Amazon. He was sick but we have a wonderful avian vet that treated him and we can tell he is grateful. He does not know how to play with anything and I have tried everything. I even drove to NJ several times to the worlds largest bird store just for him. He acts as if he does not know how to hold onto anything, falls from perch quite often. Vet says there is nothing medically wrong. Can anyone offer some advice on how to turn him into a playful bird that knows how to walk across a perch or up/down cage without falling? Nothing would make me happier than to see him actually engage in something other than sleeping and eating. Except him talking of course, he only chirps like the parakeets he was caged beside for who knows how long. Please Help.
Lisa Haake - 2009-08-05
I got my OW from a friend of a friend whose girlfriend didn't like birds. I was told that he was probably around three years old. The owner had only had him for a year and had gotten him from a woman. He was very shy at first, but within a couple of days he let me scratch his head. I decided to trace his open band and discovered that he was illegally imported in 1983, so he's 26 years old. I have no idea how many owners he's had, but he must have been very lucky because I've now had him for only 2 months and he's the sweetest bird I've ever had. His name has changed multiple times I think and he wasn't actually named when I got him. So, I've named him Darwin and he loves to be with me and whistles and talks all the time. His talking, however, is impossible to understand. I know that he is talking some about airports, but I can't really understand anything else. Anyway, I love Darwin and I've promised him that he will live with our family the rest of his life.

shirley - 2009-07-27
I got my OW at a bird show in Orlando, Florida from a breeder of many different species. All her birds were sweet & gentle & friendly. Lolita was just finished being weaned & she is now 6 1/2 years old. She is the sweetest girl! She has never bitten anyone but me, once, when I made her do something she didnt want to do. She talks fairly well. Her favorite thing in the world to do is chew & destroy wood. I usually get her wooden bird houses from the craft dept. at Walmart & they are gone in 2 days. She loves being with me & will scream if she doesn't get out here fast enough. She was an awesome cuddling bud with my female Nanday Conure, Keiffer.(who was suppsoed to be my boy named after Keiffer Sutherland from The Lost Boys) But after 11 years of having him... she layed an egg. Keiffer was caged with my male Indian Ringneck & got along well with him too. But the OW was her favorite. Keiffer passed to the Rainbow Bridge on the 25th & both birds are not up to par yet. It's kind of quiet in the bird room. Quiet in our hearts too. She was 19 & was hatched with a deformed foot & 2 toes. Lolita loved grooming her. Lolita's appetite is not quite as much as it was. I am hoping this will pass & she will perk up. She's my girl!!! A perfect little Amazon.

kathy - 2009-05-28
was wondering how to go about rescueing or adopting a female OW if anyone knows of one thank you...........kathy

Karen Beard - 2009-04-08
I rescued a ow from a family that smoked really bad.. Nicky was over weight and could hardly get around without panting. I thought she was going to have a heart attack, when she flew a short distance she was out of breath and was panting really bad. I swear I could smell smoke on her breath. I have her on a diet and she has lost some of her weight and is able to get around her cage a lot better. She no longer pants and she seems to be happy just to breath fresh air. We have a conure but don't trust them together. I believe she enjoys the company. Nicky still doesn't like to be held but she does let us scratch her head. I just wish people wouldn't get birds without studying up on them first and if they didn't have time to spend with them don't bring them home, they deserve better.

CJB - 2008-12-05
I received a displaced OW Amazon when his owners had to move out of the country. He had been raised beautifully and is a happy boy. It took about 3-4 weeks for him to feel comfortable in the new environment, but once he was he just jumped in. The most interesting thing about him is that he has a specific scent that doesn't seem to be connected to anything outside or in his environment. He smells like flowers, and if he gets excited the smell gets stronger. I haven't found any reason for it, but it sure is nice, the dogs should learn something from him.
The sounds and words he knows are many and varied, its been 5 months and he still comes up with new phrases and sounds every week and he has me laughing at something he does at least once a day.