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   The Orange-winged Amazon is a charming, beautiful pet bird and a pretty good talker!
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David Buss - 2011-10-16
Just got our 3 month old OW today. He/she is so smart it only took 7 hrs to learn to put his head by my hand to scratch his neck[pin feathers]. Is a very loving bird and just wants to be near his flock.

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  • David Buss - 2011-10-21
    My baby is doing very well after just a few days. Fiji loves to perch on my hand or fingers and or play on my chest and stomach. He has many toys but loves his plastic fork the best. His foot coordination is getting very good and he loves to have his neck and cheeks rubbed [gently]. He lets me know when I rub to hard but has not drawn blood yet. LOL. He is very loving and I can tell he is going to make a great pet/companion.
  • Charlie Roche - 2011-10-22
    Amazons are great and the orange wing is one of the less tempermental ones. I like all amazons but find some are just more loving and cuddly than others. Orange Wing is one of them. It is so great to have a pet that will actually talk back 'at you'. My human would tell our Amazon (a panama named Peppy to be quiet) abd Peppy would say 'no no no' etc. He memorized much of the dialogue from watching the Nija Turtles on TV and some people came to the home and Peppy said 'drop your drawers, I have a pistol' It was clear. Enjoy and have fun and talk to her a lot. They talk - they learn - they love musicals and cartoons like Surf's Up and Ninja Turtles.
  • David Buss - 2012-04-17
    Update ,Fuji is doing great. She turned 9 months yesterday. Fuji says wow, hi ,pretty bird and green bean(her nick name). She has three room mates, all African Grays. They all have their own cages. Fuji is very vocal and loves to whistle and schreech when you ignore her. She is learning to control some of her temper, but we still love her.
john - 2012-09-01
Hi to all, I brought a Yellow Winged Amazon Parrot a week ago for US $350. I don't know if it's a male or female also her age. Anyhow she is eating apple and sunflower seeds and drinking water. But very moody only sleepy not making any sound. Her droppings was watery in green colour but now changed to white colour with little solid and watery. I started to teach up command but I don't know how much time I have to teach per day.   regards john

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-09-01
    Less fruit - the droppings don't sound normal.  Should be solid and green possibly with a little white around the green.  The poop should be solid though.  Could be fruit or if she is real lethargic - she could be ill.  I'd scoop up a little poop and take it to an avian vet.  Possibly a course of anitbiotics with an anti fungal might do the trcik or take the bird to an avian vet.  Training - try 15 minutes 2 - 3 times a day to start.  Then you can do longer as time passes which would include interaction and play time also.  Have fun with it.  Get some music going.  Put words to her actions and anything she comes in contact with.  'hey you want a sunflower?'   I would get a good seed mix with dehydrated fruits and vegetables.  I like Goldenfeast and using for 20 years and all are great.  Look it up on the Internet and you should be able to find a store near you or someone that can ship it to you.  Sunflower as a base is too fatty for an amazon.
Roshal - 2012-08-17
My birdie is a month old with us. I got him from the bird market as he was in a pathetic condition. He eats everything from fruits, vegetables, seeds and pulses. But I am concerned about his bad and strong body odour. I am also concerned about his feathers on his neck and below which are green but getting whitish. I give him bath once or twice a week with johnson baby shampoo but it doesnt help. What should I do.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-17
    DO not wash your bird - NO.  That is done only to rescue birds from oil slicks etc.  You can spritz your bird with plain luke warm water or with aloe bird bath.  Never ever shampoo.  You can even soak him down a bit but with plain water.  Usually if a bird smells funny - there is some sort of a fungal infection (possibly even a bacterial infection) goin on.  How are the 'poops'  They should look relatively solid dark green possibly with a very little amount of white around the darker green.  If liquidy, more white, funny color you have either fungal or bacterial going on.  If white droppings by the cloaca then bacterial and serious and you need a vet.  You say pathetic condition and smells - I would get him to an avain vet.
Melissa Ann Knapp Wilbur - 2012-05-23
I have a 5yr year old one wing amazon. I rescued him he lived in a parakeet cage for 4yrs he is my love my heart and he knows I rescued him. He was so mean when I got him now he follows me all over the house :)

Denzel - 2012-05-20
I have OW for about two weeks now and I believe she is 4 months old. She loves to screech and whistle and so far only says morning. She hates strangers and is very sweet. She comes out of her cage a lot and has a great time while out!!! She is a great pet I am glad we got her :)

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-05-20
    Yes, they make an excellent pet. They are normally timid around strangers. Don't foget to start with the 'step up' command so it will be used to you picking him up. Start putting words to things he does now. Step up, kiss, hug, pretty (and you can pull his wing out and say pretty), etc
Henri - 2010-10-17
I have just got a new bird orange winged amazon. He is with us for about 10 days and I am worried because he is not social and seems angry with us. He is aggressive even when I try to change his food or water. Will he act like other parrots? What can I do to make him feel comfortable and safe? It has been told to us that he is a wild bird.

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  • Karen - 2011-02-01
    Dear Henri, I hope by now your OW is more social to you. I had a wild African Grey many years ago and it took some time for the Grey to be comfortable around my former husband and me - even so, the Grey become more bonded to my former husband since it was him who played with him where I was the Grey's housekeeper, cleaning and feeding him/her most of the time. I think with the more interaction you have with your OW, over time he/she will become a great companion for you!
  • CATHY - 2012-04-16
    Hi I got an orange wing too , and when they showed me his personality it was so sweet. Then he growled at me when I tried to get him off his perch,, but this is a bluff! ! They will get on a stick then your finger , they are not turning on you. They just all need a stick to get up on first I dont know why but that they way the are! ! And the scream was a big shock! ! I didnt know a parrot could be so loud! ! And I got him from a rescue place. When you're not happy you bring them back an lose all your money! ! Cant resell! ! What a jipped! ! ! But he doesnt scream after they get comfy in your home. I have a sports whistle that I blow in when he screamed and he stoped or I leave around 5 o'clock he screamed 4 times and thats all , so he a sweetie doesn't bite so I feel sorry for parrotts that go to people that don't know how loud they can be only to get stuffed in a closet or worse. Sell him if your not happy! ! ! Change water often cause they dunk their food! ! !
Jackie Bowers - 2012-03-09
After taking my OW parrot Punkin' to 2 vets and writing in to 'ask a vet' I am still at a loss. Punkin shakes his head (flinches) about every 5-10 seconds at times mostly at night. They don't feel that these are seizures because they would last longer. I have checked his diet and it seems to be fine. He talks and plays and eats and the vet says they just don't seem concerned at this point. It seems to be when he tries to fall asleep that this happens. Has anyone out there have a clue to what is going on or if their bird has done this? Thanks

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-03-09
    He might just do this. Birds sometimes have peculiar mannerisms just like people. Is there anything that would 'tickle him' such as a fan or blower by the cage at night that would sorta take air across the top of his head? Probably just a mannerism and not long enough for seizures and mostly at night. Mannerism. Had a bird who always slept with one claw up his nostril. Another bird that clicked - I mean would click for prolonged times.
Rain - 2006-02-16
Our OW amazon is called Bubba and we have had him for just over a year. He is now a year and a half old and makes us laugh all the time. He is the most loveable pet you could ever wish for and is deeply dedicated and loyal to my boyfriend and I. He loves to roll on his back and have a fight with our fingers, he loves to imitate us laughing and even laughs when he is having a fight! He likes nothing better than walking under our duvet cover and trying to nest....I think it is because it is so warm under there. He seems to love dark places and always tries to climb under the computer desk. He does not talk all that much but more than makes up for it with bizarre noises and imitations. He loves having kisses and cuddles with us...we can even stroke him when he is lying on his back! I would highly recommend OW amazons as pets...they are awesome and so funny! Never a dull day when Bubba is around!

jadon hooper - 2008-11-06
I got my OW parrot 18 years ago. Does anyone think that is too long to have a parrot? Should I take her to a parrot zoo to be with other parrots and better enviroment?

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  • monique swartz - 2010-02-28
    if you get rid of the bird, know that the parrot got used to your voice and your senses.
  • Usako - 2010-04-29
    No, your parrot is bonded to you and would miss you very much if you did that. Parrots are for life, 18 years is nothing.
  • barb - 2010-12-03
    You should own your baby until it dies, if possible. Your baby should be just like a kid, would you get rid of your child once they turn 18, no. If she/he is happy and healthy, keep it. Don't get rid of it because of age. These birds can live into their 40"s, 50"s or longer.
  • Robert Tilton - 2011-05-11
    I've read somewhere that orange winged amazons can live about 35 years, I've had mine for 26 years years. The separation from you and putting the bird in a new envirionment would be very stressful for the bird.
  • Kristen - 2012-02-04
    Jadon, if you love and are happy with your bird, why would you give her away? Especially if she loves you back. It may be the worst thing you can do to your bird. These birds require a life-long commitment. They are flock birds and choose life-long mates. If there is a bond between you and your bird, don't do it unless absolutley necessary. You could ultimatley break her heart.
  • Rebecca Nyerges - 2012-02-20
    Orange wings live 60+ years if well cared for. I was just given a orange wing and he is great:) If you get rid of a older bird its best to try to give it to a person that will give it attention its used too...
Tinga - 2011-12-11
My brother has just bought me an OW after I mentioned wanting a parrot. He was bought from a bird breeder and we were given a certificate saying his hatching date as 15th July 2011. I have him home and I love him to pieces, but I'm unsure on how to tame him! I'm worried that he hasn't eaten since he arrived which was 48 hours ago. He also 'twitches' and panics, flapping away when ever I put my hand any where near him. I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice as I've never had a bird/parrot as a pet before. Thanks

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2011-12-11
    Well, first, give him some time to acclimate to his new environment. If he only arrived 48 hours ago I am sure he is still getting used to his surroundings and to the new people. I would talk to him daily when feeding him and in another couple days start approaching him again. Try offering him food and approach him with your hand very slowly. If he was hand-fed as a baby he will probably warm up to you pretty fast. Here is a guideline on taming an Amazon parrot for a little more information: Amazon Parrot Care, Handling and Training
  • David Buss - 2011-12-22
    I have an OW hatched July 12 2011. Figi was hand raised by a very good breeder who we knew. I was able to see and play with Figi from about 2 weeks old. You should contact the breeder and find out what they fed him and go with that. You can later introduce other approved foods. Don't worry once he gets use to you, or his new suroundings you can use food treats and a calm voice and he should come around. Figi loves to have his/her head/cheeks/chin scratched. The best thing you can do is talk to him and move slowly till he lets you handle him at will. You are in for a lot of fun and a friend for life.