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   The Mealy Amazon, one of the largest amazon parrots, is the gentlest and calmest of the group!
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Renetta Spalek - 2006-07-29
I just got my Mealy amazon parrot last night, His name is Herby, and he is already a character, I just can't believe he is so gentle with me and my husband.

Pamela - 2006-02-28
Thank You for the information on the Mealy amazon. I have a beautiful girl BabyDoll. she is three and I have had her for almost two years, not much information available on Mealy Amazons. She is very sweet and beautiful and undemanding. She loves to eat. thank You

Bill Schake - 2005-12-25
Scoopers was rescued from a breeder that had her paired with another female for a decade or more. Her lower jaw was broken earlier in life but she does very well despite the offset. She is the sweetest most gregarious amazon I've ever seen.

Las Vegas, NV

Felicia Glace - 2005-11-30
They bite very hard ours talks but very little

tod rosienski - 2005-11-04
oliver is one of the best things in our life. its a privilige to be able to have him as a family member. lets keep up the species to help with mortality. just think he is a rapter that could go out of extinction in the wild if not taken in concern. rosienski mass.