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   The Lilacine Amazon is a type of Red-lored Amazon... one of the sweet, easy going Amazons!
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James M. - 2006-08-23
My buddy Sneaky the Lilacine Amazon is a great friend. He is a little over a year old and is a great family member. Sneaky can say a few words and seems to know when to say certain ones. When anyone comes in the door he almost always says, "hellooooo!" When he wants more attention he says, "Step up!" And he has a great laugh that makes me laugh. When we first got him he would bite but now it is very rare. He likes to play and is happy to just sit on your arm. We also have a Blue & Gold Macaw and a Senegal Parrot and they are great friends, but I have to admit that Sneaky the Lalacine is my favorite.

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  • Renee Devera - 2011-04-28
    I've had birds for 25 years. I currently have 5 different species of amazons and I have never heard of this species. I'd love to know more about them and locate breeders that I could consult with. Do you have any suggestions?