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   The pretty Red-crowned Amazon is one of the most agreeable of the Amazon Parrots!
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Louie Aguilar - 2006-03-22
Well, we were blessed with Manolo, our Mexican Red-Crown Amazon, almost two years ago. Originally, he was with my cousin and her husband who had him for 6 mos. They caught him flying around their neighborhood. They gave him to me, since they did not have the time for him, and felt he would be better in my care. With a lot of patience, Manolo came around and allows me and my partner to handle him. He seems to prefer males, as opposed to females. I estimate that Manolo is probably less than 3 years old. He doesn't talk yet, but loves to mimick our flock of cockatiels. He is the sweetest bird who lives for scritches. I love their sweet smell!

Carmen Perez - 2005-12-08
I've had my Mexican Red Head for over 30 years. I call him Tony Baloney and he's from Guadalajara. He doesn't talk much, but whistles and makes cute sounds. I'm the only one that can play with him. My husband is patient and tries though! Very loud when he want's attention! I love him to pieces! He loves apples,carrots,corn and beans along with his seeds and nuts.

joe sandoval - 2005-11-07
i also have a GreenCheekAmazon. ive had him for 19 years his name is simon. im the only one that can pet him everyone else he will bite. he talks and waves his foot and says hi. he is bilingual (spanish and english words).

renee - 2005-09-29
I have a Blue- Cheek "Mexican Red Head" Amazon his name is Pee Wee.
Pee Wee says things like "Oh Boy!" when you are having a good conversation. He says "Hello!" all day. He also calls me mom! I have
had Pee Wee for 4yrs and he is my life. Renee (San Antonio, Tx.)

YVETTE - 2005-06-27
I have a 1 yr green cheek. She is just starting to talk. She screams when you leave the room unless you tell her good-bye. Which is what I tell her everyday when I leave for work. I am still working with her an a better contact call. but she is my baby so we deal with it.

geri - 2004-12-18
I bought a green cheek today for our family..she is 6 months old and very sweet...she crys like a cat...we got rid of our cats and now we have a bird that sounds like one....i hope she will be a great talker...we will love and spend lots of time with her

Judy Cox - 2004-10-26
I too rescued a young red cheek from a "bag lady peddler" type of woman. She had him in a dish drain covered with screen. The bird could not stand up to see his size. I fell in love when he said "hello" to me. The bird did not have all the colors covering the face and head so I assumed the bird was young. When I realized the bird ate with the foot holdng the peanut I knew the bird was
awesome. I called him Jimbo after my husband Jim. He loves mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, chicken legs and especially pizza. He is my friend forever and goes to no-one but me, so he will be mine for
ever, 6-years now and going. It would be a good idea to give yours lots of love. I hear they are near extinction for lack of breeding. Keep in touch. JC

Brandy - 2004-05-30
I have rescued three Green Cheeked Amazons, they were only a few days old when my husband found them at work. He thought they had died so he left them alone, they next day they were still alive and the parents were nowhere in sight. He brought them home and we have saved their little lives. They are going on 4 weeks old now. This is my first experience with hand feeding birds. Actually these are our first pets! If anyone else has had experience raising these types of Amazons I would love to communicate. I have some questions that concern me about their behavior. A few times in the morning they will hiss at me and snap. Maybe they are hungry. Feedings stop at 9:30pm until 6:00am. Or maybe they are scared. Who knows. They are very lovable and love to have their heads rubbed. I am now teaching them how to perch, soon will start weaning foods and moving them into a cage. Anyone with advice or experience can email me at

Darlene - 2004-02-16
I have a lilac crowned amazon he is a 4 to 5 yr old male. He talks and etc. He is a beauiful bird.

Reid Welch, Miami Fl - 2003-08-20
Seeing this picture reminds me of my first parrot- obtained in 1968 when I was 14 years old. What a great friend, wonderful pet it was! Certainly it was a captured bird, and had spent time on a farm in its native land. It never talked a word, but had a full repetoire of farm animal sounds, from "quack" to rooster crows, dog barking, cow mooing, etc. I had the great imagination (not!) to name the bird Quack. He needed no training, but was tame from day one. Would lay on his back in my hand, ride the handle bars of my bicycle, "read" books with me, obligingly puncturing the right front corner of each page as turned. With Quack I never needed a bookmarker! His attempts at human speech were mumbles more than articulations. The bird had a built-in clock. He ONLY screamed when he knew I was due home from school. Often, as I walked the last block to home that was when the bird set up his raucous scream- to be let out of the cage and be with me.