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   The pretty Red-crowned Amazon is one of the most agreeable of the Amazon Parrots!
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BJ - 2009-08-24
For Lolita's Mom -- we would certainly be interested in caring for your bird when the time comes. We have a red-headed Amazon and obtained him in much the same way you did... email us at -- we live in the Kansas City area. We have many other birds we have adopted as well. Thanks, BJ & Tom

Misty Pollard - 2008-05-03
My boyfriend and I have a Mexican Red Head parrot. His name is Chico. He is a very loving bird to myself. But when it comes to my boyfriend, Chico will allow him to pick him up but then quickly flies back to his cage. However when I pick Chico up he will let me pet him on his back, pokes holes in my shirt with his beak, groom me by running his beak through my hair, and climbs up to my shoulder. He says, "What?" which I think he gets from me asking him, "what are you doing?" Chico also coos like a dove and chatters like he is trying to say something but it isn't legible. We got Chico from a couple that never had time to spend with him. They kept him locked in his cage and wouldn't let him on their shoulder. When We brought Chico home he was very shy at first and ran away when we tried to pick him up. Now he loves to perch and sleep on top of his cage. I never close him up unless he gets into one of his flying moods or we have alot of people over. When I come home from work and don't greet him he will let me know he wants attention by flying to thw kitchen window or flying into my bedroom. He is like a different bird than when we first got him. We have had him for a year now, he is around four years old. We love him very much and look forward to being with him for many more years. Origionally Chico was suspose to be my boyfriends bird but has bonded with me instead.

Marie - 2007-09-28
Rio is my Red Head Amazon. He is 13 yrs old. He loves showers and the spray bottle, whistles to part of that mayberry song from years ago, kisses, talks up a storm like 'pretty boy' and 'good boy', and makes meow sounds. He says outside/Rio Rio Rio and then sometimes he will sound like a male and then change to a female voice, especially when my sweetie is here and we get into a conversation. He joins in with all kinds of jibberish, like he is having a conversation with us. When I get home from work he wants to be with me 24/7. He hangs out with our two cats and our dog during the day, flies around the house, and loves being on the porch listening to the other birds. He stays out of his cage most of the time. The only time he screams is when he sees a stranger walking down the street. The whole neighborhood can hear him (alert). The best watch bird I've ever had, even better than our dog! He is greatly loved and will be spoiled rotten for many more years to come! E LOVE OUR RIO...

Trevor - 2007-07-12
I just inhereted one of these birds from my father-in-law. The bird's name is Diablo, and he is roughly 50 years old. My father-in-law got him when he was 8 years old, and they don't know how old the bird was before that! He's sorta crabby, but he's a member of the family! He hates women for some reason...crazy old bird! Just goes to show that these birds ARE a lifelong commitment. Cheers!

Anonymous - 2007-04-19
yeah did you know that these parrots, there's only about 3000 to 5000 left in the wild.

kathy - 2006-10-19
I've had a Mexican Red Head (or Green Cheek) Amazon for 3 months now. Paco was 15 weeks old when I brought him home. He's already developed quite a vocabulary!! I have 8 other birds and he's adapted well to them and they to him. He definitely prefers females to males, but he will allow my husband to pick him up. He loves to "hang out" with me, no matter what I'm doing. I like to make bird toys for my birds and I have a large plastic bin that I keep the supplies stored in. When I bring the bin up from the basement, Paco knows what I'm going to be doing for the next few hours and wants to "help" too. He sits on the edge of the bin and pokes through all the wood pieces, rawhide strips and bells, as if he's the Quality Control Manager! He loves to take showers! When he's in the shower, he flaps his wings like mad and vocalizes at the top of his lungs. I'm looking forward to many happy years with this dear bird.

Peg - 2006-08-29
We have had our Red Crowned Amazon for almost 30 years. She's quite the lady, although she never was fond of being handled. She was a caught bird, so we never really pushed her. Our Jackie will get on our finger, ride on our shoulders, and give kisses. She had a cage mate, that was a nanday conure for 15 years until he had a stroke and we had to put him to rest. But she adjusted well because we also had a Greater Patagonian, and she liked him too, and they share the cage. Our Groucho is also nearing 30 yrs. old. We also have a Pied Dove, Pywacket, not in the same cage. He is 18 yrs old. We had 2 large dogs that grew up with our birds. When we had to put our Sadie to rest our birds didn't eat well or rest well. But, they adjusted because we still had our first dog, Annie. But, when Annie was put to rest, all 3 birds went into mourning. It took 3 months of vet visits and medicine before they started to get better. They weren't eating, or making their noises, nothing. It took almost 10 months for Groucho to start talking again. It took even longer for him to bark and say "Come here", that is how he would call our girls. Animals do mourn!!! So watch all your pets when there is an absence of a human or another pet in your house for any reason!

todd campbell - 2006-04-24
I have two Green-Cheeked amazons, Lalo and Paco. Although, judging by their behaviour(it's spring time)now I think now that Lalo is really a girl so I need to call her something else. I am going to get a nesting box just in case. I teach in Mexico and got the birds from a student so I don't know what sex they are. Lalo is the more affectionate of the two. Paco, much like Lolita of the first writer's comment, likes to laugh at me after nipping. I thought that he was the only bird to do that. They both let us know when it's time for dinner by yelling "Karla" (my wife, but the interesting thing is that I am the one that feeds them! They have an array of whistles and say "hello", "cotorro", "cotorrito","Karla" and chatter in a way that is distinctly un-parrot but not really understandable as either Spanish or English.

Marissa - 2006-04-21
i have a mexican red head, his name is binkey. he is 12 years old. he likes sunflower seeds and he likes it if you pet him only if you know him really good. he knows how to say alot of words. i love him lots. from marissa

Doug - 2006-03-25
We had a Green Cheeked Amazon given to us about eight years ago. We think he is about 18 years old now. His name is Jerry. He does talk a little. He says Hello, Hi Bud, Hi Jerry. His favorite things to mimick is a rooster crow, clucks like a chicken, cries like a baby, complete with sniffles in between. He is our watch bird sitting in our front window. We always know when someone walks by the house and he lets us know when someone comes into the yard. He loves to have his neck scratched and will cuddle up in my hand and let me pet him. We have to be very careful when we have company because he gets very jealous and will attack someone who hugs my wife. I take him to the school and he loves to show off and make sure he is the center of attention. He is a great pet and a lot of fun.