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   The pretty Red-crowned Amazon is one of the most agreeable of the Amazon Parrots!
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Bre - 2014-04-23
My mother owns a mexican red head amazon parrot and he is an amazing bird. He never stops talking and when you give him a shower he screams ow and stop. He loves popcorn and bread. He is not just a bird, he is family.

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  • Gail Goode - 2014-08-13
    My first Amazon Parrot was given to me by a boyfriend 37 years ago when he was two years old. So that makes him approx 40 yrs. I had many Amazon's , but he was the best of all. Super social , went to everyone and a fair talker. I just recently read that the Bird was on the endangered list !! Just trying to confirm!
Elizabeth Mosley - 2014-01-02
I have had mine for almost 35 years 'Paco' He was confiscated at the boarder then put in quarantine and then sold, so he is sort of a rescue bird. He has a beautiful large cage that is near a nice large window with a mirror and also likes to sit in my master bath, as I have a perch there for him too. I just love him. He is also in full flight as I feel that is the one thing they have going for them is to fly, so I did not want to take that away from him. He has 3 perches he lands on and is quite good. I only let him out of his “5 level condo” when I am home by myself. In the past two or three years he is getting yellow feathers scattered around his neck area and I do not know what that means. This past year even more. Does anyone else have issues like this and is it just age, like grey hair? :) I give him seeds ( a mixture I create myself), apples, grapes, carrots, celery and on occasion cheese and cooked eggs. He loves walnuts and gets one every other day too. And an almond about 3 times a week. I was just talking with a friend who has a small bird and she think it might be his liver??? I pray Paco is okay. I just thought he was getting more handsome. Thanks!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-01-04
    Nutritional problems have been known to cause feather color changes in parrots. Also a derangement of the metabolism or a disruption to the nutrition of a bird during the time when feathers are being formed can cause color change and can also affect the quality of feathers. With a corrected diet, it will molt back to its original coloration.

    Although Amazon parrots eat many seeds in the wild, in captivity a seed-based diet is not recommended because this allows the pet bird to select an imbalanced diet. A better solutions is a formulated diets (pellets or crumbles) making up about 75% of its food, because this type of diet provides a more complete, balanced nutrition. Dark leafy greens, vegetables, and fruits can make up about 20-25% of the diet. Treats should be limited to about 5%.

    Discolored feathers can also be due to a malnutition or liver disease. Cockatiels for example, have been known to develop bright yellow feathers with a severe liver disease, caused by fatty liver syndrome (hepatic lipidosis). Certain viruses can also cause abnormal feathers; however, this is not a common occurrence.
Chet Bacon - 2013-04-10
We've had ours for over 40 years now - some parrots like to be placed next to a window so it keeps them looking at things and quiet. Others like to be covered, not ours. After 40 years we are beginning to wonder who will outlive who! We give him people food, steak and potatoes, green peas are a favorite, nuts in the shell, his home has very course abrasive paper on it to keep his nails and beak trimmed. He is quite the bird! So keep yours amused and not bored they should quiet down. We'd love to have another one but they are hard to find. We got ours cage and all for $100 back in 1971!

Amanda - 2012-04-15

I have a red headed amazon bird named Tupac (7 years old), as a favor to my dear sister, who is in between homes and cannot have a bird. I stepped up to take care of Tupac, (in which, I love to death). I have always been his favorite, due to the attention I give him. He thinks I am his mate, and clearly protects me to the fullest.

My issue is: my sister was stuck with him through her ex boyfriend, who just didn't want or understand the life long commitment a bird requires. My sister took him in and we've cared for him ever since (past tense, when we both lived at home with mom). Now I have him in my apartment building, just as a favor to my sister. My sister can't give him the care and attention he needs, as well as I can't either. She doesn't have the heart to come to terms with finding a home for Tupac. Whether it's now, or 3 years from now, I am realistic in what's to happen.

I just need some advice on where is the best place to bring him, (when it's time to give him up). I will literally kill myself if I gave him to someone who mistreated him, or neglected him. I spoke to some pet stores, but my gutt is telling me, that's not the right home for him.

If I had my own house, I swear I would let him stay with me for life, but I don't and my poor boyfriend is suffering also. He is not a fan of birds and for me, he is trying to build a relationship with Tupac, but it just not working. I also have gotten 2 noise complaints due to my ill Tupac squawking (I dont even know if I am allowed to have a bird in my building). My boyfriend and I both work long hours and we dont have the time to give him the attention he needs. The second I get home, I give him 2 hours of attention, before I go to bed. I know that's not a lot, but I honestly can say I am doing the best I can.

Any comments or suggesting will help.

Amanda and Tupac

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-16
    Hard one - I am really not keen on a pet store either except for a couple I know which I know are GREAT. You can place an ad in the paper and then meet the person that TUPAC will find a new home with. My concern here is his attachment to you, as he just might not go to another person and allow himself to be handled by a stranger. Again, I do not know where you live but TUPAC can get married. There are many excellent breeders that do look for single birds and will house and find a mate for your TUPAC. There aqre also sanctuaries - some good and some not great at all. Where do you live - just the state? 1. person purchases Tupac 2. You give Tupac to a breeder in matrimony 3. Santuary - which would get him used to other people and they place with homes.
  • Jane and don Trunkey - 2012-05-02
    Hello. We have a female. Red crested amazon that would love a mate!!she is about 25. And is twitipating. Now that is a spring!! Can we get together. Near Portland Org.
  • Amanda - 2012-07-02
    Dear Mr. Roche, I did not get any email notification that you responded to my posting a while back, but thank you so much. I appreciate your suggestions and I like what you’re saying (by the way, I live in Queens, New York). If you can kindly direct me in any way to places in the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania area that would be a trustworthy place to bring him- that would mean a lot to me. Tupac is EXTREMELY attached to me, however, he loves 'all eyes on him” type of attention, so him getting used to someone else i personally don’t think that would be a huge issue- For example: If there are 5 people in a room Tupac will not be satisfied, until every single person has acknowledged him and he gets passed around from person to person. LOL I never heard of birds getting married? Over all, if Tupac is happy I am just about willing to do whatever I have to do to make sure he gets the best life that he deserves. He is a really special bird and I hate that this is our situation. It is a horrible feeling to love him so much, but not be able to give him what he needs. Truly breaks my heart! Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Amanda
christy hall - 2012-04-11
I have a 11yr old green cheeked amazon we named Tucker. We got her from a pet shop that had got her from a breeder. We don't know how many homes she's had. She was in a tiny cage with one perch and no toys. We got her a huge cage and a lot of perches a swing and some toys. She will not play at all or come out of her cage. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get her to play? She loves fresh fruits and veggies. Sweet potatoes, grapes and apples are her favorites. She's beautiful and sweet very quiet loves for us to talk to her and loves her baths. I just dont know about the playing. thanks

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-11
    My guess is she probably never had toys (or sure not for a long time) and she is pretty much cage bound. She is afraid to come out of her cage. Put a screw on perch on the outside of the cage by the door. Put a screw on food type bowl by that perch. Put her favorite foods in that food bowl. All she has to do is just sorta sneak out and around the door to sit on that perch and she gets her favorite. Stuff. Let it be like that for a week or more - untill you can see she is relaxed and eager to eat that good stuff. Then move the perch and the bowl just a few inches at a time - finally to the top of the door - going up toward the top of the cage. On the other side of the perch (ouside the door but maybe 3 - 4 inches away from the perch) place a toy. First thing is to get her out of the cage. The foods she likes should accomplish that. Talk to her - sing, dance, act funny etc. She will learn by your antics to start and play. She might be 11 years old - but she is really 3 years old dressed in a feather suit. So be a nut, have fun, sing and dance. You play with the toy. You play with any toy. Play with a ball, play with a bell, toss the bell, have fun with it. Play with a pine cone. Take a pine cone, put it in the microwave for 30 seconds, take it out and put peanut butter or nohey on it. Yes, it will be messy but she will play with it. So get her out of the cage with the screw on perch and a screw on food bowl and her favorite foods. Be patient. Then show her how to play. Sounds nuts but if she is a typical 3 year old - then you play like a 3 year old. OK? Let me know how you do. The idea obviously is to have her do the 'UP' but if you get her OUT of the cage and you get her to play, I don't think you will have an 'UP' problem.
phil - 2006-04-09
My Mexican Red Head is named Lolita...and when meeting someone for the first time the way I know if she likes that person is this: She will introduce herself if she feels like this new person will be interesting. She softly says "Lolita," then loudly says "LO-LEEEE-TA." She is an escapee from hurricane Opal in 1995, and I called her down from a tree then. I never found her real owner, so she has been ours since. She will be 13 this coming December, according to her hatch date on her band. She absolutely runs the house, calling "Momma" to help her. If no answer, she hollers "MOMMA !" at the top of her lungs until Momma responds. She loves to party, the more people the merrier. We think the world of her, but I do not recommend them to anyone who is not experienced with Amazons. they can be demanding, especially in the morning when breakfast time comes around, and in the evening when it is Happy Hour Time. Then she really shines, tearing up newspaper on the table and playing "Fetch" with her Mom. She throws a ball (with holes in it) and tells Mom to "fetch, Mom." She actually laughs at her, appropriately.

Penny - 2008-08-03
I just lost my Green Cheeked Amazon, Polly after being owned by him for 24 years....He was 51 as far as I know. He was supposed to be 26 when we got him. I am still in major grief mode as you can imagine. I don't know how I will fill the void. I do not plan to get another bird as I'm in my 60's and would not want to leave the bird behind. It's very nice to read comments about all you people who have parrots and love them well as I did my Polly. He died peacefully in my loving hands. Just wanted to share with someone.
Valier, Mt.

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  • Mark - 2010-10-09
    I have a green cheeked Amazon named Chloe and he is 15 years old. I bought him from a pet store when he was still being hand fed. Chloe was raised on a Kaytee pelleted diet. When I get food for him and start to bring him food he was say "go ahead" as if approving. He coughs when someone coughs and says " hurry up get your clothes on the bus is ready "quite a bit. He also likes to call out random names of people. With eyes flaring he will often reach out to try and bite strangers that visit all the while laughing at every attempt. He has been a very good pet and as far as amazon parrots go hes Id say better behaved and somewhat quieter than some Ive had. Hes very protective of me and acts like a guard dog against any else that comes near me when he is out of his cage. At 15 he is well feathered and healthy and still talks and chatters quite a bit. However I would say hes toned it down a bit not quite the chatterbox he was when he was 5. Hes been a very good pet and I will never part with him although I would have liked to have gotten him a mate by now I'm not so sure he would handle that as well he would have years ago. Chloe is one of a kind for sure.. always watching me to see what I'm going to say or do as if he already knows. I tell him everyday that I love him and he watches and listens and moves closer to me. Thank you to all for your stories of your pet birds that inclined me to say something myself.
Phil Berry - 2009-02-12
Our Green Cheeked Amazon (Mexican Red Head) is a female named Lolita. I found her in a tree after a hurricane in 1995. She came to me immediately. I had no cage and no experience, but since she was banded, I thought it would be no problem at all to find her owner. DUH! The band contains breeder-specific information only. Suddenly I was owned by a Parrot. I bought books (pre-internet) and asked questions. I am fortunate enough to know a couple who own a pet store and specialize in large birds. They have always been a great help. Fast forward some 13 years + and we are still a happy flock. She loves her "Momma," who does nothing to maintain her save fixing her breakfast, while I get a whistle, although a special one. Over the years she has won five awards, including most social bird, at the Cinco de Mayo celebrations in May. Everyone loves her ----- except my three children, six grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. Today is my 70th birthday. Do the math and you will see I am entering the desperate age. Someone who will love her and give her a good home has to appear on the horizon soon. Oh, she has a hatch date (we think) of December, 1993, making her 15 +. She has 40 to 60 years ahead of her yet. We are keeping this in mind, but until necessary she is our baby. She insists we sit with her every night from about 6 to 8 PM for her "flock hour."

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  • Rose Marie - 2010-07-05
    We have a Mexican Red head, we think its a boy, his name is Marvin, he's about 7 yrs. I know what you mean by getting attached, We have spent about $4,000.00 on him when he got sick. He has been from California to Mo., Mt.Rushmore, Grand Canyons, Utah, red woods, sitting on my husbands shoulder. He says, Hello, want an apple,whistles a tone and can give a wolf call, and a lot more. IF you need someone, give us a call
  • Marie - 2010-12-21
    I am curious, have you find a nice home for your bird? I do have one and I love that bird.

Barb, IA - 2009-02-02
We have had Oliver, a (Green Cheek) Red Headed Amazon for 40 years. Oliver was purchased at a dimestore by my mother as a birthday present for my dad. Little did we know that we would still have him today! Ollie outlived dad, four dogs and a cat. He dearly loves my mother and will say hello to her immediately. Oliver also loves my husband and bonded with him years ago when we visited my parents, so it came as no surprise that when we took mom and Oliver home to live with us, Ollie started singing and whistling with my husband as loud or high pitched as he could to show he was his buddy. As a matter of fact, my husband is the only one that can open up the cage and play with his feathers without getting bit. I can only pet his head when we are alone but I don't dare open the cage and put my hand in there. He has forgotten some things he used to say as a young bird but has introduced new sounds instead. He used to sing the birthday song but now only one line of it. He can vocalize arpeggios but only going up the scale, says,
"Hello there", "Hi Oll",("Bye bye"- When we grab our keys or put our coat on), makes a drinking sound, seeds sound going into his cup, silverware scratching on plate sound, a special sound my dad taught him to make when we ask him if he likes what we put in his cup- his eyes also turn bright orange when he shows he likes something too.He can say "night-night" but used to say "night, night, turn out the light" so he has actually shortened his word phrases. He loves oatmeal with milk, fresh or cooked green beans-so he can take out the seeds, corn on the cob, potatoes and butter, chicken leg bones to tear apart, orange and apple slices, raspberries, carrots to tear apart, most nuts. He loves to hold walnuts and pecans in his claw. Big striped sunflower seeds are a necessity everyday. His eyes are always watching you even if he is resting, he doesn't miss a meal or a snack because he knows when the cabinet opens that's where the nuts are! I try to feed him first because he will scream till he gets fed or if we cover him up he will still yell. He gets put in the back bedroom when he can't be quiet when we have alot of company. Oliver loves a good argument. If I raise my voice to talk he does too. If my husband and I are having a conversation he joins in too. If I whisper he talks softly like a little bird cooing.
He used to come out of the cage and stand on top but now is afraid to come out even if the door is open.
He says "hello there" to strange cats and dogs that come to visit. I think he's really frightened but showing he's the boss. When I vacuum he takes a bath in his water cup so I put fresh warm water in there before I begin when I remember to do so.
We cover him on three sides to keep him warm all year round and I make a tent for him when he takes naps. At night he get covered completely and by blankets if its cold. We move the cage around the house so he can be with me or mom during the day. He is afraid of being left by a window or door. I think he's afraid of other birds flying by. But if my husband is outside he loves to watch him. Talk about high maintenance! I know we are programmed by this bird but we're used to it!!! We wouldn't trade him for anything in the world.

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  • Heather - Michigan - 2010-07-11
    You're not alone Barb our Jewels is the same way except he is the king of the castle here at our home if the cats act up he will swoop down at them and peck them on the head or if my kids argue with me he starts in to get his two sense in. He loves to take showers with my husband and like yours allows him to do whatever he wants to him but only allows me to touch his head. He loves to talk and if we are in another room he will start to yell all our names on after another until he gets someones attention he will even call the dog.
  • kamyab - 2010-08-15
    I have an orange winged amazon he is going to be 2 years old soon. We bought him at a pet shop when I went to buy a african grey but (ow) the amazon was so cute and quit sitting at the back of it's cage that i bought her she is very nice let's me pet her most places except from the leg and the wrist band on her leg is getting tight wat do i do?
C. Strals - 2009-11-23
We have a Green cheek amazon, his name is Jo-Jo, atleast we think he's male. We got him when he was almost six and now its sixteen years later. He's a great talker, although he used to mimic more when we first got him. He just loves to talk on the phone which is hilarious. He's a part of the family now. We used to have a friend for him but she flew away when we first got them. He grew up with my children and we love him.