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Double Yellow-Headed Amazons are excellent talkers and frequently sing very well too!
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Ryan Horstmann - 2005-05-09
Hi, I just got a double yellow amazon about a month ago... I work at a pet store and raised the bird from a baby and had never heard him talk or anything. In the month I have had him, he has learned 20+ different words and the complete "Adams Family" whistle. These birds are very vocal and great to have around. I like him a lot and hope that others get into the bird hobby.

victoria - 2005-01-08
I have had my Double Yellow Headed Amazon for 7 yrs. His name is TUT. He is estimated to be 39 yrs.old. He follows me everywhere I go when he gets on the floor. When I sit on the couch, he gets on the back of it and he grooms my hair. Or takes out the ornamentations I may have in it! He gives me kisses and cuddles up to me. Although he may have his bad habits at times, I could not ask for a better partner in life! I love the way he talks,laughs,and sings.

Vince - 2004-12-14
Double Yellow Headed Amazons are a great companion, but to understand and co-exist with this species you must understand they must have their personal space. They have a "bubble" that surrounds them and if you understand and respect the amazon quirks these parrots can be a great companion. At least in my expereiance.

Tashia - 2003-11-03
I have had my parrot for about 14 or 15 years and it is the most wonderful pet in the world to own. He says various words and phrases and even mimmicks my laugh.....they are such a joy to have around.

kathy - 2003-07-20
My Double headed Yellow amazon is the best specie I have owned thus far. IT will show alot of afection, loves to be held and show off. Mine is one year old and will say 5-6 words and phrases. Extremely intelligent.