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Double Yellow-Headed Amazons are excellent talkers and frequently sing very well too!
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Haley - 2008-02-05
My family and I just got a new Double yellow headed Amazon. Her name is Ophelia and we think she will be great to own at our home. Just from hearing what the others wrote they sound like a joy and a lot of fun! Ophelia has a wide variety of words. She sings the funniest things! Like ,"It's too hot for chickens!" or ,"Yellow bird!". Before we bought Ophelia she was owned by a couple.I'm sure they just adored her! They went to pick the bird up at the couple's house because they could not care for her properly. I am sure they hated to see her go but it was best for the bird! I want to get her a leash and a collar. Ophelia is about six years old and hopefully will live for many years. I also hope that we can have all the great moments you have had wiith your birds and even more.

Anna Hagley - 2007-04-13
My double yellow headed amazon a great bird who has never broken skin in the 3 years we have had him. He is so sociable and lovey!

Faye - 2007-04-12
I got My Doublehead Yellow Amazon when he was 3 months old. He is now 7 months old and says many words and phrases, like what you doing?, where you going, hello, love you,bye bye, mama, makes the fire siren learned that from my pager, and wolf whistles. Am trying to teach him a song now and he seems to be real interested. can't wait to see if he picks it up! A real joy to me and my chihuahuas love him too. He barks with

K.Miller - 2006-04-13
We have a 6 year old Double Yellow Head named Ziggy. We purchased him from a breeder at the age of 10 months. He "chose" me from the moment I entered her shop.

I must say he has certainly made a difference in our lives. We would be lost without his daily antics. And yes he is bonded much more to me then to my husband but allows dad to be the taxi service from his cage or parrot stand in order to get to mom!

I highly recommend everyone do their research before acquiring any exotic bird. They can be a true joy but also one must be forever aware of their mood swings, reading their eyes & body language and understanding that this is a lifetime commitment. They are flock creatures and you and your family are now their flock & they insist upon being a part of the daily happenings.

As I'm typing this Ziggy is sitting on my leg awaiting a trip to the shower, then will sit in the bathroom window yelling out to anyone that walks by.....a hearty wolf whistle, followed by a sing songy heeelllooooo, followed by a cheerful Good Morningggggg, followed up by a pitiful bye byeeeee.

Yes, life in our household would be a great deal quieter without him... but also a lot less humorous.

mark - 2006-02-18
My double yellow-headed Amazon is the best pet I ever had. I rescued him from someone who just didn't want him anymore. I thought, "What the heck!" and took him. I had parakeets before, but nothing compares to Oscar. I named him Oscar after Oscar Madison of "The Odd Couple." Oscar was, if you remember, the messy one. Well, "Oscar" is the perfect name for my lovable slob. He makes such a mess when he eats. And if I give him something soft to eat, like a piece of squash or other soft vegetable, he ends up with it all over his face. It's quite a sight. Oscar is very friendly with me, but not so with other people. I think it's because I am not afraid of him, I trust him, and he trusts me. We rough-house all the time. He rolls over and lets me scratch his belly. He likes to be scratched behind his "ears." He doesn't talk an awful lot, mostly "hi", "by" something that sounds like "grandma" and "Melissa". He laughs a lot, and when left alone, he can be heard chatting away as if he were talking to a friend on the phone. This is something he must have picked up from a previous owner. Overall, he is great to have around. He is very entertaining, and I'm so glad he likes me too.

Shelby - 2005-12-18
We have owned our double yellow headed amazon for twelve years. His head is entirely yellow and so is named Sonny. He has the funniest personality and is the baby of the family. He can be tempermental at times but with a little food incentive (He loves to eat; especially french fries--he begs more than our dogs!)he is easily trained. He doesn't fly but enjoys piggy back rides on the family labradors. He keeps us laughing non-stop.

Kraft - 2005-11-24
I think Louis is Yellow-Crowned not Double Yellow Head, isn't that right. Double Yellow head have their whole head yellow, Louis hasn't that. (Note from Editor: Loius is a juvenile Double Yellow-headed Amazon. He will get a full yellow head as he reaches maturity.)

Ha - 2005-09-10
My Double Yellow Headed Amazon D.J. is the best! All the other birds are wanna-bes!

Trish - 2005-08-15
I adopted my double yellow headed (dyh) amazon about 4 years ago thru a neighbor who was bird sitting for an "alleged" breeder. The owner didn't like the bird, and the bird HATED the owner. I kept Homer (my dyh amazon) for two weeks and could not let him go back. ONE time the former owner came to see him because he could not believe Homer sat on my shoulder or gave babies kisses, etc., and the minute the man walked in my house Homer lost it and was very, very upset. Homer was supposed to be about 8 or 9 years old when I got him (at a discount because Homer was a "mean" bird) and now he is upset if my 7 year old doesn't speak to him when he gets home from school! What a mean bird! Also, he's in love with my dauther in law, good taste in women!I used to walk him to a neighbor who was dying of cancer at the time and he sat on my shoulder thru the woods, up the back stairs and right to my friend. Homer went right to our neighbor every time we visited. He's not always verbal but has body language & behaviors; but he has a family, and I have chosen not to ever breed him. I find sites and play the wild (free) amazons for him. He's got a band aound one leg, no doubt hatched & raised in captivity but he's part of our family, yet I still see how he responds to the sounds of the free birds. I feel guilty, but know he can never live in the wild. I am glad he is with us now. At least for now he gets to rule the roost. He supposedly has been DNA sexed but I have never seen the papers. That doesn't matter since we won't breed him and he is just one of us. Would never had imagined I could love one feathery critter so much. He is, for all his crabby ways, a life long friend.

Dave - 2005-07-03
I have owned my Yellow Crowned Amazon, Bimini, since 1976; that makes him about 30 years old. He is a 1-man bird, loves me but is skeptical about anyone else. He has a pretty good vocabulary -- pretty bird, hello how are you, wolf whistle, hi I'm Bimini. He still calls for Lila the cat who has been dead now for fifteen years. (Breaks my heart.) Since we live in the Florida Keys, he stays outside year-round in or on his cage in the shade with the door open, loves a misting with the garden hose, alerts us at sundown, lets us know it is dinner time. (He loves meat and potatoes, a meat-eating parrot, exceedingly rare.) Although his wings are not clipped, I still take him around for a bike ride on my shoulder sometimes when things are quiet. He is in great shape, never had a sick day in his life. Evidently they live forever.