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Double Yellow-Headed Amazons are excellent talkers and frequently sing very well too!
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Mary - 2010-09-18
I have a double yellow named Apollo. I got him 3 years ago when he was 20 yrs old. His old owner got him as a fledgeling, had him for 20 years and decided he didn't want him anymore. Apollo didn't have any toys (his owner said he was afraid of toys) and was fed nothing but seeds. He had never even been to the vet.
When I got Apollo he was the second bird I had owned, but my first large breed. I got him a cage that was 1/3 larger than his old cage(the largest cage I could find) with a playground top and started him on Harrison Bird Diet which he took to immediately. I supplement the HBD with fresh fruits and veggies and nuts. I bought him toys and introduced them one at a time over a period of a couple of weeks. He LOVES his toys. OK sounds great doesn't it? Problem is I cannot touch Apollo. He is a terrible biter. He will get on a stick for me, but will bite me every time I try to get near him. What should I do? Also, I thought about getting another double yellow to keep him company because I know in the wild they are gregarious communal birds. Is this a good idea?

Lucy Molina - 2010-03-20
I have a double yellow headed amazon and he will be 22 years old in May of this year. I have had him since he was a very ugly baby without feathers and he is now a beautiful bird. He's a very happy bird, except when you play the radio and he does not approve of the music, well, the whole neighborhood can hear him complain. Change the station to what he wants that particular day and he starts whistling. He's adorable. I have a slight problem that he has bitten through three cages already and I'm not talking about flimsy ones. He has a very strong beak. He doesn't bite me, but he loves to tear these things up; I guess he wants to get out, but I let him out sometimes and he goes right back to his cage. Funny little thing. Love Popcorn. (that's his name)

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  • Anonymous - 2010-08-15
    Three cages! Are they made of wood :) Seriously.
LAURELL GARCIA - 2010-08-08
Hello i was wondering if i can put a (5yr female) yellow-faced amazon and a nanday conure (1 yr not yet checked)together in the same cage? Please reply asap thanks

keisha - 2010-07-22
I have a double yellow head 1 year now he bites everything in sight he nibbles on my toes also I let him out of his cage very often so he is all over the house he says hello, I love you, I love you Fiesty which is his name & I love you boo. I don't knos the gender but I always say he, Fiesty is a real busy body once he is out of his cage he follow me everywhere in the house he is very loving I play & kisses his head he loves it, I can't hold him though he gets very angry. I worry about his feathers, some small with ones always falling could you tell me if this is normal plz?

Bella - 2010-04-15
We have had our double yellow-head for 34yrs. His name is rico. He is so in love with my mom and I it is funny. He playfully nibbles my ear and whispers in it. If my dad or brother come around when I'm holding him he gets so mad. He is friendly when he is loose but if my mom or I am holding him no one can come near! He also gets along great with the dogs, he throws seeds at them and laughs when the run after them. He laughs whenever we laugh and he will have conversations with himself in two different "voices", he really doesn't say anything but if your in the other room it sounds like two people talking.

Krista - 2010-03-26
We recently found a yellow headed amazon parrot and he hasn't made a sound. Is he just shy or could it be that he just can't make noise? We are worried that he may have been abused by whomever he escaped from.

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  • paul - 2010-05-05
    Hi don't be alarmed one advice is to change the surroundings and dedicate yourself to the bird and make him feel trusted by you. They are really smart and they can tell when you mean them good from bad. Just take time with him and he will learn almost anything you teach him. You have to be very subservient and build a relationship that will break the ice.
  • carol hayden - 2010-05-10
    Hi Krista, I have 2 male smaller parrots, both rescued birds. It took them 2 full years where they know they have a permanent home. Now they are very relaxed and like my routine. Both parrots are experimenting with new sounds daily! I sing my words--they like that and copy me.

    Just give your parrot time. Enjoy him for starting a new relationship with you and remember it takes time for him to get over being lost.
    Keep praising him and playing with him and hiding his food in the cage and he will "come out" of this quietness. Parrots love to play with their owner!
    Carol and BeBe and Bravo
mohammed - 2009-09-17
hi i have amazone duble yellow head is good talking now is one month is not talking pls help me pls

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  • christine - 2010-03-29
    I wouldn't be too concerned. I have a dble yellow hd. amazon. I got him at 8 yrs. old and have had him for 3 years. He doesn't say a lot of words, per say, however is very vocal. He has his phrases, I'm a good bird, hellow, bye bye, and I "think" he says I love you, however that could be my imagination. I've been told they'll talk when they want and some won't talk at all. Just don't give up. Every day, "Peanut" and I have a session of singing and dancing the same song every day, and he still doesn't repeat the words, but sways back and forth and seems to enjoy.
  • lesley/sydney - 2010-03-29
    Have you tried moving location and height of cage? A shy bird needs to be a little higher than your eye level,and more natural light may help hold n play with more and he/she should mimick back for you.
Jim G. - 2009-06-09
If I had been told five or six years ago that I would have a bird as a best friend I would say it was crazy, but here I am! My double yellow is named Sweetie. She is five years old, and I just love her. Sweetie had been sold by a local bird-shop owner, "half down, and the rest in thirty days when you pick her up". She was being boarded by my friend who breeds cockatiels, until the people came to pick her up. I moved here and was renting a room from my cockatiel breeding friend, and Sweetie started to make friends with me. Well, the people never came back to get her, and she just flirted with me, and kept it up until I gave in and payed the rest that was owed on her and bought her for myself. I don't think of her as a pet at all, but a very close friend and companion. She shares all my meals, and is very partial to Italian food. She has a great big cage, and lots of toys, and all my friends tell me that I spoil her rotten! She is very social, but doesn't like to be touched by strangers. With me she is very loving and sweet. I am so happy she came into my life, and look forward to spending the rest of my days with my l'il Sweetie!

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  • dr. matt hyde - 2010-04-02
    Awesome I was never a bird person until I went to parrot mountain in tennesse then I was hooked. I now have a double yellow head, a quake,r a green cheek conure, a sun conure and a nanday conure they are like small children.
Rhonda Mueller-Warrant - 2008-05-16
Jasmine is the second parrot to live with my family. I sold the earlier one as the rest of the family had not bonded with her (their fault). We looked for two full years before selecting this birdie girl. She was hand raised, hatched in August 2000. We brought her home in Dec. Everyone can hold her, although she only allows a select few to pet her. She sings dozens of songs, often jumbled together, "I'm a little teapot, happy birthday to you, we come from the spirit, etc" When she first hears my hubby and myself waking up in the morning she starts saying "Good Morning" in the most cheerful voice. I could go on and on. We really love her. She has taken road trips with us from Oregon to Minnesota. She is out of her cage most of the time when we're at home. I think if you have a desire to nurture, a parrot is a perfect pet. It's like having an eternal toddler in the house, complete with occasional meltdowns. You must always be alert to their moods and signals. We've had her over 7 years and rarely get a nip. She delights most of the visitors to our house. I encourage you to get this species of a bird, but only if you will enjoy spending time with them every day.

Rohaneh - 2008-03-07
I purchased my Double yellow headed parrot as an egg, brought her home at 4 months, and fed her formula until she was old enough to feed herself. I have owned her for about 8 yrs now and I absolutely adore her. It's true that they are very noisy in the morning. If she hears my voice even slightly in the morning, she will be screaming for hours. She is extremely friendly but is rather aggressive and will bite if she is approached by a stranger. She speaks very well, and is no longer a pet to me but rather like my child. I adore her very much and am very pleased at how easily maintained she is. I wouldn't recommend a parrot if you have no time to give it attention because they require massive attention, and do get depressed very easily when they are ignored (a common sign of this is plucking their own feathers). She has a macaw cage and plenty of toys to keep her busy, although she is very picky with what she actually chooses to entertain herself with.