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   Blue Front Amazon is a very outgoing bird, a great performer and loves to talk!
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Gina Giallanzo - 2005-08-01
Unfortunately my family has just our Blue Fronted Amazon "Herbie" of 33yrs. He was a major part of our family, he was like a person to us. My father got Herbie in 1972 around the time they started to stopped letting these parrots in from Brazil. He was here before me and my brother we're born so he was like my older brother. It's so amazing how smart they are, he actually knew when one of us was sick, he would start making kissing sounds. We treated him so good and spolied him to no end. We we're told that Amazons have the same type of digestive system as humans and can be feed human food. Years ago he would continually make loud barking noises(sounding like our dog at the time) and we figured out he just wanted what we we're eating, because once we gave him our food he'd stop "barking". So over the years he would eat what we ate besides he regular diet of seeds, fruit & vegatables, because we we're told he could. So now that we lost him we are looking more into the background of Amazons and are seeing that obesity is common among them and I only wish we would have read about this earlier and not had feed him so much, because we feel that might of been 1 of the reasons that shorten his life. I just advise people that decide on having one of these parrots, to please find out as much information that you can to take care of them properly and don't feel bad if they make you feel guilty for not giving them all of your table food(because they will carry on) just give them ALITTLE. Talk to them often, play music or put the T.V on when your not home (because they love different sounds and voices) and let them out of the cage (Herbie loved to walk around and follow us everywhere). I wish the best of luck to anyone that owns one of these amazing parrots, they are a friend for life. Please cherish everyday you have with them.
Giallanzo family

Lynne - 2005-05-04
i have a parrot called peter. he is an amazon but he is very naughty

Brian Bunt - 2005-04-02

I have a blue fronted amazon, a senegal parrot, and a pastel peached face love bird. My amazon treats the other two as if they were his off-spring, and he is always feeding them. It really is something to see this bird interact with the other birds and myself. Swoop is his name and he has over a 50 word vocabulary and he is only 2 yrs old. Truly they are amazing birds, and I love mine as if it were a child.