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   Blue Front Amazon is a very outgoing bird, a great performer and loves to talk!
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Erin - 2006-09-05
I just adopted my blue front. her name is stevie. she is a joy. they told us she hated to be petted as she was abused physically, and now shes learning to love it:) shes in her mid to late 30's and we just adore her...shes a great bird. Our 2 year olds have taught her ABC's, what a gift to own a bird:)

Samantha - 2006-08-23
I am quite the bird fan. I have two young Blue and Gold Macaws, Buddy and Merlin; a Jenday Conure, Paco, a Senegal, Connie, and of course a Blue Front, Nemo. Nemo is the baby in my birdie family; he's only a year old and he's talks up a tornado! He tries to be friends with all of my birds, and he's quite the charmer! They make amazing, and silly, pets!

Wayne Bone - 2006-08-16
I visited a pet shop and saw a Blue front Amazon that looked very pretty and very sad being in a very small cage that gave him almost no room to move and only one perch. I asked about him and they told me that his name was George that he was 12 years old and would be a good breeder but would not make a pet because he had been in the pet shop for 3 years and nobody could handle him. They said that he was mean and only wanted to hurt people. I have never owned a bird before but I felt the Lord wanted me to go ahead and get him and take him home.
I purchased him and brought him home and he took the locks apart after being with me for about three weeks and let himself out of the cage.
That was 2 years ago and he has not been behind a locked cage door since. He loves me always wants to play and sit on my arm and is a wonderful pet and is talking up a storm. They told me at the pet shop that he cussed all the time but I have not heard one cuss word since he has been with me. I am very blessed to have such a wonderful young man in my family.

donna martin - 2006-07-05
hi my name is donna. i just bought a male, 9 year old blue front. he is the most loving bird i have ever seen. he is not afraid of anyone. it was my lucky day when i found this beautiful bird.

tia - 2006-04-06
i love my blue fronted amazon. she is beautiful and nice. her name is recko and she is funny. she knows how to sing god bless america

Rob - 2006-02-13
I first met my blue fronted amazon, Yoda, the day he hatched and now he is about 10 months old and the absolute joy of our house hold. He has 2 cages, a perch outside and a perch in our bedroom that he sleeps on every night. He has a excellent vocabulary that he is adding to ever day! He even tries to sing "take me out to the ball game" which is hilarious becuase he gets the words mixed up but has the tune down pat! He absolutley insists on eating with the family and he rivals our children with his ability to make a mess. We do a lot of entertaining and Yoda loves the excitment of a crowd. When ever a lot of people around you never know what he may say but one thing is for sure, it will be loud!

Jack - 2005-12-29
Six months ago we adopted a 15 year old Blue Amazon named Patrick. He was not abused, but was also not really socialized and almost never left his cage. Now he travels all over the house, takes occasional rides on my shoulder and loves to be kissed and scritched. I am thankful to his old family who realized that he needed more attention and gave him to us. I am also thankful for my wife Lisa and her infinate patience with all of our 4 parrots.

kyle greenwood - 2005-11-03
hi my name is kyle. i got my blue fronted amazon when it was 13 weeks old. its a very gentle bird and has a great personality. iv called it angel and it can talk in a lancishire accent. i love it to bits.

corry - 2005-10-21
Hi my name is Corry i have a Blue fronted amazon. i bought him about three years ago. he was in bad shape, the people before me used to keep him in a closet. he had then plucked all his feather out due to stress. i took him home and to our local vet, and now he is the most beautiful bird. he only likes me and my kids and not my husband due to the fact that man had harmed him to badly. He is now 10 yrs old and doing very well and I love him very much. he goes to school and car rides all the time. he now goes everywhere i go including work. I just want to say thank you to all people who had rescued an animal. it means a great deal to both me and the animals

Jack - 2005-10-11
Hi, I'm Jack I got my Blue Front Amazon at aprox. 6 month old was very afarid of hands. He would take food from my hand thru the cage, but bear hand was like a gun,with help from a few good bird people out there, I can now hold him, turn him over holding his feet, and he talks alot, he is a good pet. I treat him very well so dose he :) .I'm starting to click train him I hope he catches on fast, but I will give him a chance. He is only over 2 years old.