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   Blue Front Amazon is a very outgoing bird, a great performer and loves to talk!
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sandie - 2009-07-22
We recently got a bfa. He is beautiful, but he was mistreated and abused. He will not let me or my husband near him, but he loves my 10 year old daughter, she can do anything she wants to him. She can spread his wings, pet him, he also regurgatates food for her. Hopefully one day we will be able to handle him like my daughter does. He talks very good, and does lots of tricks for us.

Bobbi - 2008-08-27
I am in the process of adopting a previously abused 7 year old male bluefront amazon. I don't know a lot about his previous home before he was in foster care but I do know that he was locked in a cage most of his life with a sibbling. Now separated from the sibbling he is stepping up for anyone and hasn't bitten a single person(yet). He wont let you pet him, he backs away if you try, but I'd have to say that's pretty good for a bird locked up all his life. I tend to have to think that although he may have been locked up often, he had to have had some positive interaction becuase he steps up and a 7 year old bird that had never been handled would not do that. And he also talks so again that tells me more then likely someone, at some time, was interacting with him. I have a lot of hope that he can become a friendly happy bird with time and training and even enjoy being petted. Amazons need to be appreciated for their drama and playfullness, and vocal abilities. Unfortunatly, the same qualities that some cherrish are the same things others think are problems. And some birds, like the one I am adopting, get locked away. I like the feeling it gives me to help a bird have a happy life that has not had the greatest past. I know I could just get an already tame and socialized baby but this bird needs a loving and caring owner and I know I could be her.

Kathi MacArthur - 2008-06-27
My husband and I have a beautiful BFA, her name is Delilah and she is about 30 yrs old. She's our child and we love her very, very much! She has quite a vocabulary, she calls my husband Da and myself Ma. When we play with her she will ask us "what are you doing?" and she often says "come here" when she wants us. She says,"good morning", "I love you", and when she is not getting the attention that she wants she starts screaming "Da, Ma, doing, doing, doing?". She loves to sing and laugh.
Best thing we ever did was bringing her into our lives.
Kathi MacArthur

Amy - 2008-03-22
I adopted a BFA about 15 years ago..severely abused and neglected. It has taken me this long to undo some of the things that have been done and still he is unhandlable. In fact just today I got out my welding gloves so that I could clip his nails. But we still talk and play simple games. TIP: For every bad habit or abusive behavior learned by a BF, you'll spend years undoing them.

Jeanne Maust - 2008-02-18
What a coincidence, our Bluefront is also named Joey! And he also HATES hats! (and gloves) We think he was wild caught, and associates hats and gloves with bad treatment. He is fifteen now, to the best of our knowledge, and developed some personality problems when going thru puberty. Now he bites me whenever he can get hold of me, but has no problems with my daughter, to whom he seems to have transferred all his affections. Wish I knew what he thinks I did to him!!!


GEORGE READ - 2007-08-28
I had a Blue-Front a few years ago until he was bird-napped. He was previously owned, i guess. The shop where I bought him said that he was apparently "abused" as he had plucked most of his feathers. It took well over a year for him to even let me touch him, much less get on my hand. but he did and developed into a beautiful bird, and eventually spent most of the time on my shoulder when I was with him. He ate with us and had free range of the house. He would not make up with anyone else, except my aunt when she kept him for me at her place. Then he wanted nothing to do with me, but when I took him back home he was my buddy again! A one person bird... I really miss him, i just hope that he is happy.

cyndie - 2007-06-29
Hi! I just adopted a bluefronted and she is gorgeous. Her name is Greta. She's (I'm told) about 40 years old and needed a home - and that was that. She has been here for 2 days and is becoming a little more familiar and nicer. She obviously has been handled before and I'm trying to get her more comfortable with us. I'm loving being her new Mommy so far!

Papa Mike - 2007-03-13
I just want to let everybody know how great Buddy and Max were. Buddy died 9 years ago because he was overweight and got a lung infection and died in just two days. They sure go away fast. Maxie died almost two years ago now. He was never the healthiest bird and one day he got sick and died a few days later. They were both my best friends and always will be. I look forward to the day that I will be with them both again. We still have Tiki, a lilac crowned and Jackie, another Blue front, Maxies friend. Tiki was Buddys friend and roommate. We all miss you and love you Buddy and Max.

Mandy UK - 2006-12-16
My BFA is called Ollie. Had him since he was 13wks old, and is now 7mths.
Ollie is just like having another child in our home, and is treated like a baby and doesn't he just know it, lol. He has everything we have, share's bath time with all of us. I hate to see any animal caged. Ollie has the free roam of our home, he sleep's upstairs with us, then comes down with the children for his breakfast.
Such a great talker too, his favorite sayings have to be "Ollie's a good boy", "Hello" in about 10 different way's, "Daddy", "Ollie's dad", "that's my dad", call's me "mar", say's when asked where jack or stacey is, "gone to school", "kiss kiss dad", "ollie's a pain".
When he is out of site and i call him he shouts back "what" he will also ask what your doing.
He waits in the window for our return or waiting for his daddy to come home, then all heck breaks loose.
Ollie is my bird but when his daddy is home no one may as well be home.
He is such a sweet bird, has his moments and ends up in jail as the kids say.
Birds can be so misunderstood, all they need is time and understanding, Ollie can be a naughty boy as with all birds.
Never mistreat them and you will get years of happiness and love back.

Troy - 2006-09-26
As I write this, Wanda, my Blue Front is sitting on my shoulder anxiously awaiting her breakfast. See, Wanda had always eaten what we eat...if Im eating a bowl of fruit, she's right there awaiting her snack. Anyways, I have had Wanda for close to 30 years, she's my companion, my little feathered daughter.
My entire family always gets a kick out of her, she loves sitting on my shoulder while Im on the computer...she tells us "Nite-Nite" when she wants to go to bed.
The only thing that makes me sad is she is a one person bird and I cant share her loving, silly ways with anyone else.
Anyway for all you new owners, treat your Blue Front well, they will love you unconditionally.