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   Blue Front Amazon is a very outgoing bird, a great performer and loves to talk!
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Joey - 2010-04-17
My bird has eaten a couple pens, I found him with purple ink all over his beak one day. Will he be ok? I was also looking at his tongue and in the very back where it's hard to see I saw his tongue and there is a huge hole. Is that normal or is there something wrong? He also has a tumor on the side of his face, I worry because I love him so much. He hasn't really had a proper diet and with a tumor how long do you think he will live?

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  • Anonymous - 2010-09-27
    Please, please, please take your bird to the vet immediately. With the pen eating, hole on the tongue, and tumor, he needs medical attention. Parrots can be very delicate creatures, treatment and proper diet can add years to your baby's life!
jackson - 2010-01-18
Hi, I have a blue front hen and she is very smart. She can say "hi how are you doing", "hello my name is luna moon and I am a blue fronted amazon parrot", " who's a beautiful bird", and "here comes trouble" whenever I walk into the room. She can also sing you are so beautiful, she can also play basketball, ride a scooter, and the basic things like step up and come when she is called. She is 3 years old and loves apple.

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  • dominique - 2010-09-21
    Hi Jackson I also got a blue front amazon I fell in love with one male 15 years ago. He was 3 months old and one day I bought him a girlfriend and from now I breed them but Brazil speak a lot and said hello beautiful would you like to come inside? Would you like to come outside? I love you my darling you are so beautiful thank you mama what a good food! And loves singing and he said one two three bravo what a cleaver boy! He's got a very good vocabulary I got a female also and she is a personality they laugh like a human he got my accent because I am french. A parrot like this can live 100 years old and we must put them on our will. Did you have some baby already? I got two for the moment but it is the first time after each food the oldest vomit one spoon do you think because he loves his food got too much or it is bad he look very happy?
Dianna & Jay - 2005-04-24
Our blue fronted amazon, Pele, was given to us because he was sick but he recovered and has become a very happy and healthy bird. He just turned one year old this month. He knows many words already, most of them things we say to him regularly, like "Step up, come on, step up" when we are having him step up on our arm. He likes to act like a punk sometimes and pretend he is big and tough, but he has a sweet voice and is very lovable and friendly. He also talks in his sleep! He runs through his entire vocabulary and holds conversations every time he takes a nap.

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  • Mary - 2010-09-18
    Hi Dianna, your post struck me as I have a baby Blue Front who just turned 3 months old, and when she goes to sleep she talks to herself in her little baby talk. It is so sweet and cute.
angie - 2010-05-26
This year is the second time my blue front amazon laid eggs. First time not one hatch, this hatch after 30 days and did well for 3 days, then I found it dead. What happened? what could I have done?

Barbara - 2010-04-20
I have a blue-fronted amazon whose name is Cleo. He has had me for 4 yrs and is the love of my life. When I first got him, he could only say hello, and oh boy! Now, he talks non-stop with an extensive vocabulary. When he wants to be uncovered in the morning, he says, "goodmorning baby" in the sweetest little voice you have ever heard. He sings bad bird, bad bird, whatcha gonna do...whatcha gonna do when they come for you." He often asks me "What's that baby doing..huh?? He is an amazing bird. I have another blue-front named Coca who is totally opposite. She is very shy and quiet and talks only when she chooses to. With 6 birds in my house, the one thing I have learned is that each bird is totally different. Each has their own unique personality. The more you communicate with your bird, the more they will learn, but some choose to never talk and you have to accept them as they choose to be. Amazons are my favorite breed. I love their mischievious antics and their baby talk. Birds are different than any other pet. They choose who they will love! Some birds adjust to new environments quickly, others don't. It was months before Coco got comfortable enough to talk. Cleo never missed a step. If you are a new bird owner, be patient. They will come around in their own time and you will be greatly rewarded with their love when they do!

Donna Gant - 2010-03-16
I adopted a 24 year old BL-Front , he spent his whole life living 8-months a year outside, then brought in for winters. Bit his only last owner. When we met it was love at first sight! His last owner was a man, needless to say he hates my husband. He lets me do anything with him. I love to hear him laugh, as he rolls on his back , he loves to be tickled. I was wondering why does he smell so sweet, like a fruity flower?

victoria derrick - 2010-03-08
how can you tell if a blue fronted amazon is a boy or a girl

- Victoria Derrick, Florida

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  • Barbara - 2010-04-20
    The only way to tell is to have your bird DNA sexed. There is no physical differences that you can see.
BirdLova - 2009-09-20
I adopted a Blue Fronted Amazon two weeks ago, and though she's very tamed and came from a good home. She won't let us pat her or touch any parts of her feathers. She steps up for everyone in the home. She's not a big talker but makes this awful grudging noise when you put your hands near her. We love her, but not sure if she's the right one for our family or if we just need to give her more time. I have other birds in the house and they were different getting adjusted. Does anyone knows if Amazons are known for not letting you pat them?

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  • j smear - 2010-02-17
    We have a 12 year old blue face and she fusses when you try to pet her. The more you gently handle her the less she will fuss.If you think she will actually bite you you could wear a leather glove. Try associating food with touch and always move slowly and gradually. The more you show fear of her the more you will empower her. The more you interact with her the better.
  • John - 2010-03-18
    You have to be a little more patient and give him more time, have one person only try to put his hand near him and eventually he will be more tolerant and you will enjoy his company.
  • Barbara - 2010-04-20
    Birds are different from any other pet. Some adapt really quickly, others do not. I have one who adapted in a few days and another that it tooks months for. Because of their intellect, you must gain their trust. Having said that, I wanted to let you know that I have never seen an Amazon parrot that liked to be touched on it's back. I think that may just be an Amazon thing and Amazons always growl when you do something they don't like. That's your Amazons are not cuddly birds. While they like being held, it's usually on their terms and I have never seen a cuddly blue-front. Hope this helps.
ed richards - 2009-09-03
I also have a blue front amazon named joey but he's half again as big as the one in this story. His father is even larger! Joey is about one and a half years old.

Amanda - 2009-08-28
We got a blue fronted amazon parrot. He only likes our 13year old daughter and bites everyone around him. We do not know what he went through when he was younger but he is very beautiful.