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kay - 2011-06-17
My pet is the best. The good thing is that he loves me back and calls me by name.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-17
    My Panama Amazon (Peppy) would always yell "MA HELP" when he knew the kids were doing something they shouldn't. I think it is great to be able to talk to your pet.
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johnsolobird - 2011-07-06
My Amazon Casey used to be the best pet in the world. He would sit on you for hours watching tv with his head tucked under your ear and then one day he just attacked me. It was like overnight he hates humans. I have tried on several occasions to let him out but as soon as I do he will fly at me or anyone else and viciously attack them. He will keep taking huge hunks out of you until you get him back in the cage. I really miss the way he was. Does anybody else have any idea why ?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-07
    Sometimes amazons or any bird can get way too hormonal and it's like Jekyll and Hyde. I had Merlin and he was a lover (macaw). 2 years old and breeding season and overnight he has no (none) feathers and is the creature from below. Can't get near him. Couple months go by and Merlin says from his play top "love you". It was like the dawning of a new bird. I suspect that is what is going on with yours. He is hormonal. He is also getting new feathers (time of year) and probably going into puberty (hey a teenager). That's a lot.
    Second guess (as they are just guesses) he needs a firm hand. Actual bird trainer told me if bird attacks put the bird in the bath tub (no water), yell "jail" and turn off the light and leave the bathroom count to 60. First time zip. Second time bird goes on attack mode I yell "JAIL" and put the bird in the tub. Third time I yelled "jail" the little guy shook and just stopped. Whenever he (hawkhead) went to attack, I would "yell" jail and he would just revert to his cuddly self. Weird. Laughed. It worked.
    After a couple of weeks, I didn't have to yell "jail" anymore and it never happened again. It sounds laughable but true.
  • Isabelle - 2011-08-24
    How old is your bird??? It might be that it has reached sexual maturity!! Mine is a male and just recently went thru all that but he didnt get mean, he got depressed and chewed off a toe!!! We are still dealing with a totaly different bird. I dont know If he will ever be the same!
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alex higgins - 2011-08-20
that's my parrot,sugar bear!!!! (:

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John & Betty - 2009-11-07
Peabody is now 7 1/2 years old and she still manages to surprize us daily.

We had just lost our 12 year old Sun Conure, Sammy, and decided about 6 months later that it was just too quiet around the house. I researched parrots and thought the Lilac Crowned Amozon had all the traits we were looking for. Active, intelligent, social - the species seemed too good to be true. Then we received a call from Animal Lovers telling us they were about to begin hand feeding a new Lilac Crowned. My wife dashed to the store and immediately fell in love with Peabody and her tiny little eyelashes. We visited her almost every day while she was being weaned and brought her home several months later.

Peabody (we discovered she was a female about two months after we named her) took to her new home and to us immediately. She bonded with both my wife and I but interacts with us in very different ways.

Betty is the comforter; Peabody comes to her for cuddles when she's apprehensive or lonely. She won't let Betty eat a piece of toast unless she gets a piece too.

I'm the playmate; she bops about when I return from work, tells me all about her day and loves to play a few rounds of "box the birdie" (not nearly as violent as it sounds - Peabody reaches out with her claws and trys to grab my hand - but it really does look like we're boxing!)

Peabody has a vocabulary of about 100 words and phrases, fairly large for a Lilac crowned, we're told, and loves to whistle the theme to "Bridge Over the River Kwai" while bobbing her head in time to the beat. Unfortuately, I'm not the best whistler and she has managed to capture my errors to perfection!

We had to board her for several months while we remodeled earlier this year. The caregivers told us that she learned how to "meow" (there were kittens in a cage across from her). We never heard her "catcall" at the store or after we brought her home. About six weeks later, Betty called to tell me that Peabody was trying to get her attention in the usual ways but she was immersed in a project and ignored her. Then she heard a little kitten cry. That caught her attention and she looked up just in time to see Peabody begin a string of plaintiff meows. Apparently this is her way to get our attention when all else fails!

I guess you can tell we really do love our little parrot...we are so lucky to have her in our lives.

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robert price - 2010-11-10
I am from the US, I have lived in nicaragua for one year. I paid $65 usd for a yellow-naped amazon 1 and a half years old she speaks spanish and is the best pet I have ever owned.

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  • anne gammell - 2010-11-21
    How much do they cost to buy?
  • Colum Muccio, ARCAS, Guatemala - 2011-02-03
    Robert, You should have called the police on the person who was selling the bird rather than pay for it, even out of sympathy. It's unfortunately people like you who are fueling the illegal pet trade!
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Yvonne - 2006-06-06
I have a 12 year old male lilac crowned amazon, and he is definately a one person bird, I am not certain of his past. He is very sweet, affectionate and even-tempered with me, but to everyone else, he tends to be very aggresive. He never bites me, and he loves to sit on my arm or shoulder and cuddle with me or take naps. He also loves to share (healthy) food with me, and he is a enthusiastic healthy eater. He is also very quiet, usually just making his "jungle noises", he only screeches when he hears me come home from work. He is a very enjoyable companion, Im very happy i decided to adopt him.

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Lucy - 2004-06-07
I love my blue fronted amazon, He is sitting on my knee as I type this. He is 4 years old and not yet fully tame, though he enjoys being scratched and coming out of his cage, he is not fully confident with handling - but thats part of that I love about him.
He is such a valuable member of my family and I love him to bits!
Tip :
Be quiet around amazons!

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  • Patricia Krause - 2011-08-16
    Why do you say be quiet around amazons??
Wanda Carter - 2011-08-02
I rescued a blue front from a sweet loving owner. Her name is Milo. Her owner had her for 7 years and Milo does not like children. She has a young grandaughter that Milo would try to bite her. She called my vet where I take my rescues. I love all birds but thought I could find her a loving home. Betty (her previous owner)brought her to me and the minute I met Milo was LOVE at first sight. I have had her for over a year and she is a treat to me. She can sing opera and whistle the theme to Andy Griffin. She is the one loves of my life and will be with me unit one of us part this world.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-02
    They are wonderful pets. Many amazons are not "in love" with the commtion of children - just going in and out, the playing, doors and background noise. Most do well in a more laid back enviornment. Blue front is a real social feathered fun type that loves his human.
  • Derrick - 2011-08-03
    Just, please do be very careful. Amazons are reknown for having a very nasty temper. (both of ours have worse tempers than my too) :/
sandy - 2011-07-25
I have a 2 yr old blue-fronted amazon and I have to say he is so funny. When I first got him he would say hello and whistle. Now he repeats a lot of words my fiance says. One day he was squalking so my fiance said no no no Sam and when he turned his back Sam the bird yelled NO NO NO. My fiance was rolling on the floor and loves this bird so much. It's like one of our kids. I enjoy this amazon so much he is alot of fun ,dont give up on your parrot the are really like children,

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-07-26
    If you TALK to your amazon - they TALK, the LEARN, they CONVERSE. Just has to make sense to them. My panama (Peppy) loved the Nija Turtles and watched it all the time. Company came over one evening and Peppy was usually out and he said very clearly "drop your drawers, I have a pistol" I am still after 10 years laughing at that. One time I had to board him and when I picked him up he said over and over "where'd you go"
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tracey - 2010-10-31
We have a Panama Amazon called Charlie, who we have had for 6 years, since he was a baby. He has a great personality, with the exception that he is extremely greedy!

We took him to the vets for a check up in January the first since we first bought him, only to find out that he was not only overweight but obese, in fact the fattest parrot she had seen in 12 months. He weighed 795 gms.

He was on Harrison pellets, and fresh fruit and veg diet, in far to big quantities, and he also had nuts, crisps, toast and any other snacks which we ate.

We immediately cut out all the snacks and started to reduce the amount of pellets he was eating. Six months on he had lost 100gms. We took him back to the vet who was pleased with his progress, but said he needed to lose another 100gms.

We now have cut his pellets down to 21gms (from an unlimited amount), and with the exception of a monkey nut after his daily weigh in each day gets no "junk" food at all.

He is a lot more active than he used to be, however he does not seem to be losing any more weight, and when we feed him in the morning and evening, he stays in until he has eaten all his pellets, and them moves on to his fruit and veg at such a speed you would think we were starving him.

Has anyone else got a "greedy" Amazon, and if so how have you controlled their aggressive eating, and what weight is your Amazon?

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  • Julie - 2011-07-11
    I have a panama amazon called Doris. She is 8 years old and just loves to eat, chips, cooked potatoes, chicken bones, toast or any kind of spread, jam, butter etc. She was over weight too, so I cut down on human food stopped it. She has lost weight and is still as happy as before, just sulks at meal times. She is a one person bird really, but will go to anyone, she thinks she's an eagle. Lol Who am I too spoil her ideas of grandure :)
    She would be noisy if I didn't give her enough attention. She is a great speaker and a real show off.

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