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   The Timneh African Grey is a highly intelligent parrot, and another great talker!
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Brenda - 2003-09-11
We have had our Timneh, Mya, for about a month and she is a sweetheart. She is around 7 months old and is already chattering and whistling up a storm. She is accepting of the whole family and we would recommend the Timneh. I had to do some talking to get my husband to buy a Timneh over a Congo but he definately has no regrets now. These birds are awesome!

Melissa Craddock - 2003-08-15
I have an 8 month old Timneh named Kyzer. I got him when he was 8 weeks old. He is very much a part of the family now. He is like having a clown in the house! We enjoy him so much! He does demand alot of time and attention, but he is well worth it! He whistles quite often, but has only said "hello" so far. He seems rather intelligent and we cannot wait to see his growth from day to day!