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   The Timneh African Grey is a highly intelligent parrot, and another great talker!
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Heather - 2007-06-23
My husband has a timneh named Harley. We bought him from a hatchery and he was kept at a aviary pet store until he was weaned. We visited him 40 miles away 1-2days a week until he came home. He was intended for me after losing my alexandrine parakeet, but chose my husband instead. They kiss and play and talk to each other. He knew 'hello' until my husband taught him to make other sounds and now prefers them instead. He memics nextel beeps, clucks like a chicken, and coughes like my 10 month old daughter. He is 3 now and acts like our 3 year old daughter in every way and even fights over toys with her. He enjoys screaming like a little girl and destroying all of his toys! He is such a clown, but we love him!

Jan in So. Calif. - 2006-05-17
When my Amazon got ill and had to be put down in March '06, I was heart-broken. 5 wks later, the Vet called, said the owner of one his 'patients' had died and the 28yr old Congo Grey was in need of a good home. Was I interested? Well, DUH!! In the 3 weeks that I've had Simon, she & I have already bonded. She's a delight with all her clicks, whistles, laughs and words and I love her. (And we know she's a girl because while waiting for me to pick her up at the Vet's, she laid an egg! Therefore, her name's become Lady Cymon, Lady for short.)

RosalieB - 2006-05-03
My timneh, Buzz (after buzz boys named him) is just a love. He talks ALL the time, mostly in my voice. He "answers" the phone, calls the dog in from outside, summons my children and my husband. It's comical. Sometimes the boys answer him, thinking it's me calling them. He also dances to "Spongebob Squarepants" and is learning how to sing Bon Jovi's Who Says You Can't Go Home..What more could you ask for in a pet?

Marlene Pacher - 2006-04-11
I have a six month old Timneh named Geddy Lee. Brought him home from the breeder at age 2 1/2 months. I'm still hand feed him in the morning and at night, more for the bonding element than anything else. He/she eats Nutriberries, pellets, lots of veges and fruits, and anything that I happen to be eating at the time as well. I also prepare a corn bread made of beans, veges, peanut butter, palm oil, corn meal. They love this stuff. When I go to work in the morning, I leave the T.V. on in the bird room. I have seven other birds and they all socialize together during the day. Geddy is such a joy. The breeder did a great job. I visited Geddy once a week from birth, and video taped him as he grew. Sometimes I take him to work with me. He loves to ride in the car. The only down side to this is I think the bird will out live me. I am trying to find a wonderful person to will her/him to, in about 30 years.

Pooki's mama - 2006-03-28
I have a male Timneh African Grey named Pooki. He is just about the most important thing to me at the time. He is surprisingly cuddly for African Greys. He likes to sit on the couch watching T.V with me and kissing me on the nose saying, "I love you, oh so love you, love you, love you..." etc. I love him so much, I do everything to enrich his life. I give him fruits, veggies, and other healthy foods to him daily, along with his specialized pellets. I spend my whole day with him, even when I go to work (I take him with me-I'm a vet). I spend the whole end of the day with him until 6:30; then it's his relax time.
I could not live without Pooki, and I recommend this bird for an experienced bird owner with a lot of love to share.

Maya's Mama - 2005-09-09
I cannot believe how smart my Timneh "Maya" is! She chats all day, sings, whistles, giggles, etc.. She even says some phrases in Italian, which is always so cute in her little voice. Her favorite trick is to wait until a guy walks into the house, give a big 'wolf whistle', and say "helloooo...sailor boy!"

She's surprisingly cuddly for a Grey, too; she'd sit on your hand and give you kisses all day if you'd let her. Just say, 'give me some beak!' and watch her lean up and smack you one! :)

Joy - 2005-05-30
In 1990 I brought home a 9 month old Timneh. Within a year she was quite tame, talking and mimicing sounds. We were great friends for seven years. My life changed and I moved where I could not keep pets. My neighbor gave Bingo a good home. Another seven years passed. I got a call asking if I could take Bingo back. Now she is 15! I was ready to start training all over again. No need! She remembered me immediately. In a few hours she was cuddling like she had never been away. I am so lucky to have her back and will never give her up again.

Doe - 2005-01-05
We had been looking for a timneh. after researching to find the right bird for our family, my husband works nights, i knew we could not have a squawker. We found a 10 yr old in the paper and called. the woman said it had not had a lot of attention and never would get on them. I decided to get him anyway. After 3 months he is now getting on my hand and crawls up to my shoulder where he loves me to rub his wings with my face, and I pet his head. He is such a joy to us, he is a big talker and says "want a peanut, by by, luv, good morning, krackle, good bird, luv bird, water, luv peanuts", and lots more. He wants something at every meal so we must share. they do need lots of attention but they are so much fun. I would never trade him for any other bird.

Chuck - 2004-03-07
I have a 20 year old timneh named Damascus ( due to the damascus steel like pattern her feathers make) she loves to mimic my car alarm
the microwave the phone, chopping noise from the kitchen , when I am clipping my nails she makes the same clic -clic -clic she will shake claw, do two type of flapping, dance, circle, get in her cage when told to all on command. This is a bird that needs love interaction and stimulus, you can not just put it in a cage and look at it you have to make it part of your flock. A vey loving and intelligent bird!

Dean - 2003-10-19
I spent 6 months looking for an african grey that needed a good home and didnt cost the earth as I have 3 children and money is always an issue.

I found an 18 month old timneh with a cage in a local paper and was reluctant to buy because I thought it was an inferior bird, could I of been more wrong, this bird is bright as a button sings and talks non stop, snuggles into my chest at nite and literally purrs like a cat...

I have freinds with congos that talk very well but cant be handled, not to say they are all like that, but if you have any doubt about the timneh being a lesser bird totally dismiss that idea from your head.

Totally lovely bird i would highly recommend to anyone, equal to the congo if not better in my opinion...