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   The Timneh African Grey is a highly intelligent parrot, and another great talker!
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Jen - 2010-07-24
I purchased my Timneh when he was still in an egg. I would go to the store and visit and bond until he was weened and ready to come home. He will be 18 this year! He has brought so much joy, laughter and love to our lives! He is a doll! When I got him, I was in college. I have expanded quite a bit since then....3 dogs, 3 kids...a husband (whom I met when my honey bird was 12 months)! He is adaptable, fun-loving and so silly!

george - 2010-07-20
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Sue - 2010-06-25
I have a Timneh grey I would like to let everyone know she turned 3 yrs old in December. My husband and her were very close she just wanted to be with him. He had cancer she stood on his finger a lot well she went through chemo and Erbutucks treatment right along with him they said it emitted through his skin into her feet so she was i'll also she snapped off her feathers and pulled her tail feathers out' I thought you should know this I sure hope it helps she is doing great now and she is a wonderful bird.

george - 2010-06-14
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Phyllis - 2009-10-17
Hi I purchased an African Grey Timneh he is still at the pet store he is not yet weaned. My daughter named him Bobo after my favorite uncle. I have wanted an African Grey for over 20 years, I walked in the pet store not looking for a bird at all and bumped right into Bobo, I believe we have a connection, I visit him practically every day to bond with him. I am becoming comfortable with him now, the owner is very passionate with birds and has taken a lot of time out to teach me how to handle and deal with Bobo, I am so excited I can't wait until he can come home

hamidah - 2009-10-08
My little baby timneh, Zayaan, is only 8 weeks young. He is the second bird I have gotten...(I had an iglictus malaaika but unfortunately by the will of god she died at 7 months old). Zayaan is a warm, cuddly, friendly and peaceful little bird. I hope one day he grows to be a strong and independant handsome bird.

Tony Drignolio - 2009-02-22
I have two congos, Demeter and Persephone, named after the two greek goddeses, though Demeter is a male. They are both 17 years old and I have had them since I was 15 and they were 10 weeks old and weaned. They can say a variety of things and often like to swear at each other in english and japanese (I taught them both) they sing and whistle. They are very fond of the phantom of the opera and have caught them singing along on several occasions. They both cuddle and I'm obtaining a breeding license right now so I can legally breed them in my area. They also seem pretty fond of sweeney, todd, and the wizard of oz. I have them in a huge cage meanI as an outdoor aviary in my living room. They love to snuggle with me though persephone seems too attached to my boyfriend. They aren't particularly noisy however, and they use a litter box and seem to enjoy pre shelled sunflower seeds and take mist bathes three times a week. I love them and i am sure they will outlive me.

Connie and Mayah's Mom - 2008-07-29
Mayah is our 8-year-old Timneh African Grey parrot. Not only is she beautiful, she's one of the smartest, most affectionate Greys I've ever encountered. Everyone who meets her says, "I feel like that bird can read my mind!" I always tell them the same thing; "Oh, she can!" She loves to kiss, and sometimes gets so enthusiastic about it that friends have thought she was trying to bite them! She used to live at my mom's home with a large Macaw who had actually bitten off one of her toenails one day when she picked the lock off of her cage and had been a stressed-out bird until she moved in with my husband and me. Ever since then she's stopped plucking her legs and chest and has become a completely relaxed and happy girl. Her bald spots have filled in with pink feathers in some spots, which makes a lovely mix of colors with her grey and red (yes, Timnehs have burgundy-red tails!) feathers. We're so fortunate to have such a sweet pair of birds in our home!

criss - 2007-12-06
I couldnt live without my baby timneh! Its name is shikobah. Dont know the sex yet but I'm thinking it's a female, it doesnt really matter to me. He/she is only four months old and already talks! He/she can say "what doing", "mommy", "thank you", "what", and some other things, and imitates all sorts of voices. I leave the t.v. on in the bedroom. I believe her favorite thing to watch is the cartoon network channel. I think she has a wonderful personality, I'm amazed at how intelligent she already is. I've also found that I'm not depressed and lonely now that I have her/him around. I can really act like a three year old child around him/her, it's so funny. We have so much fun, couldn't ask for a better companion!

Tami M. - 2007-10-17
I found my Timneh, Sukar, at a pet store. The store was in a poor condition and there was some abusing of the birds, especially Sukar. He was pulled by his legs and bullied around by bigger birds such as Macaws and and an aggressive cockatoo. I couldn't get him and his brother the first time, because I was so upset. The owner of the shop was going to give them to me for cheap, but I did not intend on buying a bird then. In three days I couldn't help but going back and looking for the Timneh. The shop owner told me I can get it for 160$. Seems like the owner wanted to get rid of him by any means, so I took him. He is a wild caught Timneh, untamed, and very very angry. But I didn't care I just wanted to take him away. I bought him a huge cage, lots of toys and mineral perches. I was so excited to introduce him to my baby grey congo and they don't get along yet but still they mimic each other. I took Sukar to the vet the other day and I was told he was underweight, had a skin disease, and his feathers are discolored which made me sad. He was like that, but the vet told me he just need more care. So I did, now he eats fruits and doesn't open his beak that much. In time he will be friendly, trust me, and gain back his weight. He looks very interesting though. :)