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   The Timneh African Grey is a highly intelligent parrot, and another great talker!
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Debra Clymer - 2014-06-30
My love and best friend died this morning, I had her for 40 years. (My timneh) needless to say I'm devasted over her passing. She was not ill. Fine when I left for work this morning. couple hours later she laid dead on the bottom of her cage. Worst part is not knowing what happened to her. Heart attack? Did she fall from her perch and break her neck? Don't know I always thought I'd be the one to go first.. My home is so quiet now it's so hard to be in it because of the silence. To everyone who owns a timneh they are the greatest. I know as time goes by pain lessens but the hole in my heart will forever be there. Miss you so much my feathered friend.

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  • Barbara goldfuss - 2014-09-09
    Iwas soo sorry to read about the loss of your beloved timneh.I know, first hand, how you are feeling.I can almost feel your pain and the void you cannot seem to fill.From 2007-2013 I lost my.congo.African Grey, Sugar, my Timneh, Beau,aTimneh, Baby Doll.I had a very strong bond with all three.It may not make you feel.any better, but I wish I had had my dear beloved birds for 40 yrs.Worst of all, they were not ill,(long, ugly , horror story.My birds were like my soul mates.If I were to tell some people they would laugh or think I was a little odd.So I kept it to my self alot, unless I were around bird people.To this very day I have daily crying episodes over them.I miss them terribly.I am in therapy for Post Tram a tic stress, but even my therapist is not on my wave length.My heart aches and I long for my.dear soul mates.My son doesn't fully understand, either.That hurts.I have my birds ashes and someday we will all be together.I have no one really to talk about my feelings about my little sweethearts which I have lost.I hope I didn't upset you by telling you all this , but I just wanted you to know , truly, I DO know how you are feeling.They say that when your pet dies he or she crosses over the RAINBOW BRIDGE.It's a beautiful poem.I have a copy from a pet mass.I found them online.I TRULY KNOW THE EMPTINESS AND HEARTBREAK YOU AR FEELING.Thank you soo much for sharing.It means a lot to me, believe me.
Debra Clymer - 2014-06-30
Today was the worst day of my life, my timneh of 40 years was found dead in the bottom of her cage this morning. I'm so devastated by this, she hasn't been ill, was fine when I left for work. I don't know if she dropped from a heart attack fell from her perch and broke her neck, I don't know what happened to cause her death needless to say this passing of her has just devastated me to no avail. I could never imagine being without her, my home has become so silent now the worst part is not knowing what happened.

ali - 2009-09-18
Hello everyone! I am from lebanon, and over here all the timnehs are wild caught, discolored, underweight, and treated badly. The pet shops in lebanon are in terrible condition for animals. I recently got a timneh from one of those pet shops, it only cost me 60$(yes that is how cheap it is).His/Her name is Zizo. She/He is really frightened and doesn't like anyone to get close to him/her (not sure if female or male). It is really sad when I see these animals treated this way, especially animals that have a lot of potential to turn into wonderfull friends and family members. For everyone whose reading I hope you contact me via email at because I would love to personally be in touch with someone who owns a timneh that was hand fed and kind of figure out the right way to tame my wild caught. I am hopefull that one day Zizo will turn out just fine.

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  • Franny - 2010-05-11
    Hi Ali,
    In 1982 I bought a timneh in a pet store on a wim.. I did not know she was wild ( I assume after all these years that she is a male but she is still susie to me) Susie would not eat or drink and she shook all the time, I called the pet store so often that they quit taking my calls. I tried to pick her up and she bit me so hard and so often that I was ready to give up until a friend of mine spent 1 day with her. My friend had no fear and did not care about the bloody finger that she gave him. He got her out of the cage onto a carped floor and used a stick and his hands gently trying to get her to get on either one building trust. He never jumped away he just stayed on the goal of getting her on his hand or the stick until she trusted him enough to comply. After that day she began to calm down and eat and drink and then to my delight she started making the sound of my dripping faucet... and then words and then she would sit on my shoulder and ride on my bike and in the car, I can do anything with her and to her, I clip her wing and trip her nails, I take her in the pool. Believe me you can gain her trust.
  • rani - 2011-09-23
    Hello :) if you managed to breed any african greys im very willing to get one from you. I have a 20 year african and she's doing great. She's a female (I found that out when she laid an egg ). It's too bad there are no breeders in lebanon i looked every where for an african grey baby.
Ivan Previšić - 2011-12-08
Beautiful *_*

naji - 2011-10-30
Does the Timneh parrot, change his feathers??? and how long does it take to regenerate? and at which age they change plums usually?

Joanne - 2010-06-30
I have a TAG that I have nicked named PIT BULL. He loves his feet rubbed daily and his head sometimes but when he bites me he doesn't let go. Like a bit bull. He is re-homed and I have had him over a year. I cook for him, sing to him, read to him, try to play with him and buy him toys to destroy. I wish he wouldn't bite me.

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  • Carol - 2010-12-19
    Talk to him about it. Always say the same words "no bite", tell him it hurts
    when he bites you and you would rather he tell you to "stop it", if he doesn't like something or say "no" if he doesn't want whatever. They understand what you are saying. If you don't want him to bite, tell him.
  • Karl F Scott - 2011-01-07
    Why is the parrot biting you and not letting go? Is your husband at work all the week, but home only on weekends, or is he at home all week, if he is away until the weekend then the bird will be missing him. I have a male and a female parrot and the male parrot bites me and my family all through the week and when it is the weekend he stops biting because my dad comes home for the weekend.
rouaida mortimer - 2010-12-02
I've just purchased a Parrot, but I need some answers please about it.
-My timneh color is dark brown to grey is it normal? Or it is mixed Congo
grey with Timneh as I have been told?
-His iris is light grey, how old he might be? Is he young?
-Can I put two another parrot in the same cage?
Thank you for help

allison - 2010-11-25
I have a timneh. His name is creek. I have his name tattooed onto the back of my neck. He will be 3 in just a few days. Creek knows about 300 words.. and puts 5-6 together to form a sentence. He answers back at appropriate times... with just the right words. He is very clever and the love of my life. For christmas he wants a cell phone, as he likes to imitate me on the phone. "hellloooo, okay, bye bye".

Georgianna - 2005-02-03
We have two beautiful Congos, which were the only African Greys I used to consider buying. Then after a few years, I purchased a little Timneh. What a delight she is. I would take a Timneh over a Congo anyday. Their personality is so much better. She is not as nervous and is much more lovable than either of our Congos. Her even temperament is wonderful. I do not have to worry about her snuggling and then biting me. My Timneh is very nice and laid back all the time. She just loves to go and do anything I do. She goes to school with me almost everyday and the children love her. She talks a lot when children come into my office. I do not let them hold her but they sure enjoy looking and talking to her. I am a school counselor. If I could only have one type of parrot it would be a Timneh #1 and then a Senegal #2. Their calm nature is wonderful. My timneh is the best parrot companion I have. Her name is Tikvah "Tiki" which in Hebrew means Hope.

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  • Susan Sossina - 2010-11-20
    Because of the attention the Timnehs need would you recommend we get 2 babies so that they have company?
Hope - 2010-03-21
I was searching the site to learn more about the African Grey Timneh... I have a couple Quesions still... That I did not see posted...1.) What is thier Life Span? 2.) How Many Times a Year and when do They Breed? 3.) How Many Babys Do they Have At one time and how long do they Carry the Babys? 4.)Is it ok to have more than 1 Female and just 1 male all Together around Breeding Season? Would this be the Best Bird to start With Kennels? 5.) What The pricing on them?

Dr. Jungle says:
African Greys usually live to the ripe age of about 50 years in captivity. In the wild they live in large flocks, from sometimes flocks of over 200 birds. When sexually mature they choose their mates from the flocks and enter into a lifelong monogamous bond.

In captivity they are mature enough for breeding at about five years of age, though it can take much longer than that in nature. Ideally you should pair up your birds at six months of age to obtain compatibility.

Nesting is variable in nature, depending upon local. African Greys have been noted to lay eggs anywhere from January to September. In captivity they do not have a specific breeding season. They can lay at any time of year, though the environment needs to be favorable, such things as the season weather and plenty of food available.

African Greys do not 'carry' babies. They are egg layers, depositing their eggs in nests and brooding them until they hatch. They can lay between 3 to 5 eggs which incubate for 30 days. They then need to be continually fed until they are about 10 to 12 weeks old. Their beaks, however, will not be completely strong (hard) until about 4 to 5 months. At that time they can begin to eat fruits and nuts. They will be almost fully fledged (feathered) at about 10 weeks.

African Grey babies can sell from about $600 and up.

There are many good books to give you the indepth information you are looking for on breeding African Greys. You can find a number of books on our Animal World References - Pet Birds - Exotic Birds

A good one to start with is African Gray Parrots: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual.

Please write answer to Thanks For Your Time


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  • jim - 2010-11-20
    Hi I just bought a timneh African grey I love her she is 4 month's old when will she talk? Thanks for your time.