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   The Congo African Grey is one of the most loved parrots, and renown for its talking ability!
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andrew stenson - 2006-01-04
Iv'e just bought an African Grey and i think they are fantastic, i have got all the time in the world for her and i can't wait to sit back and revell in pure enjoyment

Samantha - 2005-11-22
My english teacher has one of these magnificently beautiful birds. It is about four months old and my friends love him.

Jo Crocker - 2005-08-31
We named our 4 month old child "Cherry". We've had many pets, but having an African Grey is absolutely fabulous. She is already showing signs of her remarkable intelligence.If you should want a pet that just sits in a cage that you walk by occasionally an African Grey is NOT for you. They require constant love and attention, the more time you spend with them the greater your reward. They don't just mimic what you say they have the ability to think and say things in the proper context.They are not just pets, but a life long friend and companion that will fill your life with many joyous times.

Ellen - 2005-08-12
I got Conga (yes,her name)when she was 2 mos. I was curious as what it would be like when she talked ...if ever! One morning I heard a very faint Hello. I felt like I did when my children said their 1st word. Best of all Conga was only 7 months old! Conga is now 4 yrs old and a chatterbox. She not just talks...she talks to us and at us. She goes from her sweet voice to her answer me right now voice. Favorite TV show...AFV...She laughs with the audience. I think she talked early because when she made a sound I would repeat it, soon she was repeating my sounds. Her first sound at 5 mos was grackle-grackle, so I too said it. As she would say, Conga good girl! We agree.

Monica - 2005-08-12
I have the best African Grey. He is one year old and I have had him since he was 3 months. He loves cheese and peppermint. In the morning he says "want some cheese". He loves his name (Chico) and has decided that is my name too. Although the other bird is called by his name (Peppy). They are the best birds and I enjoy spoiling him. He loves his showers and loves all the attention we give him. He makes me laugh wwhen he coughs and sneezes. He always says "bless you" after he sneezes. He also loves to get the sniffles. They are fun birds.

alison - 2005-08-04
About 5 years ago, my family acquired an African Grey from my aunt who simply had too many pets to keep them all. At first he only bonded with my mom, but as time progressed he warmed up to me as well. He doesn't seem to like males so much, but thats okay. He does however imitate my father who has a rather deep voice. He cracks the family up. One afternoon my mom and i were sitting in the room where his cage is and we let him out. he was walking around his cage then he decided he wanted to sit by us. so he flew over and landed on the arm of the chair next to my mom and looked at her & said, "Whoa!" it made us both laugh out loud. Even though he gets very talkative in the mornings and at night, our house just wouldnt be the same without him, and i'm glad we got to keep him. He's wonderful!

Charlie Stuart - 2005-03-03
Felicia is her name..... seven years since she came into our lives as a half feathered chick. I hand fed her 3 times a day for three months.....(she demanded it) She has every mood I do from silly to leave me alone. We understand each other. I have had a dog and a cat, but Greys are closer to humans.... and yes maybe it is just because they can talk, but for me there is more. She is the Perennial 5 year old human child. She is not a pet... she is my friend

pete vetrano - 2005-01-24
all i can say is that i have congo grey, his name is puppy. only those who have greys can really appreciate and understand how playfull and smart these guys really are. i have had mine for about a year now an he`s like part of the family. when hes feeling left out...thats when he starts makin noises that i cant even describe. as far as playful...he loves it when we play tag, and somtimes i swear it seems like he`s laughing. but in short i highly recommend the grey. anybody considering purchasing a grey, when you get it your in for a treat. its like havin a kid. treat it like one and trust me...amazed will be an understatement

Claudia - 2004-07-22
I have three of these wonderful birds, two girls and one boy. I am their mom and they are my kids. They each have their own personality. Every morning I get the "good mornings" and we begin our morning ritual which involves cleaning their cages and preparing their meals. They are practically always outside of their cages while I am home. But when I leave the house, I put them back in their cages and the long good-bye begins. They start with "bye-bye" and "I love you" and it never fails to make me feel bad for leaving them, even for an hour. If you are thinking of getting a grey, please note that they are extremely intelligent and with that comes the need for lots of mental stimulation that you will always have to provide them with. In return, you will get the love and affection of a life-long friend.

Anca - 2004-04-22
These birds even have their own personality and sense of humor! One the the "humorous" tricks Coco has played on me was flying out of his cage and hiding in the back corner of the room, while I am freaking out because I thought he flew away, he started laughing and mimicking me calling his name over and over again. Hes the sweetest bird I know though. I cant imagine life without his noises and whistling in the back.