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   The Congo African Grey is one of the most loved parrots, and renown for its talking ability!
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mel - 2007-07-03
I have two congo african grey's, both that I have rescued and which were feather pluckers. I have had my two year old since Dec 06 and my 8 yr old since may. Both birds have now stopped plucking and have recovered most of their feathers. These birds are highly intelligent and need a lot of stimulation. However, if cared for properly they are great companions. I have lots of conversations with my Grey's and find them totally amusing but they are hard work and required a lot of dedication. so please if you are considering a grey please do a lot of research and think about it properly. As I have discovered these birds are often the object of neglect, and quickly become ill due to owners ignorance and they are too special a species for this to continue.

emma wood - 2007-06-18
Hello, I'm normally in the fish section, but I've also got an African Grey called Penny. She's 8 years old, we have had her for 7 years, and she can talk! She can be very rude and arrogant; and so I'm told, so are most African Greys. She's more my husband's bird than mine (He can do anything with her). Also we have been told that a female does prefer a male owner. We found that to be true. It took me about 3 years to build trust with her and she now lets me tickle her back and beak, but only when she's in her cage. If she's out then I'll lose several fingers, I'm in her space! I found these birds very interesting and a joy to have. They are smart, clever, and very funny when they are imitating a sound. We have a dog that she loves to tease. She tells him to go and get his ball, or to get out, and more! She can imitate a new born baby's cry which I found really clever. If anybody is thinking about buying one of these birds, then go for it. But before that please do some background research on bird cage sizes and make sure they have plenty of toys to stop boredom. I would now be lost without my bird.

sheila ambrose - 2007-05-20
I have Charlie a gray who is about 4 years old. He is a fantastic companion and I can not imagine being without him. He is a good talker and he laughs in all the right places. He has friends in stitches as he joins in with laughter, and always sees people out with a cheery 'bye bye'. He is not an easy pet and takes an awful lot of time and care to keep him happy. I would urge any one thinking of getting any parrot to think carefully and honestly about the time and commitment these fantastic birds need. They take time, money and endless patience and need constant amusement. I researched far and wide before getting Charlie. I had decided to purchase a gray from a breeder recommended by my vet, then by chance I came across charlie and went against all the advise and let him come home with me. I have not regreted a thing. I was lucky as his past owners were truthful and I have had no real problems with him. He did not talk when I got him at 7 months old, most dont till round 12 months. He is the light of my life and all the care and attention I give him is rewarded 10 fold. I also mind Blue a 43 year old gray who has been in the family since being wild caught 40 odd years ago. Blue is a real character and in spite of his unfortunate start in life is very well adjusted and never had a days illness in his life. My house is a riot when Blue visits, Charlie and he are made for each other although Charlie gets a bit jealous at times.

Karen - 2007-02-20
I have a 10 month old grey called Coby who I bought at 13 weeks old. It wasnt an impulse buy as I was considering getting a grey for some time but he is my first parrot. I never imagined that a pet could change your life like a parrot (especially a grey) could.
They are extremely demanding and are totally a FULL TIME JOB but they are amazing, I would not change Coby for the world..... if my boyfriend asked "me or him?" Coby would win hands down he is my world!!!

chris - 2006-10-16
Our Congo is named Simon. He is a fantastic creature who had rapidly become a member of our family. Several weeks ago he walked to the front door, which had mistakenly been left open, and he flew up and away out of sight. We were in shock, he was just a three month old baby, hand raised from a chick. We put an ad it the paper, fliers around town, and spent hours walking with our kids in our neighborhood searching ... everyone was in tears. Six days later, more than ten blocks from our house a woman came home at 10:00 at night to find a small, tired, gray bird sitting at the head of her driveway ... she knew nothing about birds but she remembered that she used to work with a man that she knew bred birds ... she was able to find an old phone list from that job and she called the man. He got up and drove to her house to look at the bird ... by shear coincidence the man that the woman had called was the same breeder that we had gotten Simon from. He knew about our loss and checked the bird

Karen Bolio - 2006-09-21
I have had my African Grey Zack for 21 years. He is definitly part of the family, in fact my son who is now 19 and planning to move out of the house soon just went out and bought himself an African Grey named Diseal so when he moves out he will have his own. He said that he couldn't imagine living in a house without one of his own.

Colleen - 2006-07-17
Our African Grey's name is Smokey and we got her the same year my youngest child was born fifteen years ago. We had no idea how much joy she would bring into our lives. Although she loves my husband the best, I am her favorite person to imitate. When the kids fight she mothers them and tells them to behave. Something cute is when our little poodle Trampy tries to steal a piece of her discarded food in the bottom of her cage, she loves to bite him, and when he cries she will ask him if he is ok! She has often told on Trampy by screaming "bad dog!!!". Every time I hear that, it guarentees that Tramp is up to no good!

bob - 2006-06-03
i whant an african gray but i hered that thay are vere dimamdind and i do not know if i have time to keep one happy

Shonna - 2006-03-28
I have a female Congo African Grey named Tiki and a male Congo named Tongo. Even though I don't breed, the two are extremely bonded and cannot be seperated.
Tiki is a shy, unconfident, and not friendly with people other than me. She is very happy staying with me. Tongo is the exact oppisite. He is bold, outgoing, confident, and is happy to explore new things. Well, that's what you can expect from African greys-they all are individuals.
Tiki and Tongo are excellent talkers. They really make the most out of African Grey reputation. Their talent has won them awards, medals, and trophies. I'm proud.
Even though they are nervous and twitchy, they are the greatest creatures I have ever met.

Amanda Santarossa - 2006-01-21
We own an African Grey Congo named Cheeco. My family got him when he was 4 weeks old. He can say everyone in our family's name and his own name. He speaks english and italian. When the phone rings, he will make a 'Beep' sound and he will say "Hello!". He then says some words and makes a "beep" sound like he's hanging up the phone. Its very funny. He says 'hi cheeco', 'good boy', and many more words. When we turn off the light and the t.v. at night he says "goodnight!". Also when he comes to eat breakfast with us, we say "go potty cheeco" and he poops and we take him to eat. He is very, very funny and we love him a lot. He is the best!!!