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   The Congo African Grey is one of the most loved parrots, and renown for its talking ability!
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Don Pfannenstiel - 2010-06-13
My friend has an African Grey and she laid an egg today 6/13/2010, the bird is 12 years old, has not had contact with another bird. Is this normal or is there something wrong?

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  • motasm - 2010-06-20
    Your birdy might not emerge with hes cage mate so separate them!
peter - 2010-04-15
How much is a african grey congo cause its sounds like I wanna get one but I want to know more information about it... also how to get them talk and love the family..

shella white - 2009-05-15
I am shella, we have two healthy African Grey parrots available for sale at affordable prices. They are ok with health and have taken all their shots. They both speak and understand English and Greek, also they are now 10 weeks old. We are now in Berlin Germany but we can transport them to your home no matter your location.

Tyler - 2008-11-26
I have a grey and her name is Ruffles. She is 1 1/2 years old and not the biggest talker, although she is the best noise recorder. Recently she has started copying the dogs squeaky toy, and she'll start squeaking away and the dogs will start running around the house trying in vain to find their toy. It's so funny the way she copy's the dogs barks too because it's a higher version of it. So if you want a lovable friend and family member I recommend an African Grey, but be warned they can have a temper.

ems - 2008-06-05
Amazing, loveable, so funny, cute, aloof, moody, and a bite that hurts! you can say all of these things about a grey and they are all very true. Ours has been with us for 4 months (although it seems like forever) and she is 8 months old. We can't imagine life without her and she makes me laugh and smile every day. She knows the sound of my car and my hubby's moped and starts whistling for us as soon as she hears them. She is out every night for the whole evening with us, and in good weather we take her cage outside which she really enjoys. Life is never dull with a grey and as long as you have time, patience and masses of love - a grey will fit into your family well. I have to say though the female prefers males line is a myth! Ours is a dna'd girl and I am the only one she is affectionate with. Anyone else can pick her up if she 'crashes' but no one but me can touch her. Think very very carefully before you get a grey, they really are a lifelong full time commitment and if you cannot give that then please think of the grey and don't get one. They are not a toy or a novelty. They are a highly intelligent, very sensitive member of the family.

Dave - 2008-03-16
I have a Congo African Grey called Cleo,
she is 19 weeks old and is absolutely adorable. She and I whistle to each other all the time, especially when my other half is hoovering. The first day we got her she was a bit scared of us and shy. The next morning she woke us up and was amazingly tame, she jumped straight up onto my shoulder and was enjoying a cuddle.
Her new trick is to stand on the top of her cage and to fly onto either my shoulder or my girlfriends.
She is also learning to talk, trying to say a raspy hello like she has a sore throat.
Out of all the many pets I have had she is by far the greatest and most friendly. These are absolutely great animals with varying personalities.
Pure brilliance

sandesh - 2008-01-20
Hey can anyone tell me where can i buy this bird in India and its cost. Please get me some information on this...

Erida Kazmaj - 2008-01-01
I have a Congo African Grey. She is 1 year old. When I first bought her she was a shy one. But in one week she started roaming around and playing about and showing off. African Greys are a great choice but, if you want one you need to have the time to spend time with these intelligent birds. I have found out these birds have common sense. My baby Faith is exactly like my baby to me!

TESSIE - 2007-08-04
I have an African Grey Congo, she or he is at least 13 years old. I've been told she has an import ban. I have had her for 2 years and she started out as a severe plucker and now that she has built trust, she has 80% of her feathers and I handle her everyday. She is a one person bird. She loves to chase my husband and never lets him touch her, or she will bit or chase him down. I let her out of her cage most of the time when I'm home. At this time she has only said one word, 'hello'. Maybe in time she will start talking more. I now would not give her up for anything, she is just like one of my kids.

Bird Lady - 2007-07-07
Although African Greys are very smart birds, I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that they are the most intelligent. All birds have different personalities, and each bird's intelligence may be revealed in different forms. A Grey may learn quickly and talk readily, but that doesn't mean that all greys intelligence is matched, as you may have accidentally implied.
I have two Congos, a Timneh, a Goffin's Cockatoo, and a Hahn's Macaw. I have enjoyed studying my bird's antics, especially my Grey's. Every single one of my birds has a different personality; this is something I am very glad of!