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   The Congo African Grey is one of the most loved parrots, and renown for its talking ability!
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philippe parent - 2011-09-17
My Question is this my aunt has a African Grey Congo and she has little black bugs falling off and around underneath is arm pit what are these and is their a way of getting this off of him.

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  • Anonymous - 2011-09-17
    Mites burrow and are parasites on birds and although it can happen it is pretty rare. Mites don't just fall of. There are many many different black bugs that are in various bird seeds. They reproduce in the seed and will lay eggs and then you get larvae also. Any bird seed that you bring home - freeze it in the freezer for 24 - 48 hours and that will kill the bugs and the larvae. I think this is more of what you are describing. Obviously, clean the cage, feeders and probably not going to love this but really bathe the parrot. Soak her. Now you might have to do this a few times but just soak her each day - it is great for her feathers in the shower or kitchen sink and wash her down. You need to get rid of the source which I think is probably the food and freeze any new food that you purchase. Humans get this stuff - seed moths or flour moths etc. If you freeze the food, you will stop the source. Clean the cage throughly with bleach mixture or I use Novalson. I buy it by the gallon but it lasts a year for birds, room, bowls etc. I clean cages and bowls and the floor with it etc.
    Then you get to bathe the bird - which is sometimes not fun but it needs to be done. OK?
    Camacide is a safe bug killer around birds but even so I wouldn't spray the bird of the cage with it - just as needed if around on the floor etc.
jeanine - 2010-05-02
I am considering the idea of getting an African Grey Congo in a few years. I am curious of the cost of the bird and the needs to get started. I want a loving bird and a talker and I hear an African Grey or Cockatoo are the best choices. Which do you think?

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  • motasm - 2010-06-20
    In my land an umbrella cockatoo is as 4000 and african grey 1000 expensive cookatoo likes to hug african grey best talker!
  • Roy Bliven - 2010-08-14
    If you can afford one - prices run from $750 to $1500 and the average price of an African Grey is about $1200. I am a published author and presently I am writing a children's book about a friend's African Grey named "Bobo." Bobo flew away one time but was recovered when he said his phone number as perfectly recorded voice mail - complete with the beeps! He calls everyone by their first name, asks for food by name and speaks in two languages, Greek and English. His vocabulary is that of a 3-year old child. He knows what is happening and where things belong. One time, a water delivery became a problem when Bobo said "over here, not there!" When he didn't put the water where Bobo said, he said to the delivery person, "GO HOME!" You will find Greys to be a member of the HH.
  • maxjude - 2011-09-16
    yes I have a male and a female African gray parrots they are both 2 years old not and they are for adoption not for sale where are you located and they will also be coming with their cage email me at
sophie - 2011-05-10
Hi there. I have a grey africian cockatoo. I am just worried about him not talking he is usaully talking and whistling the whole day but he has'nt said anything in 2 days. Please help me and thankyou. What is going on?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-05-10
    Usually nothing. Just like a person decides to be quiet at times, so can your feathered freind. It is spring and he is shedding some of his winter down (yep even if you live in Fl). You see those little white fun feathers flying around that you can't catch? Also it is spring and breeding season and they seem to know this. Now just in case check to make sure his poop looks normal and there hasn't been a change. Look at his vent and check to make sure there aren't white droppings around the vent. Check his nostrils to make sure they are clear and smell his breath to make sure it doesn't smell (unless you just gave him a hot pepper). Yep, they usually make sounds throughout the day (we have one) but sometimes they do get quiet. But unless there is some other overt sign, I wouldn't worry. Give him an extra hug and pet and let him eat dinner with you tonight.
  • marie - 2011-07-31
    African Greys are not cockatoos! They are parrots a totally different bird. Mine goes through quiet phases as well. They have moods like people.
  • Derrick - 2011-08-03
    I concur,I have a Congo African Grey,his name is Howard,and he usually only talks or whistles or tries to sing when someone leaves the room. A little backwards I suppose.

    He will also talk whistle sing 1 on 1 but he doesnt like certain people.
Rodrigo Roca - 2011-04-04
A friend just gave me her 30 year old African Grey and i was wondering if they are sociable with parakeets or similar sized birds?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-05
    It isn't the size of the bird that counts so much. My caiques rulled the roost. Certain birds can carry diseases that other birds aren't immune to. This doesn't mean that either species is not well taken care off or not clean - nothing like that. There are certain diseases that parakeets may carry and be totally immune to that the Grey has no immunity against. Quarantine the grey for a a couple of months prior to introducing them. Also, can you tell me more specifically what you mean by similar sized birds? History on them or the parakeets? You should also ask an Avian Vet.
judy - 2011-03-27
I have only had my parrot 4 weeks love him to bits the person I got him from said he don't talk lol he does lots some naughty words but he's settled down in my home it's like he's always been here he makes my laugh so much chatting away he's got my phone down to fine art know my grandchildren love him he's learning new words all time.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-03-30
    The more you talk - actually converse with your little fella, the more they will talk. Mine loves whistling various songs as well. Show them objects and name them such as "this is hand" Ask questions "Happy today" Talk to them as you would a 3 year old. That is what you have - an intelligent 3 year old all dressed up in a feather suit. Enjoy and keep us updated.
Robyn - 2008-09-18
Just wanted to say I love my Grey. His name is Marty and he makes me smile everyday, no matter how my day is going. He definitely is loved. He's favorite thing to say is "I LOVE YOU". I wouldn't give him up for anything. He's my son... only death will part us.

sammy - 2010-05-15
What can I do to stop my gray from plucking his feathers?

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  • motasm - 2010-06-20
    Go to animal dr.
  • dawnya - 2010-11-14
    There are a lot of reasons why parrots pluck. They can be stressed, diet, not enough stimulation, toys touching them in their cage or not enough showers/misting. Have you seen a vet yet to rule out any illnesses? I have taken in pluckers and tried everything from shots, to vitamin supplements, to cones. The best thing i found was patience and a wide variety of chew toys. When you see them plucking side track him with something new to focus on such as a toy, treat or a little scritch on the head.
  • tammy rogers - 2011-01-14
    Hello sammy
    My grey keeps plucking her feathers but I don't know why he keeps doing it I will ask my uncle and I will get back to you.

    my email addy is
  • ann - 2011-01-14
    Did you change something in his environment even if it's a new lamp, toy or whatever it might be stressing him out. Good luck.
  • ann - 2011-01-14
    They have formulas for feather regrowth, also mist his feathers with warm (not too hot not too cold) water that should stop him from plucking. Also make sure he has a proper diet (with some calcium like a cuttle bone this goes for male and female greys) and never send him to bed after a bath he will get sick due to the cold. He needs time to preen and dry off before sleeping. Also you could try gently drying him off with a soft towel but don't leave him with it. This should stop him from plucking his remaining feathers, and help him regrow the ones he plucked. Hope this helps good luck!
jimmy - 2010-04-03
Recently purchased a young African congo (12wks old). At what age do they usually start to talk?

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  • Jo - 2010-08-03
    Hi Jimmy
    My african gray "Ruby" started to talk at around 16-18wks old, however we are a large family and must say it's very rare she is left alone, and everyone speaks to her as she is part of our family, she never stops talking only at bedtime, when she will ask "Can I go to bed please!"
  • Trish - 2010-11-29
    It's different for every african grey, It can take up to a year for them to actually say a word. You'l start to see them mimic sounds more than anything usually before they begin to talk. It all depends on how often you talk to your bird and what words you more often.
Elizabeth - 2009-05-25
We have had spooky, our african gray, for about 22 years, shes amazing. She lets you know when someone is outside because she makes a certain squak she lets out. She mimicks the microwave, which always makes out guests laugh, she calls my mothers name, along with my father and sisters names too, she just started to call my boyfreinds name when she sees him. Whenever we let her out of her cage, shes just perfect and relaxed, she always finds a way to amaze everyone. She is part of our family.

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  • peter - 2010-04-15
    oh hi I was wondering that how you teach the african grey how to talk and I want to know more information about it?
  • Roy Bliven - 2010-08-14
    I have friends who have a Grey named Bobo. He calls everyone by first name, imitates the phone voice mail, makes sure everyone does things according to Bobo, and sings songs. He has the vocabulary of a 3-year old. He once told someone his home phone number when he flew away and was returned to my friends. He told off a delivery driver when he put water jugs in the wrong place, he told him to "GO HOME!" Bobo also stopped a fire in the kitchen when he yelled "OH S--t!" Bad, Bad!" He sings several songs like "How much is that doggy in the window, woof, woof" and speaks both Greek and English. I am presently writing a children's book about Bobo's Adventures.
  • jacob - 2010-11-07
    Do you have an alarm system that beeps when a door opens because spooky may imitate it.
susan - 2010-10-02
Our Congo African Grey plays peek-a-boo. We run and hide and he finds us and he say Peek-a-boo. He also plays with our cat on the floor the game of fetch with a rolled up piece of paper. He will hit his self on his head and say stop that that hurts. He tells us what he wants to eat,and when he wants to sleep. He loves to cuddle and give kisses. lts like having a five year old child again. These parrots are so smart there are no words to describe what they can do, as they each have a soul of there own.