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Debra Clymer - 2014-06-30
My love and best friend died this morning, I had her for 40 years. (My timneh) needless to say I'm devasted over her passing. She was not ill. Fine when I left for work this morning. couple hours later she laid dead on the bottom of her cage. Worst part is not knowing what happened to her. Heart attack? Did she fall from her perch and break her neck? Don't know I always thought I'd be the one to go first.. My home is so quiet now it's so hard to be in it because of the silence. To everyone who owns a timneh they are the greatest. I know as time goes by pain lessens but the hole in my heart will forever be there. Miss you so much my feathered friend.

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  • Barbara goldfuss - 2014-09-09
    Iwas soo sorry to read about the loss of your beloved timneh.I know, first hand, how you are feeling.I can almost feel your pain and the void you cannot seem to fill.From 2007-2013 I lost my.congo.African Grey, Sugar, my Timneh, Beau,aTimneh, Baby Doll.I had a very strong bond with all three.It may not make you feel.any better, but I wish I had had my dear beloved birds for 40 yrs.Worst of all, they were not ill,(long, ugly , horror story.My birds were like my soul mates.If I were to tell some people they would laugh or think I was a little odd.So I kept it to my self alot, unless I were around bird people.To this very day I have daily crying episodes over them.I miss them terribly.I am in therapy for Post Tram a tic stress, but even my therapist is not on my wave length.My heart aches and I long for my.dear soul mates.My son doesn't fully understand, either.That hurts.I have my birds ashes and someday we will all be together.I have no one really to talk about my feelings about my little sweethearts which I have lost.I hope I didn't upset you by telling you all this , but I just wanted you to know , truly, I DO know how you are feeling.They say that when your pet dies he or she crosses over the RAINBOW BRIDGE.It's a beautiful poem.I have a copy from a pet mass.I found them online.I TRULY KNOW THE EMPTINESS AND HEARTBREAK YOU AR FEELING.Thank you soo much for sharing.It means a lot to me, believe me.
Debra Clymer - 2014-06-30
Today was the worst day of my life, my timneh of 40 years was found dead in the bottom of her cage this morning. I'm so devastated by this, she hasn't been ill, was fine when I left for work. I don't know if she dropped from a heart attack fell from her perch and broke her neck, I don't know what happened to cause her death needless to say this passing of her has just devastated me to no avail. I could never imagine being without her, my home has become so silent now the worst part is not knowing what happened.

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sam - 2013-10-09
The best little people in the world.

Leanna - 2004-01-07
Williebird came to live with me about 3 years ago, after one of my best friends died. My life has not been the same since! She is a total chatterbox, which I love, I am mummy, the dog is called by her name, and the cat is called by her name. Intelligence is not enough of a discription about this species. I cannot imagine life without her now, and to think I was scared of birds before she came along! They are a lot of work, they need LOTS of attention, but worth every effort!!!!!

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  • sam - 2013-10-09
    I have a congo now for 11 years and I can not be with out her. She is my life. I work the midnight shift so I can be with her all day. She is very jealous of girls, so I don't date. I keep her very happy as she does me. If anything happens to her, I don't know what I'll do. I will die. She keeps me going as my significant other passed away about a year ago. I cry just thinking about her. The smartest girl I have ever known, better than some people I know, no joke. Time and care is all they need, oh, lots of love.
alex mccleish - 2012-02-24
I have three african greys of 14 weeks old and I am looking to sell to some good homes 500$ each. email me at

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  • Julio - 2013-06-28
    Where are you from? I am from mass. Looking for a congo..
Rhonda - 2013-03-22
Hi! I am adopting a African Congo Grey 17 wk old in the next 10 days. I am making a home visit twice and plan to set-up my home; like the current one. However she has had a Dx. of Yeast infection (and it has cleared according to the vet) and she did pluck-out her breast feathers; but these are grown in an totally covered w/new feathers. What else can I do to ease-her-transition? And what IS the ideal care-diet-etc. for Prevention of Yeast infections? Any INPUT sincerely Appreciated!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-03-22
    Yeast are found everywhere in the environment. However most healthy birds with good hygiene care will generally not be affected by yeast. Proper cage cleaning, sterilizing hand feeding equipment, and a proper diet can help avoid infection. Fresh foods can spoil quickly, in just a few hours, especially when its hot and humid.

    Other things that can help avoid yeast include lactobacillus supplementation (good bacterial normally found in parrots). Benebac is one psittacine-specific probiotic that has been specifically developed for the avian gut and intestine. Some keepers also add a bit of organic apple cider vinegar in the drinking water from time to time to help make sure the GI tract is too acidic for yeast to multiply.
Ellen - 2012-12-02
My parents have two birds. One is an African Grey and the other is a Green Amazon and they have lived in very sunny California for 15 plus years but have recently retired and will be doing too much traveling to maintain the birds. They want them to come live with me in the middle Georgia area for a couple years . My question is will they be ok to fly here and with stand the cold. It gets down to the mid 20's two months of the year and gets to 111 or more with high humidity for 2-3 months. They have always lived outside and if it got hot where they are but like desert heat and no lower than 30 during the winter months and that was only for the morning hours. Any help would be great . Ellen

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-12-03
    It really depends on the setup you provide for them while they are at your home.  They can tolerate temperatures from 40 - 90 without difficulty given a nest box (for cold) and something to protect them from the sunlight (shade).  Below 40 degrees it would be best to use a heat lamp on part of the cage or bring them onto the porchor in the home.  Above 95 degrees - again you wold probably want to bring them into the home or have them on a porch. Many raise birds outside and the avairies are essentially close in the winter to prevent some of the cold and wind and then sprinklers can be run over the tops of the aviaries to cool in the summer.  It can be done without to much difficulty.  Neither the grey or the amazon is a very large bird, it might be easier for you to just purchase two amazon cages and have them inside the home.
  • iftikhar ahmed - 2012-12-31
    I need a Gray Parrot African Cango please any one tell me any website or contact number on My Email Address
Kali - 2012-06-24
I have an African Grey! Her name is Neeka

Vicky Fuentes - 2012-03-30
Hi my name is Vicky. My family and I are looking to adopt or buy a congo gray african. We love birds, right now we have two cockatails and a dog. My dog loves the birds, we recently got the birds but we had one for 15 yrs and sadly past last year! We are learning more of congos and would love one soon!

Erin - 2011-04-25
I have a beautiful 6 yr old african grey (congo). His name is Molokai, and he has a wonderful personality and can actually carry on a conversation. I am looking to get him a friend. I would love to to get him a quaker parrot but they are illegal where I am from. So I was thinking more of a parakeet.
If anyone is breeding them now I would love one. I want a handfed baby. If anyone knows of someone who has parakeets for sale that were just hatched, please let me know! Thanks. Erin

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  • Iqbal - 2012-04-07
    Hi Erin,
    Where do you stay? Are you looking for congo parrot. Reply if so..........

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