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hailey booth - 2008-10-02
One day riding my bike on the golf green I saw a tiny white bird sitting in the green grass. I was instantly drawn to it and realised it was a white dove. I started to pet it and realised it wasn't trying to fly off. Picking it up I realised its feather were wet and it couldn't really fly. I picked him up and put him in my bike basked and we rode home 3 miles. I was impressed with its ability to sit and ride so quietely without fuss. She has since became my most favored pet and I named her Chmpagne Hope. She rides with me everyday now on the edge of the basket looking around and enjoying the freedom of riding versus flying I'm sure, for which she is still weak. I encourage her to fly around, let her sit in the sun everyday, and don't believe in caging her. So she goes all over the apartment, though she does perch herself next to me every night next to my bed. To look after me I'm sure, as I believe she is my spirit guide. What a beautiful and unexpected blessing!

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  • kram acoon - 2010-04-12
    Hi. I just wanted to ask you some q since you transpire to have some knowledge in doves. We have these large doves with fluffy neck feathers which i don't know the species or the breed. One problem is that they don't use the perches and are picky on food. Any recommendations? Are they suitable to let free outside for exercise and would still come back? We just acquired them 2 weeks ago. Please help.
  • Eli - 2014-08-18
    How do you deal with her poop?
Wynn Smith - 2007-02-19
Generally when people use the term "white dove" they are referring to a bird that can be used for ceremonial release. We must educate people on this subject. Too many people are releasing domesticated ringneck doves into the wild where they can't survive and they die. A better alternative is one of white homing pigeons referred to as a "Release Dove" or "Release Duv". These birds are bred for their homing ability and return safely home after a release. A "Release Dove" is typically a white racing pigeon that is as big and muscled as a typical racing pigeon. These are bred to race home as quickly as possible. In contrast, a "Release Duv" is not a racing pigeon, but a smaller white pigeon with homing ability, that has been specifically bred for ceremonial release. They tend to be tamer, smaller, and a bit more onamental. They circle well and they return home from long distances, having been crossed with endurance breeds such as the tippler.

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  • Eli - 2014-08-17
    How can you tell the difference? I have been caring for a smaller white bird who was found hurt in my drive by a neighbor. Knowing that I had pigeons, he thought this bird was one of my own. But this bird is much smaller, delicate, and more fearful. I am really trying to figure out what he needs and how to help.
Anonymous - 2014-08-17
Today we said goodbye to our beautiful white dove Ava. We enjoyed her gentle spirit and soothing cooing for 26 years. Farewell Aca!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-08-18
    Doves are such nice pleasant birds, My sympathy for your loss,  I'm sure she will be very much missed in your home.
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Pauline Bras - 2014-08-17
My patagonian conure has for the last four weeks had a lame left wing which seems to only get worse It is not broken but hr just lets it hang and does not use it at all please help any suggestions what could have caused this he did not hurt himself

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    sony - 2014-08-16
    i like canary

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    Carol Wright - 2014-08-14
    yesterday when we got up our Jenday conure was missing two toes,we battled the whole day to help him, it took us time and patience to get the swelling down and had to call the vet about bleeding (dont have a vet here)and this morning when I looked to see why he is looking more unbalanced, he has bitten off one of the back toes, why is he doing this, he keep on picking at the toes,he is with a Sun conure, female who had laid over 40 eggs since last year,none fertile as they one is Jenday & sone Sun conure,we give them healty food, take them for vitamin injections when we do go to a town where there is a Vet , but the pair have always been so content, never locked in a cage, sit on our shoulders,I dont know what to do, is there anyone who can give me some advice please

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    • Clarice Brough - 2014-08-14
      Wow, your poor conure.  These birds are quite active and love to chew, so they need lots of toys to chew on and several perches for lots of activities. But biting off it's own toes is very concerning... and unusual. Don't know what the problem could be, but I suggest you get an avian vet to do a physical and some things you can also ask about are gout, possible vitamin B deficiency, calcium deficiency, and maybe parathyroid glands. All the best to you both.
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    viv - 2014-08-06
    i have no idea how to sex a cock and hen in A dutch frill, can someone help please?

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    • Clarice Brough - 2014-08-13
      Adult canaries are very difficult to sex, even for the experts. The only absolute method is that just the females will lay eggs. Beyond that, males (cocks) will tend to sing more and have a stronger song than females, but during a molt or in the winter they may sing less, or not at all.

      Checking the vent / cloaca identify sex is very difficult, as unlike mammals, the differences aren't very distinctive. Only during breeding is it possible to see variations. Blow away the feathers of the vent, the skin leading up to the vent on the male is elongated and prominent, and the vent itself is narrow. On the female the skin is flat or only slightly raised, and the vent is rounder and flatter. Still these differences are not very evident, and are only possible to detect at the height of breeding season.
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    Bre - 2014-04-23
    My mother owns a mexican red head amazon parrot and he is an amazing bird. He never stops talking and when you give him a shower he screams ow and stop. He loves popcorn and bread. He is not just a bird, he is family.

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    • Gail Goode - 2014-08-13
      My first Amazon Parrot was given to me by a boyfriend 37 years ago when he was two years old. So that makes him approx 40 yrs. I had many Amazon's , but he was the best of all. Super social , went to everyone and a fair talker. I just recently read that the Bird was on the endangered list !! Just trying to confirm!
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    Lee - 2014-08-09
    My 4 yr old Senegal has taken up attacking the dog! She is down right mean about it..... what can I do?

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    • Limubhuiya - 2014-08-11
      I suggest that you separate the dog away from your Senegal.
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    Kaleemullah - 2014-06-25
    Hi I have one pair of diamond doves but there is some problem when the male comes near to the female then the female fights with the male. Why is the female doing this please help me?

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    • Renee - 2014-08-10
      Are these new doves? I think if the female had a mate somewhere else like at the pet store, maybe she is still thinking she is paired with him... Since they are monogamous. It may take some time. I'm still fairly new to this as well

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