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Reid Welch, Miami Fl - 2003-08-20
Seeing this picture reminds me of my first parrot- obtained in 1968 when I was 14 years old. What a great friend, wonderful pet it was! Certainly it was a captured bird, and had spent time on a farm in its native land. It never talked a word, but had a full repetoire of farm animal sounds, from "quack" to rooster crows, dog barking, cow mooing, etc. I had the great imagination (not!) to name the bird Quack. He needed no training, but was tame from day one. Would lay on his back in my hand, ride the handle bars of my bicycle, "read" books with me, obligingly puncturing the right front corner of each page as turned. With Quack I never needed a bookmarker! His attempts at human speech were mumbles more than articulations. The bird had a built-in clock. He ONLY screamed when he knew I was due home from school. Often, as I walked the last block to home that was when the bird set up his raucous scream- to be let out of the cage and be with me.

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Gomez - 2003-08-20
I live in Puerto Rico And buy a nanday of fourth months ,hes very lovable a said his name in three weeks i teach him with a cd and my voice ,hes learning fast and loves to sit on my showlder and eat wathever i eat ,i need to know what exercises i can use to extend his intelligence.

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bill - 2003-08-19
Hi Kathryn,
I regards to your question, I have a 3 year old Sun Conure named Gazoo, about the only thing I can get him to say is "Hello" which he learned all on his own when he was about 10 months old. Beside "Hello" he has learned no other words.

From my understanding Sun Conures are not very good talkers, but I have discovered they are good at mimicing sounds, and they are a ton of fun. Although Sunnies are not good talkers, but like all parrots they are very intelligent, and the more you hang out with your bird the more you will appreciate their intelligence, whether or not he/she ever learns to talk much.

Best Regards,

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michelle (australia) - 2003-08-17
I own a lutino (white and yellow) cockatiel that is very cute, she loves my company and spends lots of time out the cage on my shoulder, my brother also has a male cinnamon pied that is equally as nice we plan on breeding them when they are older thats how much we love this species!
flicky my brothers is only 6 mounths and is showing signs of the talking ability as he mimics my dogs squeeky toy!
I would recommend them to anyone intrested in cockatoos as cockateils are similar in looks and personality but cockatoos are harder to look after

michelle - 2003-08-17
i know of an older bird called "cheekie" in Australia recorded at 33 in march of 2000

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Shelly & Jody Ward - 2003-08-17
We have 2 of these fun birds. Freckle and Jeckle both came from the same breeding pair, and we believe them both to be boys. We have raised them since they were each 6 months old like our children. They are very lovable, smart and entertaining.
Unfortunalty our lives have changed and we are in a situation where we need to find them a new home. They are very loud and someone should have room for an aviary in their yard for them to play during the day.
We live on our boat in San Diego and find that the places we intend to travel will not allow us to take them with us. Please write to us if you are interested and tell us your situation.

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anne merrill - 2003-08-17
our fabulous pachino, a beautiful bue/white parakeet died today, suddenly, i cried hours, he had a unique, loving and attentive personality...god bless him...

PeesMaw - 2003-08-17
We have a blue parakeet named Periwinkle (Peee-Diddy for short. He is very sweet and loving and loves to fight with our fingers when he is on the back of the chair. He also loves to try and pry my earrings off! He sits on our heads and plays with our hair, too.

I want to let everyone know a good tip ... the parakeets love greens, so we buy ours a pot of grass at the pet store and keep it moist for him. He especially loves it when we pull the grass out and hold the white root out for him to chew on. Mmmmm, mmmmm ... that is his favorite part!

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kate unsworth - 2003-08-16
they are beautiful to hug and pat i think of them as a dog because they are so friendly

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Melissa Craddock - 2003-08-15
I have an 8 month old Timneh named Kyzer. I got him when he was 8 weeks old. He is very much a part of the family now. He is like having a clown in the house! We enjoy him so much! He does demand alot of time and attention, but he is well worth it! He whistles quite often, but has only said "hello" so far. He seems rather intelligent and we cannot wait to see his growth from day to day!


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