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DAWN - 2003-10-13
My conure is realy daft he plays with tennis balls and macdonalds soft toys. He also plays with my pet dog and likes been tickled on his tummy. He is very noisy hes a stinker!

joyce - 2003-10-12
I have a mitred conure name jeckle. What a joy he is. He speaks and has a very good vobcabulary. He says "what are you doing", "whats a matter jeckle", "ma", sneezes, coughs and yells for help.

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sonic - 2003-10-09
My sun conure is 5 months old. His name is Fruitloop. He already says papa and hello. He hardly ever screams except when he gets real excited or hears another bird outside. Sometimes he calls in the morning when we get up or just before bedtime. Most of the other sun conures I have seen scream alot more than he does.

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Bryan - 2003-10-04
We have two Green Napped Lorries in our house. When we first got them {Fred and Barney} they had not had alot of good owners and were quite scared of people. This has changed for the better since we have had them for almost three years. I enjoy the playful spirit both birds have. I have heard them called the clowns of the bird world, and this fits them perfectly. Never before have I seen a bird roll on its back and grab my fingers while still on its back. I also have never had a bird who one minute could bite my finger then come up lick my nose. These two have really taken my heart, they are just so very loving.

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cynthia - 2003-09-28
One day my mom and myself were walking out of petsmart. A lady was walking to the store with a nanday and i told her what a beautiful bird. The woman asked me if i wanted her. She said the birds name was 2k i said sure. well to make a long story short, 2k is very happy she gets to come out of her cage when she is ready the first day she was very nippy but now she is fine.She gets along with my children and myself. She a pleasure to have with our family and she rules the roost


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Reg Langlois - 2003-09-28
Hello, you might like to take a look at my aviary webcam, its live and running 24 hours a day. .... and click on webcams

Reg Langlois.

Lauren - 2003-09-21
Parakeets are wonderful pets!

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TJ - 2003-09-18
We have a boy Dusky, named Deui (Day-you). We bought him as a friend for our for our girl Gold Capped conure. Deui has proven to be a real fun bird. He is very sweet and loves to be on my shoulder. His favorite activity is chewing on my ear lobe... Deui is a great eater too.


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paul - 2003-09-13
I once had a umbrella, it was the best bird Ive ever had. I have asthma and the powder they give off made it worse. I have never had a bird since I got rid of him, but I have been saving up for a african gray for almost 2 years. I cant wait to get another bird!

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Brenda - 2003-09-11
We have had our Timneh, Mya, for about a month and she is a sweetheart. She is around 7 months old and is already chattering and whistling up a storm. She is accepting of the whole family and we would recommend the Timneh. I had to do some talking to get my husband to buy a Timneh over a Congo but he definately has no regrets now. These birds are awesome!


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