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richard abel - 2004-04-01
I also have a bluffon. Cece, he came to me a from a very nice lady who could not handle him. These guys are very strong and large(1300+ Grams)so they are not for the first time bird owner or one that the beak scares.

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Penny Benson - 2004-03-19
I have a severe macaw named Fred. I bought him from a woman who had a day care and also had a cockatoo. He was very uphappy when I went to see him. He had no tail feathers and was mostly brown because of constant preening. His owner said she kept him in his cage most of the time because of the children. Anyway, I purchased him that night and have had him for alittle over a year. He finally has molted and his tail feathers are beautiful. He is a wonderful companion. He loves me very much and tries to repeat everything I say. When I ask him anything that starts with "do" he always says "all right". He is a total crack-up. Since then I purchased a cag. Fred is very jealous of him, but tolerates him just the same.
He is teaching the cag how to talk. Fred is so intelligent. I had no idea these birds were so wonderful!!!

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Arianna Crespo - 2004-03-16
i think goffins are very cute birds because i have a goffin too and they are great.

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Karen Bretana - 2004-03-16
I have a rainbow loriket. Her name is Skittles. We got her from Petco about 2 years ago. She is a very loving bird. She gives kisses, makes all kinds of sounds, and talks. She loves to talk to our other red lory named Gookie. They are in seperate cages. We bought them these plastic bird baths and they sleep in them. These birds amaze me. They are so intelligent and so much fun. When Gookie is getting to loud, Skittles will shout "SHUTUP". They will mimic you so you must watch what you say. They are a lot of work but well worth it.

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Kath - 2004-03-16
I have a beautiful turquouise budgie!

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Filomena Dupuis - 2004-03-15
I have had Peter, a grey cockatiel, for 12 years now. He is a well-natured, very calm bird. However, fully taming him has been a challenge, partly because he had a partner up until 3 years ago. Peter has discovered a love lately. He loves sailing. We live on board our 30 ft. sailboat during the summer for approximately 10 weeks. Now I know why pirates carried parrots. My cockatiel is a hoot on board a boat. Peter flourished, he whistled contently, started imitating Terns. I was hoping he would mock a loon, but that did not happen. His plumage improved immensely due to the humidity and different weather. He was outdoors underneath the dodger all day, except for rainy periods and during our voyages. He slept inside the cabin at night. We would often be approached by other boaters on their dinghies wondering where the "unnatural" bird sounds were coming from. Peter has his way of complaining when we sail in rough weather he screams and screeches. When the conditions improved, he would start his happy whistle. He is going to be sailing with us every year. I could not stand to leave him home alone and only having someone to come in daily to care for him.

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kathy - 2004-03-10
We have had birds for a year and a half now, but just got our baby blue and gold about a month ago. He is a totally different experience. He is such a joy to be with. He is seven months old and so loving. He loves for you to hug him and kiss him. He will lay on his back for you to tickle his belly and laughs. He follows us around like a little puppy. Our family says we talk about our birds more than most people do about their kids. I tell them that is alright because they are our kids.

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Erin - 2004-03-07
i love this site for animal information!!! it is so helpful to learn about the animal at home for backround info and then talk to the pet store. your site is awesome. again i say that it is almost the most helpful site for animals.

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Chuck - 2004-03-07
I have a 20 year old timneh named Damascus ( due to the damascus steel like pattern her feathers make) she loves to mimic my car alarm
the microwave the phone, chopping noise from the kitchen , when I am clipping my nails she makes the same clic -clic -clic she will shake claw, do two type of flapping, dance, circle, get in her cage when told to all on command. This is a bird that needs love interaction and stimulus, you can not just put it in a cage and look at it you have to make it part of your flock. A vey loving and intelligent bird!

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Erin - 2004-03-07
i have a second hand quaker and this site really helped fix some problems!!! i was amazed by how much he improved just from the help of this site.


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