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CRUZ - 2004-02-19


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Darlene - 2004-02-16
I have a lilac crowned amazon he is a 4 to 5 yr old male. He talks and etc. He is a beauiful bird.

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Beckie - 2004-02-15
I have a Greenwing & a Blue & Gold. Both are fantastic but the Greenwing stole my heart the first time I met him. They have the most fantastic characters, real lovable, gentle giants..!!

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Katie Douglas - 2004-02-10
Tiki (tea-key) is my beautiful one year old green cheeked conure, who is a lively yet calm little girl. She loves fruit such as grapes, oranges and apples, and her all time favorite snack is sunflower seeds. Tiki loves having baths and playing in the water, she immitates the sound of water as well. Tiki loves to be on my shoulders and at night time she snuggles in my neck under my hair. Her vocabulary is increasing each month, and she says and immitates the words and sounds that I say to her. She is a smart girl. Tiki is good in my jeep when we travel, and she has her own traveling cage. Her favorite toys are her hanging bell and her ball with a bell in it. Someone mentioned about the life span. I have read anywhere from 10-35 years. I hope Tiki is with me forever! She is my little side kick.

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Jamie Goule - 2004-02-09
cool bird man were ya get it ,1 of da coolest birds ive ever seen but man ive sid sum gudons so i wud def want 1 of dem

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Smmy - 2004-02-08
I want a parakeet badly and after showing my parents this site they are considering it! Thank you!

Jill - 2004-02-08
They look so easy to take care of why not get one!

Jessie Comingdeer - 2004-02-03
I have two parakeets and one layed an egg and I am not sure what to do?

kc - 2004-01-29
i just received 5 budgie parakeets and they are worth my time . they are sweet and love to sing .

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Nicholas - 2004-01-28
I bought a pair of zebra finches about 6 months ago. I enjoyed their cute littlness, their abnoxious song, I absolutly love em. They have hatched four babies and i have had to buy another cage. They love to play, they jump on their swing and swing and swing then jump over to ther house and play what it seems like hide and seek with each other. Granted they are not very good people birds they are like fish they are fun to watch.


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