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Stacey - 2004-06-17
i have a 5 week old lorikeet who loves to come out of her cage. if you leave him/her in the cage he/she will start to make all sorts of weired noises and wont shutup untill she is let out. Scooby is a real sweety.

I urge anyone whishing to buy a lorrikeet to please reasearch as much as possible first and to ensure you can spend adequate time with your bird.

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Will Richmond - 2004-06-16
I have been raising Molucccan Cockatoos , well a pair anyway, now for over ten years , I plead to you this do not let them live their lives alone , get them mates and suffer the rages.```

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darling denise Buffington - 2004-06-15
hello fellow parrot lovers. I have two CAGs one cockatoo and my new 3 year old blue and gold who is a rescue. in fact three out of four of my babies are rescues. heres the question to anyone out there.
Kala, my new babe has fit in and settled very nicely with our family and is a part of the flock, with all my others being boys cept my 18 year old female CAG I have never had to deal with, well female puberty! And Shes got it big time, she tore all the papers from the bottom of her cage. I tried brown paper bags, white paper towels, due to not wanting her to get sick from ink, until finally I used old regular towels to line the bottom of her cage now, she has dragged all the towels up, made a nest, wont poop in her cage and the other am laid her first egg. unfertilized since I dont breed. WoW! What do I do! have lots of different options but love your site and would love an answer how do I get her up off the floor from her home made nest, and poop in her cage again? I am getting her HIgh Potency food to make up for the calcium loss and her health is wonderful the egg was perfect, but my my; she just wants to you know
what all the time I here her in her cage LOL, and I am at odds of just what to do thanks!

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Laura Millard - 2004-06-13
I am answering the question, has anyone had a budgie that talked. I had a green parakeet that lived to be 10 years, his name was Petey. And, yes he could talk. I would take him out everyday and say the same phrases to him over and over again when he was young. Every word he was taught stayed with him for his life. I have tapes I made of him talking. He was so used to me handling him that I could put his little head on a tiny pillow and cover him up with a doll blanket up to his shoulders! My parents thought he was dead the first time they had witnessed this great trust.
lmillard 6/13/04

Karen M - 2004-06-12
Budgies make the greatest Pets! Bought 1 a yr. ago and felt bad about her being all alone so i bought another one. Did not "pick her out" just told the fellow at the pet store to get the easiest one to catch. They were all to sweet to pick just one. Have to stay out of pet stores for fear of owning a large flock of these birds. Have to order suplies online.

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CHANTELLE - 2004-06-09
I Have a 2-year-old male ringneck named chicken! I have had him since he wes just 10 days old. He talks and is very affectionate, he loves giving kisses (acoompanied by the appropriate moises, of course). He is very clever and loves his toyw (which he tosses onto the floor as quickly as he can, one of his favourite games). He likes to put a small toy into a deoderant cap and shake it like a rattle, or uses one toy as a bat and the other as a ball and runs around on the carpet "playing hockey". He is the cutest little thing ever and I love him to bits. NOTE: They need a lot of attention and are not quiet about letting you know about it.

Anonymous - 2004-06-04
We have a turquoise female named Indigo who is definately a little bird with a big personality. At a little over a year in age, she already has quite a vocabulary and loves to give kisses. She truely is a charmer.

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Brandy - 2004-05-30
I have rescued three Green Cheeked Amazons, they were only a few days old when my husband found them at work. He thought they had died so he left them alone, they next day they were still alive and the parents were nowhere in sight. He brought them home and we have saved their little lives. They are going on 4 weeks old now. This is my first experience with hand feeding birds. Actually these are our first pets! If anyone else has had experience raising these types of Amazons I would love to communicate. I have some questions that concern me about their behavior. A few times in the morning they will hiss at me and snap. Maybe they are hungry. Feedings stop at 9:30pm until 6:00am. Or maybe they are scared. Who knows. They are very lovable and love to have their heads rubbed. I am now teaching them how to perch, soon will start weaning foods and moving them into a cage. Anyone with advice or experience can email me at

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Angelika - 2004-05-27
I just love my little white eyed conure. His name is Picaro and he has us all wrapped around his little foot.

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SLISS FAMILY - 2004-05-25
We have a rose breasted cockatoo for over 3 years. She is very caring and loves to be around people and other animals. She is over 3 and a half years old. We talk her out whenever we can (most times) with a harness. This type of parrot is the best we have ever seen!!! She will be with us always and she is a great alarm system when any one or other animal is around the home! These bird are not biters but will peck sometimes for play!


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