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Amy Thompson - 2004-10-20
I have a green african ringneck named Buddy. She is a rascal. She loves men and me of course. She loves to play with pop bottles on the floor. She joustes with them and pushes them all over the floor. What a scamp. She meows like a cat and loves to play games. I am so glad I rescued her. We are going to be great pals.
Amy 2004-10-20

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Alliswhat4 - 2004-10-19
Hello, i have a Harlequin Macaw female Terra. she is a dream come true for me. i always wanted a full-sized macaw. she is 19 months old, and very lovable!!! she is so precious to me and my boyfriend. she has a good vocabulary, very demanding too. she eats all kinds of foods i make plus her treats etc. she is also around 4 other parrots that we have. she does scream alot when i walk by her cage. she spends all of her time with me. or on top of her cage playing. she is a big clown too. we got her from previous owners who could not keep her anymore. they didnt have the time to spend with her. i do. we love her to pieces. she comes looking for me anytime she wants me or screams for my attention. she is so spoiled, lol!!! and by the way, she looks exactly like the Catalina Macaw. she is a gorgeous bird!!!

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Alliswhat4 - 2004-10-19
Hi, i have a pair of yellow collared macaws. neiko and zoozoo. still young but cant wait til they produce babies. she has laid eggs, but nothing fertile yet. i think they are still pretty young. but they both are clowns and love me to pieces. i recommend them for first time parrot buyers too. they were my first macaws i bought. now i have a harlequin macaw. i also own an african grey female, quaker female. altogether, i have 5 birds and i love them all and all of them are spoiled!!! how can we not spoil them? when we have lovable birds like i have, we just cannot resist!!!

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Elaine Combs - 2004-10-18
I have one that is very adventuresome. He will not stay in his
cage. Now he has lost his tail feathers. But they will grow back.

eric - 2004-10-16
Hi I have a budgie (parakeet) that is very sweet. Visit his website to see him. WWW.GEOCITIES.COM/OPUSDAPARROT

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Tracey Lenz - 2004-10-14
I have had my senegal friend for 15 years and just a few days ago I had to put her down. She was one of the best friends that I could have asked for. She could talk up a storm and now my house seems so empty and quiet. She makes my quaker sound quiet. When the time comes again to buy a new bird, I will get another senegal. They are clowns and can make you laugh even if you had a really bad day.
Rest in Peace, my little one......til we meet again........

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Alliswhat4 - 2004-10-13
i have a female harlequin macaw. and she is a very loving, playful bird. she is 19 months old, and her name is terra. she has bonded with me only it seems, although she does love her "papa". she would rather be with me period!!! i cannot walk by her without her screaming. she demands attention 24/7. she has plenty to play and amuse herself. but, its always me she wants!!! but screaming is my problem, any ideas?

Lydia Hays - 2004-10-12
i have had a harlequin macaw for 6-1/2 years - she is 8 years old and was given to me by a 75 year old customer after her husband died. Abigail was only 18 months old when i got her and she immediately bonded to me since i held her on my arm instead of on a stick. she is really sweet but only to me. she does not like anyone else, mainly because everyone else is scared of her. last week my baby brother passed away and i inherited his 5 year old umbrella cockatoo and i have put her cage right next to abigail - they seem to like each others company. i am wondering, if they can ever be put together or if they will they fight. Lydia Hays

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S. C. - 2004-10-06
My bird Tucker is about a year old. He is my first experience at a parrot larger than an English Budgie. I chose him (or her) because of the info about their steady personalities. I wanted a bird that was flexible, not obnoxiously loud and not an unpredictable biter. This guy is wonderful... He imitates lots of sounds that I create, has a handful of verbalizations and laughing and coughing sounds, most of which are legible, and imitates a number of animal sounds that I model for him... duck, cat meow, chicken, etc. He bites rarely and never me. He is clearly my bird but I have exposed him to lots of other people encouraging them to hold him and touch him. He travels well. We have a second home in my home town that we visit most weekends. Tucker comes with us. I harness trained him while I visited at the bird store well before he came home to live. This makes him very versatile. I take him in the car as often as I can, usually several times per week. He also goes to work in my gift shop one day per week for about 4 hrs. He has adapted well to all settings. We respect his need for time alone and when he is ready for bed. His signals are easy to read and we respect them. By the same token we set limits and boundaries for him and his behavior. He is very respectful of the fact that we do not believe in birds on the shoulder. He is just a wonderful breed of parrot. I would gladly get another pionus without a doubt.

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lildevil/tomboy - 2004-10-03
you should have more information on wild canaries, but your sites pretty good otherwise.


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