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Chris Wilson - 2005-01-30
Avocado is also a big no-no.

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Tanya - 2005-01-30
This is so great! I have a Bluffon, but never knew what type of macaw he is until now. People have told me several times that mine was probably a mix between a military and blue and gold, and I thought they were right because of the very few red feathers on the bridge of his nose, but then I see this beautiful bird above and I swear it is just like looking at my bird. Thank you for posting the picture.

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chuck collins - 2005-01-28
My soon to be 6 year old female Scarlet is a joy and wonder to be with. She is out of her nippy stage, a firm look and time broke her of this. Biting/nipping is NOT allowed ever. I can handle her at all times and she loves it. BUT she will not go to other people. she is around lots of people but is not inclined to step up for anyone.
She is a great talker with a large list of spokem words like "time to go nighty night" when the sun goes down. Regards to all from Chilli and chuck

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jessica - 2005-01-25
I have an Alexandrine Parakeet named Frankie, he has just started getting his ring around his neck and a few pink feathers. He is about 15 months old and isnt very friendly while in his cage, but when out of the cage he sometimes gets very mean. He is now just starting to talk infront of my family and me. Im his owner i dont understand why he dosent be friendly towards me. He says a few words like hello, Pretty Boy, Frankie boy and he also mumbles which is really funny to listen to. Maybe it will take him a while to get used to me

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cory tymson - 2005-01-25
The Catalina is an extremly beautiful bird, I own a Military Macaw named Fenix,I could only imagine owning another bird as beautiful as the Catalina. Smashing colors, so cool!

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pete vetrano - 2005-01-24
all i can say is that i have congo grey, his name is puppy. only those who have greys can really appreciate and understand how playfull and smart these guys really are. i have had mine for about a year now an he`s like part of the family. when hes feeling left out...thats when he starts makin noises that i cant even describe. as far as playful...he loves it when we play tag, and somtimes i swear it seems like he`s laughing. but in short i highly recommend the grey. anybody considering purchasing a grey, when you get it your in for a treat. its like havin a kid. treat it like one and trust me...amazed will be an understatement

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Nicole suarez - 2005-01-23
Polly my blue parakeet is the cute social bird

randy - 2005-01-20
My paretkeet is well trained she always comes back to me and shes very friendly.

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Kristi - 2005-01-18
We have had Zeus, our female cockatoo, since she was a baby ... her feathers were just coming in .. boy she was ugly! LOL We allowed the pet store to wean her until she dropped her lunch meal then I took her home and hand fed her the rest of the way. She is now aprox 3 going on 4 years now. She is the sweetest bird a person could ask for. She is not usual in the cockatoos as in that she is not a big yeller .. although when she actually does decide to scream she makes up for all her past silence ... right now she is over preening herself so we are trying to discover why she is doing this. But she is a big baby and would suggest to anyone looking for a snuggle bird to consider the Umbi ... but please research your purchase and understand the cockatoo before purchasing.

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Ridewaan - 2005-01-18
I have a peach fronted and a green cheeked conure. The latter for 2 years. I have taught my green cheek (Kosie) to respond on request. His feather are fully grown and he flies around the house as he wishes. One day he flew out by the back door left open and returned back 15 minutes later. I was at work at the time and only found out about this 2 days later. Kosie likes Tea and Coffee. He talks a lot but his words are not very clear. I had many types of birds for many years and i think that the green cheeked conures are among the most intelligent birds.


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