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Jamie - 2004-11-14
Budgies are lovely pets and can do everything a cat/dog can do if trained properly.

daniel - 2004-11-13
I have a budgie named Charlie- he is the best green friend i have- I got him for my birthday in March and he has been a joy ever since.

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Cindy Steele - 2004-11-09
I have a male B&G named Jasper. He is now 2 1/2. We adopted him from the breeder when he was 1 yr old. He is definately a mama boy and I cannot imagine my life without him. Sometimes my husband thinks I love Jasper more than him. LOL. Jasper has an extensive vocabulary. He is now saying "Mama" and I say "yes sweetheart", and then he says "I love you mama" and I answer "I love you to Jasper". He is truely a joy and one of the loves of my life. C. Steele

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Guy - 2004-11-09
We rescue macaws and place in breeding programs.

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Zulfiqar - 2004-11-08
I thinks its a very Informative website, So I Giving best Wish to hole staff
of this website and i said to these people make it more more Informative. its a very Good website about the birds and if i can help you i really Glad to do your help in searching the information about these birds. Keep it up. Thanks.

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Lorie - 2004-11-07
Sammy is nnow going on 17 years. I bought him when he was 7 weeks old and he had to be hand fed as he was not yet weaned. He has never grown out of being hand fed. Each morning he has a tablespoon of hot cereal with honey and applesauce. I started "potty training" him when he was young so now let me know when he wants down by either saying "Sammy wants to potty" or if I hold him, he nibbles my ear. He says quite a lot but has become quite agressive toward anyone who comes near me if he he feels intimated by them. I would not trade him for anything as he is a great companion but he does get noisy when he wants attention or wants to be outside the cage. We built a Madrona tree for him to climb around on. He would rather be on it than caged.

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Angela Davies - 2004-10-28
I bought Whiskey at a pet shop and she would not go in the cage but sat on my shoulder for the drive home. She loves me to take her out in the car and especially to visit the old peoples home to see my Father. I now have a second one, grey this time, and he is talking and whistling tunes.

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Judy Cox - 2004-10-26
I too rescued a young red cheek from a "bag lady peddler" type of woman. She had him in a dish drain covered with screen. The bird could not stand up to see his size. I fell in love when he said "hello" to me. The bird did not have all the colors covering the face and head so I assumed the bird was young. When I realized the bird ate with the foot holdng the peanut I knew the bird was
awesome. I called him Jimbo after my husband Jim. He loves mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, chicken legs and especially pizza. He is my friend forever and goes to no-one but me, so he will be mine for
ever, 6-years now and going. It would be a good idea to give yours lots of love. I hear they are near extinction for lack of breeding. Keep in touch. JC

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Lucy - 2004-10-24
i have my seneagal parrot for five years and she is my life. apart from that she has the best personality, she hates men, but, if ur a man and eating a crisp or a chip then she becomes ur best friend. then when u have ran out she bites u.
jess can mimic most things but does not speak. if she doesnt like an item of food that u put in her cage, jess will then pick it up and throw it out of her cage.
jess knows my walk and sings her heart out when i get up in the morning, and when i walk in to the house.
jess snezzes when i do, coughs when i do, and even farts when i do, and she doesnt like me when i have my back turned
jess i love u, u are my life

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Robert Johnson - 2004-10-23
I have a 2 year old Nanday Conure, the name we have chosen is rascal.... and boy does he live up to his name!!! These birds can be wonderful companions!!! Mine just loves to cuddle with anyone who will hold a finger out to him! Recently we recieved another bird, a blue fronted amazon, and he is very talkative. Low and behold after spending a few weeks together (in seperate cages of course...) I just about had a heart attack when my little nanday said "comere"!!! he actually talked!!! a few days later as I reached to answer the phone, I was surprised by the lil sound behind me that said "Hello"!!!! This species of bird is widely accepted as a non talkative bird, capable of imitating simple sounds at best!! Guess I have an exception! Anyways, on occassion he does scream but its usually only for 10-20 seconds at a time, and not that often... We absolutely love him to death!!! He is very inquisitive and tends to explore alot around the house.. I think he has found every lil cubby hole we have lol!!! anyways, read up on these birds before you buy them as they take alot of love and attention to have a well mannered bird... sadly the blue fronted amazon we received came from an owner who could not provide the love and attention, and couldnt take anymore of the Biting... so looked to get rid of it... Im proud to say that he has shaped up nicely with a little TLC!!!


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