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Joanne Landis - 2004-05-05
I cannot imagine a more delightful bird! Our Bart is eight years old and has an extensive vocabulary, including phrases and imitations. He is not aggressive and allows hugs. He will also turn over for a belly rub and will hold our fingers in his mouth, while he bobs his head to give us a regurgitated treat. We have many birds, including a charming Cockatoo and a naughty Conure, but none as entertaining and sweet as our Catalina, Big Bart. I am so grateful for the experience.
Joanne Landis, Drexel Hill, PA

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Jaime - 2004-05-04
My partner used to have an African Gray as pet back in New York City. Now we have a 2 year old Meyer named Diego. His former owner moved to England and could not take Diego with Him. Diego is a great bird, very affectionate and very personable. He is not very talkative but gives kisses and loves to be held close to neck. One funny activity he likes to do is play with my partner

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Sean Paul - 2004-05-01
Just got a Lutino Cockatiel today.. shes amazing and quite beautiful.. was a great find... so far were getting along famiously like weve known each other for a long long time.

Right now shes sitting on top of my head playing with my hair reading what Im putting here, guess I better only say good things :)

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Amri Ahmad - 2004-04-29
I have a male White Cockatoo his name is Alba. He is two years old. From what I discover the White Cockatoo is the best bird for petting. This is because compared to the other parrots that I have eg: Orange Winged & Jardine Parrot, the White Cockatoo is the best.

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Ilim - 2004-04-29
Hi, I always had budgies since I was around five but never really bothered (unfortunately) to learn about them.But nowadays I have a little greenish male budgie. He is four and I was beginning to worry about him because somebody told me that budgies live until 6 years. Anyway, he is a great little guy who loves to fluff himself up and play mock fights with me. He would bob his head and pump his little beak on my finger while making funny noises. But he never pecks. Anyway, thanks for this great website, I know a lot about my Golden Retriever and now I am beginning to train myself on my budgie and I hope to make our relationship better! Thanks

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Sarah - 2004-04-29
I have a green Indian Ringneck at home named Kiki and she(or we think it is a she. We will not be able to tell intil he reaches the age of 2 years old. Then if he gets a blackish ring around his neck, then it will be a male. If not it is a female) is a true character. She loves to be on top of his cage more than anything.(even more then spending time with me) She will kind of put out her wings and start pinning her eyes and will walk around her cage like she owns it. If you are looking for a sweet bird that will not bite a lot then a male ringneck is a good option. Female ringnecks tend to be more apt to bit.

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Carol Phillips - 2004-04-26
I love Quaker Parrots. I raise them and there are so many different colors (and more and more colors being developed). Each has its own personality.
A Quaker is a fantastic bird!

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Anca - 2004-04-22
These birds even have their own personality and sense of humor! One the the "humorous" tricks Coco has played on me was flying out of his cage and hiding in the back corner of the room, while I am freaking out because I thought he flew away, he started laughing and mimicking me calling his name over and over again. Hes the sweetest bird I know though. I cant imagine life without his noises and whistling in the back.

Meg - 2004-04-20
congo grays rock!

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Arianna Crespo - 2004-04-19
Goffins are so great to be as a pet. They are very playful parrots they love to stay out of the cage at all times.They are sweet parrots but, if you are nice to them they will be nice to you.


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