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Kent - 2004-12-26
I got to know (more-or-less) a Scarlet Macaw in the 1980s when I was staying in a hotel in the Yucatan. The building was in the depths of the forest, and had windows without glass and a ground floor that opened on all sides to the jungle. The bird, I imagine, was quite old. It had no cage, just wandered around the ground floor of the hotel. I never saw it leave the building. It yammered to itself incessantly, and had a broken wing which it dragged along the floor. Seemingly a very unhappy bird. It definitely did not like to be bothered; if you got in its way it would yowl at you. I always felt sorry for it. It think its life was going badly. I stayed at the hotel for a month, working on a screenplay, and saw a small army of tourists come and go. Everyone was introduced to the bird, and most ended up being quite wary of it. Sometimes, during dinner in the dining room, it would just stand at the far side of the room and watch the guests eat.

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Jessie - 2004-12-24
I have a six year old Yellow Collared named Elvis. Elvis is quite the character. He is not a good talker, but he makes up for it in his personality. He is a bit hyperactive, but a great pet.

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Alexander Benvenuto - 2004-12-21
Hello...I was the one who posted about having Cici anyway that was in July now i have 3 cockatiels lone lutino and two normal grey and i also have 3 Budgies.

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geri - 2004-12-18
I bought a green cheek today for our family..she is 6 months old and very sweet...she crys like a cat...we got rid of our cats and now we have a bird that sounds like one....i hope she will be a great talker...we will love and spend lots of time with her

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Sabrina - 2004-12-18
I have a cockatoo. it is so loving. I take her everywhere I go. she is always sitting on the steering wheel. she is comforting on bad days.

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Manny - 2004-12-17
My conure, also named Peaches (name give by previous companion), was bought in Eureka, CA. It was around 3 years old when bought in 2002. It demands attention in the mornings and can get very vocal. Other than that, it is a sweet and caressing bird. It nibbles at my neck, hair, lips, nose....well, all over my face. I ask it "gimme a kiss" and it leans over to kiss me while making a kissing noise simultaneously. Whenever it is fed, it says "thank you" several times and it loves its showers! It mimics a cats "meow" and makes chicken noises. Peaches has been a good addition to the family

P.S. Peaches has been having fits in the morning and afternoon and screams almost non-stop for a while. It screams continuously in intervals. Any suggestions or comments on what can be wrong or what i can do will be appreciated

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Vince - 2004-12-14
Double Yellow Headed Amazons are a great companion, but to understand and co-exist with this species you must understand they must have their personal space. They have a "bubble" that surrounds them and if you understand and respect the amazon quirks these parrots can be a great companion. At least in my expereiance.

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Vince - 2004-12-14
My mollucan cockatoo Sulu is one of the most active birds I own. if she is not chewing all the wood in the house, she is screaming "I am cute, you are not" at the top of her lungs. She is just like a two year old and she makes you work hard, but she is worth the effort.

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corey - 2004-12-12
I have had my bird for only 5 months. Though he is 13 years old and fully trained, he became hard to handle after a dog attacked him and now he has become nice. He hangs out with my 2 parakeets Scotty and Reggie.

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Eduardo Rodriguez - 2004-12-10

In the southern part of the island of Puerto Rico, in the city of Ponce were I live; there are flocks of the spice bird. We can see it
in the urban area, also picking the seeds left by the pet birds.
They eat the seed of the called "Hierba de Guinea", which is a grass
originally from Guinea in Africa; brought by the spaniards to feed

Eduardo Rodriguez
Ponce, Puerto Rico


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