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Avin - 2005-02-24
Never keep these birds in a cage. They will suffer tremendously. If you want to keep them provide them with spacious aviaries and they will be at their best. Please do not keep wild caught birds of this species as they are getting rarer by the day.

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mary barron - 2005-02-23
I just got my first senegal Parrot yesterday and he is very loving.

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Donald Cameron - 2005-02-21
I have only had my rosella for a couple of days now and its starting to show intrested in the whole family and is now flying about its cage and enjoys being tamed and handled

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Nicole Endres - 2005-02-18
Of my four parakeets, Paradise is my favorite. He has bright green feathers and a dark blue tail tip. Princess is Paradises new girlfriend. She has very light green/ light yellow wing feathers. She is very beautiful. I got 2 other birds. One is a blue grey all over and I named him Glory. The other is a white and blue making him look like the sky and I named him Rapid Storm. I love all my parakeets and mow I am looking foward to holding my aunts amazon. His name is Tweety and he is crazy in love with me. I never wanted to pick him up before but now I really want to.

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Leslie - 2005-02-16
Fellow Bird Fanciers,
I love my little Jo Bird. She is a 7 yr old Sun Conure. She can say about 15-20 words and make several sounds. She is on the top of the literal "pecking order" around our house. She has her bluff in on husband, kids, dogs and the cat...They make wide circles around her cage. She loves to show off and attention. She is an excellent doorbell, telephone and alarm clock. I never have to worry about any one sneaking up on me. She is a watch bird. If you are considering a conure as a pet- bear in mind they can be very LOUD! Patience and ability to endure screaming bouts are a must but well worth it in entertainment and returned affection.
Sunny in Texas

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PyscoFalcon - 2005-02-16
Merlin is my White-eyed conure and I rescued her 2 years ago. At first she was petrified of everything and would bite VERY hard. Now she says Ello Merlin and Ello.
These conures are listed CITES II in our country so there very rare here.

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Kady-2-14-05 - 2005-02-14
I have a cockatoo and he is very "attention wanting" Most people say that they are sweet kind natured birds but my cockatoo IS NOT!! Unless you hold him every second of the day he can get very grumpy and bite. He definitly has an attitude. The chewing part is correct, my bird has got to be immortal, he has eaten everything in the book that will kill a bird and hes still living. He has gotten a hold of cigerettes, plant fertilizer, permenent markers, elecrtrical wires, you name hes eaten it. He also has a very strange behavioral problem, he hates men, he will only go to women. When we first had him he loved my father to death and wouldnt let anyone touch him. It lasted all of about a week. He also likes trying to climb the lamp and he likes licking the light bulb when its like really hot, is this strange?

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Shelly - 2005-02-12
I recently purchased a peach front conure from a local pet store. We named her "Kiwi". She had her toe amputated about two weeks before I purchased her. She was still the sweetest bird! I could not resist when she cuddled both myself and my 17 yr old son. She is about 2 months old. It only took a couple of weeks before she started to speak. She says: hello, bye-bye, love you, and makes kissing noises when you say kissy-kissy. She loves anyone who will pay her attention! She is a wonderful addition to our family! When she squalks, she is just saying hello or wondering where you are. I just say "here I am" and pop back into the room and she stops. Kiwi likes coffee, too; but I wont let her have any since I read that caffeine is very bad for little bird hearts! Now she gets her next favorite- cranberry juice!

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Sarah - 2005-02-11
I just want everyone out there to be very careful when they choose a toy for their precious Lori. A lot of toys have metal chains which can be a health hazard. Because Lories have a mop like tongue they love the taste of anything-in particular metal. Also be careful with the choice of cage.Some cages are made from cheap metal. Im only speaking from first hand. My Charrlee past away due to my ignorance and lack of education towards his toys. I miss him every day. Like other Lori owners I had to buy another because the house was totally quiet without their beautiful yet cheeky personality. I am now much more aware about these precious lories

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Barbara Cavalier - 2005-02-09
I had 2 of these birds. they are very sweet birds. they are also very smart. They would come to me when I called their names. They followed me around like a dog. They are loud but are very good pets.


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