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Danica - 2005-04-20
I have a sun conure (chiko) and he is very playful. He loves toys and climbing. He also loves coming out of his cage. He is about 8 months old and has started talking and says what up and hello.

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cameron - 2005-04-20
the bestest macaws ever!

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erica - 2005-04-18
you rock

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Randy Crout - 2005-04-15
I am owned by a wonderful Military Macaw, Diego. I played with Diego in a local store for months and finally purchased him. Diego goes to all 3 children, children in the neighborhood, adult neighbors, friends and family. He will be 1 on May 5, 2005. Gentle, funny, cuddly and adorable Diego laughs and talks and wants to talk more as he tries hard to communicate with all of us. He did tell my loud Sun Conure to shut up the other day.

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Kathleen Bartholomew - 2005-04-14
I lived with a Lilac Crown for 20 years. Harry was incredibly clever, and the most affectionate parrot I ever met. He never got aggressive, even in breeding season - just very, very amorous! He tolerated a large family, was learning constantly throughout his life, and was in all ways the most marvellous animal I ever shared my life with.

I recommend the LCA for anyone who wants an affectionate parrot.

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DAWN - 2005-04-14
I have an 8 year old peach fronted conure named Nuggett. It was Nugget until we found out that she was a she and not a he like we had been told. She has never really played with toys and seems to be afraid of just about anything you try to give her to play with, unless it is a magazine or paper. She really has never been playful at all. She talks to us and loves to be with us. She has been to the vet and is very healthy.

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Carol, California - 2005-04-13
I have a little male galah I call Dusty. He will be two years old this month. He is sweet and loving, on his terms, when he wants. He loves to hang upside down and screech, telling the world how happy he is. He makes toothpicks out of his toys and is beautiful. I would not give him up for anything or anyone.

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Jackie - 2005-04-13
A friend of mine lost his plum head hen, but the cock has bonded with a Quaker parrot. I think these birds are beautiful but they are still quite rare and hard to find, as my friend would love to find his bird a partner.

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Linda - 2005-04-10
I have a large flock of wild mitred conures in my neighborhood, here in Melbourne Florida. They can always be heard before seen!!! They love the berries from the vines on neighbors fence, and I watch them frolic and feed for hours.

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Deanna - 2005-04-09
Your bird is beautiful! I love the birds name. Your macaw is the bird that actually brings out the colors


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